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2020 Mini Cooper S Clubman – POV Night Drive & Final Thoughts

MSRP: $30,900
Price as tested: $40,600 with Iconic Trim & Destination
MPG: 26 city / 34 highway
Engine: 2.0 L 4-cylinder
189 hp, 207 lb-ft torque
Transmission: 7-Speed DCT
Tire size: P225/45R17
Curb weight: 3,235 lbs
Dimensions: 168″ L x 71″ W x 57″ H

Need Tires?
-Filmed with the GoPro Hero8 Black
-No binaural audio in this one, unfortunately – forgot my card!
-Hat Clip mount:

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49 Bình luận

  1. Eric P

    I don’t see very many Minis on the road, and that’s one reason I like it. The sense of exclusivity

  2. FacetiousUniqueness

    Manual is much better. Trust.

  3. Jacob Maag

    Already sounds like it’s going to take a shit

  4. 超能力バッキンガム


  5. Matt and Samantha Thompson

    how'd it handle in snowy conditions for you? (Or for anyone for that matter)

  6. Nabila Ijam

    Really2 addicted to mini cooper but i cant have it😭

  7. Omar ALD

    How reliable is it the clubman for real? I’m about to buy one.

  8. Ri5004

    My favorite video! Don't delete love this!

  9. Jeffrey Gryson

    Saving for one, red or green

  10. شّ

    This is my car in the future, inshallahl💃💃

  11. A Macke

    Does this one got driving modes?

  12. ximena

    I really want one :(( but my parents are worried it’s not the best fit because of the dangers.. Can anyone who owns one help me by answering these questions:
    1. Have you crashed? If so, how bad was it.
    2. Is it easier to avoid crashes?
    3. What’s it like driving this car in strong winds and heavy weather like rain?
    Thank you :))

  13. Dan Kim

    I liked the interior and it was fun to drive, but the reliability of these cars are really bad.

  14. Alfredo Cardenas

    It's a little rough deciding if the country or the club is better.
    and here I am with a little over $2k in a my pocket haha!
    But I will own either sometime a bit soon (:

  15. Migs Bbb

    Thanks for this video. Looking forward to the day when I can own one, specifically a Cooper S 🙂

  16. NathanF

    pretty nice car, I’m not huge on the circle aesthetic around the screen but might just be me. anyway nice vid!

  17. nate love

    Mini interior last along time. That’s what sells me.

  18. Jason Abraham

    The sound That car makes is amazing…

  19. C C

    Any issues with the car? I'm looking at a JCW 2 door. But I don't want to drop the cash, if it's just going to break down all the time.

  20. Aerialjose

    I wonder why any one of the Cooper S on internet has the "digital display", I like it but seems people prefers normal one

  21. iasmina novii

    oh god this is my dream car ok

  22. Fernando Lopez

    I want a mini for my first car🥺, I’m 16, I know I will be able to buy it in a couple of years. Really want a Mini JAJAJ

  23. Montanada 2077

    Ayo your brights are still on

  24. Wijaya Sie

    My dream car!

  25. Little Kahunas777

    So fun to drive ….

  26. Dawn Cumbie

    What color is that? I love it

  27. Kristian Willey

    Idk how could you complain so much about this car. Its pure excellence

  28. Lei Zhang

    final driving-out price in toronto 34000 cad ,incl tax , Cooper S,

  29. Aron

    Damm how y’all are u?

  30. Chris Luebbers

    The beeping when the car starts would have to go.. like stfu already

  31. Torben Gaitzsch

    I hate this car. It triggers me in so many levels.

  32. TheMiniWumbo

    I suspect men who like this are a little light in the loafers

  33. Keep Idaho Great

    The engine and reliability is horrible on these cars.

  34. Ali Aldakhil

    Is there a projector under the door that shows the mini sighn

  35. Simon George

    Very nice interior

  36. commenter30

    Hate that mini's get shit on for being a "chick's car" man, I just want one.

  37. Eytan

    I just watched 10 minutes of someone driving exactly the same as I do… yet I did

  38. Equaliser

    Lazy auto driver.

  39. le ToMmy

    Awesome Car 😃

  40. oDEoN

    Not completely stopping at stop signs? That's an instant dislike from me, sir. Nice car though

  41. Stephen Starling

    Mini in general make great hot hatches

  42. H_K.R

    You should definitely try the Clubman JCW 306 All4

  43. autumn eller

    i want this car. can you please do a giveaway on this car. i have wanted a mini cooper since i was like 14, but they are just so expensive. and the color of the car you have is my favortie color. please do a giveaway!!

  44. reem alowaidi

    I don't like the shape and interior of this car 🤷🏻‍♀️

  45. Sage Cox

    agh, so smooth 😩 will always prefer the older models though

  46. nilzr1

    But what if you are parked with the rear towards a wall, and you click the 'pop trunk' button by accident? 😀

  47. poeta Piotr Rysiewski


  48. EZ

    Too bad the reliability is terrible

  49. TheHealthyDonut

    As an owner of the R56 Mini Clubman S (Mine is a 2012) When I compare the new to the old, i have to admit, the old one looks a little better. Now, the new one is starting to grow on me, especially that color you have in your video. I love how rounded the back is on the new one, but the tail lights kinda ruin it for me. The tail light design is fantastic, having them move with the doors is what bothers me. The fact that they move with the doors means that they legally cannot be the brake lights, so the brake lights are in the bumper, and it just looks not great like that. As a whole though, I still slightly prefer the styling of the older one than the newer one. Plus, (This is a small thing, I'm kinda nitpicking here now) the doors. The doors on the old Clubman, frameless, and with that one suicide door only on the passenger side, it's just more funky, more fun. Feel free to rage at me if I said anything you don't like.

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