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#A-29 #EMB-314 #超級巨嘴鳥
【A-29】【EMB-314】Hidden in the tropical rain forest in the combat hero – super toucans | propeller driven “super toucans” why old and famous?
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In many people’s minds, propeller fighters have no place in modern warfare.This “big fan” nose, slow, weak firepower of the old fighter, in the face of high speed, jet fighter attack no defense, elimination seems to be a foregone conclusion.In fact, the propeller fighter has not left the battlefield, and still plays an important role in the global counter-terrorism battlefield.Air forces of various countries even generally believe that the combat effect and operational cost efficiency ratio of the old propeller attack aircraft, more than the “predator” as the representative of the attack uav.
In the rainforests of South America, rebels and drug traffickers hide.The dense jungle creates a natural barrier, a headache for governments.Today we’re talking about the A-29 Super Toucan, which is capable of flying for seven hours in the jungle and has strong airspace control.
The older Douglas A-1 Skyraider propellers, used by the U.S. military after World War II, played an important role in the Vietnam War.Its close support capability surpasses that of many modern fighters.The reason for this is that the propellers are slow but stay aloft for a long time, and their heavily armoured fuselage allows them to shoot through enemy anti-aircraft fire and provide air cover for ground forces.It is also highly maneuverable, having shot down a mig-17 fighter jet.
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