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0 Dollars And Rich – How Singapore’s Trash Became Philippines’ Treasure // Viddsee Originals

What is 0?
It could be a zero, a number that all our profiles are obsessed with in their own way. From someone who aims to spend zero dollars, to someone who aims to generate zero waste – 0 is the number that all our profiles eye.
It could also be the idea of a circular economy, where one buys instead of repairs – or even scavenges – in a bid to reduce unwarranted production, and its burden on our planet.
It could also be the globe that we live on – something that will be better off after the actions of our profiles – a dumpster diver, an urban farmer, a green geek, an aspiring marine conservationist, or even a bunch of theatre practitioners.

A Viddsee Original Production
Directed by Priscilla Goh (Singapore)

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Colin donates an estimated 7 million worth of goods to low-wage Filipino domestic workers who ship them back to The Philippines. The catch? He gets most of the goods free – from the trash.

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  1. Viddsee

    Watch Voices: 0 (Zero) series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKs3m896ass&list=PLTUsK75GWHXarw0dQbbd3Yvh4MgpJFjHj

  2. James Lee

    I used to see many good usable stuff thrown downstairs sometimes i took them and repurposed it or give it to others who appreciate it

  3. Marivic Mercado

    Wow good job,thats true that someones waste is a treasure for others 👌👌

  4. TSO

    salute to all the people with warm & kind heart 🥰

  5. Budyhartono Foo

    Singaporeans can be so wasteful, i used to rent an apartment in katong and my neighbours threw a few pair of Sperrys! It is not the first time collecting barely worn pair of shoes from the dumpster for the cleaner. I did not have a shoe cabinet until one solid cherrywood shoe cabinet of the neighbour left one by the trash .

  6. Budyhartono Foo

    I really appreciate his work, we may not be able to stop singapore hyper-capitalist overconsumption and wastage but we can reduce creating possible waste as we work towards addressing the contradictions of production ❤

  7. RonLarhz

    Not true. There are so many freecycle fb groups and most of the items are in poor ir unhygienic conditions. Zero electronics. So idk where these claims that ppl r throwing working electronics or branded goods.

  8. Helmie Dubria

    Your REALLY amazing sir I really like what u did ,please keep sharing your video to us ,thank you for sharing,❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❣❣

  9. The Michelle Chong Channel

    If any one would like to donate to this project, please go to this page for details!


  10. Viddsee

    Director's statement from Priscilla Goh:

    "After dabbling in food rescue and dumpster diving, I have always wanted to do a series about the environmental heroes in our midst, about people who take the small yet significant actions that somehow impact our worldview of what we can do to lessen the effects of climate change.

    Making this series about while battling hyperemesis gravidarum (also known as extreme morning sickness) only added to the urgency of this project. It made me want to shout – what world do we want our children to live in? And how can we start – today?"

    Watch more episodes dropping every Wed and Fri!

  11. Nano Hawk

    Good day, I only wanted to say that i really liked your content, congratulations!

    I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Perhaps, You can do the same and we will become "real" Youtube friends

  12. Vasilissa Konopleff


  13. InfinityOwnz

    Awesome and funny lad. Love your good work!

  14. TheGenuineShooter

    Very good one!

  15. pohkhui

    I am shock how wasteful we are. Anyway, thank you for sharing such wonderful story.

  16. Ho Jia Jian


  17. ជឹម សុក្រណាភា

    I really love this video. Small things but makes people ‘s happy.

  18. Ershad Majumder

    Best way to Love. God bless you Brother.

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