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  1. Engineer Mujeeb

    which camera use for recording .?

  2. حارث الشعباني


  3. David Llanes

    Toyota Sienna dash board looks hideous ugly

  4. Shutter AP

    Me to i Love Toyota

  5. Kris Dickson

    Toyota need to get their shit together or we are switching to Honda. No android auto or apple car play is criminal. Utter crap. The new van better come soon or Honda it is.

  6. Girl Asmr

    I was sold at reclining chairs!!! 😱

  7. Shaukat Khan

    How much

  8. Roth Sannita

    Price in Cambodia?

  9. Joseph Dazan

    So amazing, can wait to have mind. Beautiful love it.

  10. Leon Allan Davis

    Has this fellow ever listened to how he actually speaks?
    He sounds like he's teaching remedial second grade.
    "Today, we're going to be looking at the color white!" 2:20…("why-EET!")
    Thanks teacher…I'm so stupid I thought it was black…
    Click out…

  11. Radius

    Here’s a surprise from Toyota! This vehicle has issues with tires wearing uneven and excessively. Be ready to change tires at just 17K miles. Read complaints at Sienna chat forum. Toyota has no fix for this issue as of now and dealers will tell you it’s normal tire wear. If you have less than 12K miles and within the first year I suggest check your tires ASAP for the uneven and excessive wear and complaint right away with Toyota USA they might cover your tires warranty. Past one year and 12K Miles you’re on your own. I’m planning to trade mine for a Honda ASAP as tire or suspension issues could potentially be a safety issue. This is a family car and safety should be top priority!

  12. Malik Panjwani

    Looks so comfortable

  13. Max M1976

    I like tacos.

  14. blkinvestor

    I thought it was supposed to have a HID lights according to the website

  15. carlos rojas

    I Like toyota

  16. Eric Brooks

    Minus 8, frigg

  17. Mingchun Li

    Sell 2018 Toyota Sienna fog light complete kit

  18. Miad NamTtoc

    Does anyone know which Toyota Sienna has 8 seats?

  19. bikephil

    It is really hard to listen to this guy's voice the way raises up at the end of every sentence. Very annoying.

  20. retrogamer149

    This van is phenomenal. Have owned a 2015 for a week now and absolutely no issues, one of the most well designed vehicles ever.

  21. Maria Yolanda Ibarra Hernndez

    hermosa camioneta. me encanta. es mi gran sueño

  22. Oleg xxx

    Тачка огонь! Но цена 😢

  23. KhOpHaE

    I'm waiting one more year, if Toyota doesn't upgrade to what the Odyssey and Pacifica have, I'm switching to Honda.

  24. Beatrice

    Man my grandma and my mom had a mini van from 2002

  25. Timothy Shevel

    Hi, Where is the remote start?

  26. Ануарбек Кыздарбеков

    Казакша тылде айтып корсетсендер риза болушы едым☺☺☺

  27. xhytype

    Im sorry but this is LIMITED PREMIUM and not a LIMITED.

  28. Eden L

    My tundra can beat it

  29. Dao Yang

    It's too bad they don't offer 8 seater for the limited.

  30. Forest Girl

    I do think the color of this Sienna Limited is (Super) White, which is not offered on this trim. I think it is Blizzard Pearl, which is a special Toyota metallic paint which costs more.

  31. Zeyerz

    Would be a beautiful surprise for a mom and 4 kids 😉

  32. Ei Cri

    Discontinued Town and country is waaaayyyy better and nicer

  33. Divyang Patel


  34. Jordan Morningstar

    Beautiful vehicle

  35. dark galaxy

    Center dash of this van look like in 80's . Wtf r they thinking??? Exterior look nice inside like crap. Chrysler Pacifica much better than this.

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