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2021 Gold Wing: Inside Look

Since an all-new platform in 2018, Honda’s legendary Gold Wing GL1800 has enjoyed focused upgrades, with navigation software improvements followed closely by styling- and comfort-minded features including reshaped passenger grab handles, blacked-out components, updated suspension settings, a saddlebag-mounted USB charger and standard fog lights for all Tour models. The 2021 Gold Wing further expands on the goal, with updates aimed at even greater comfort and convenience.

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  1. Samsul Amir

    Dlm kenangan … Nk pakai Yamaha plak lepas ni

  2. Luis Sanchez

    Have any of you rode 500 plus miles on this bike?
    A poece of plywood for a seat cushion will be an incredible upgrade.
    I pay 30k and all the forums xan tell me is to spend a couple thousand on another seat I'll be stuck with if it doesn't work out.
    The seat cant cater to everyone I agree. I can say this in all honesty, the absolute worst seat I ever rode.
    I'm 59. I worked for Harley and rode thier bikes and any of those seats would be an upgrade to this plank.
    I have owned every wing except the 1500 because I was at harley then came back to my 09 wing and now this.

  3. Александр Белый

    а трицыкл где

  4. yeahman wong

    how to buy it ?import china

  5. vincent wilson

    Looks like a nice bike. I wander if the trunk can be removed. Might look into one of those when I have the appropriate licence

  6. Anthony Patrick Sibayan

    Awesome bike! Is the rear trunk detachable?

  7. mahedi rosul

    I love it, awesome, i want to buy it but i have no money

  8. Jatin Kujur

    I m from India 🇮🇳 and I love❤ this byk

  9. JMC

    traded in my 2017 Africa Twin friday (10/29/21) the Goldwing went from in a crate that morning to in my garage that night. And all i can say is wow the Goldwing "IS" the ultimate motorcycle in every way.

  10. Roy Turnwall

    Having many years of riding experience as a Police Motor, I hope to one day own a motorcycle like this. I took this bike for a test drive and I can honestly say, this is the smoothest bike I have ever ridden. Still on the job and hoping I can fit it into the budget sometime in the near future. Amazing! Great job Honda.

  11. Mike Hernandez

    I hope Honda redesigned the lower end of the frame blocks that holds the Center Stand. Those square blocks are way to big and need to be redesigned with at least a chamfer on the leading edge as to deflect an impact rather than try to absorb the energy of an impact which is why my 2018 is now in the shop still waiting if it is going to be rebuilt with a total frame replacement or if they are going to total the vehicle. Driving down the road something bounced up and hit the left side block and tore it off the crossmember, the same crossmember also holds the rear suspension and it cracked all the way around to that part. This crossmember should be either replaceable (Bolt On) or redesign the damn blocks so they are not sticking out like grab hooks.

  12. fritz parreno

    Bagay dyan lagyan ng sidecar

  13. Notorious Compton Ryders MC 🤠 Cowboy🤠

    🦻 So today i took a ride to Oakland with my 1996 honda shadow vt1100 turned into a bobber and guess who came cruising by quietly. Yes one of these .He couldn't spit lane u know why no one heard him.I cane up behind him and the 99 fwy parted like mosses arrived.I have to give it to them it look nice but it was to small like sport bike.All that computer junk turn it into a nice car.So this is how u choose ..my bike is mix with the old school and right before the new school ..this bike is 100% new school u know the new bruce Jenner and the men thats not aggressive yu know the men that have their wives around..Thats this bike ..Mine is when your divorce….No computers No exhaust pipes ..All engine ..Police men tip their hat knowing your breaking the law but they have one two..So choose

  14. Mack Oneal

    Honda you need to lower seat height to 27in you have cost your selves alot of sales over the years because of this .l dont understand why you do this.Harley seat height is about 27 0r so.this is one reason they sale .

  15. Matthew M

    Sadly Honda has chosen to design a motorcycle without asking their customers what they would like.
    A helmet holder at the left leg of the passenger ? No non-glare instrument cluster cover ? Fuel door release on wrong side of bike ? Almost no fairing storage ? OEM seat is like a brick ? Wind management due to less fairing protection ? Along with all the other problems this bike had from redesign. Why is it that Honda removed 10% of the bike only for its customers to purchase that 10% aftermarket. This bike was not designed by anyone that rides a motorcycle


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  17. Clerisson Mesquita

    Thank you so much for your invaluable information, highly appreciate it, keep it up the outstanding job, have a great day.

  18. Jamal Mohamed

    Useless waste bike 😂😂

  19. Christian Jones

    I want one.

  20. Crusty Zimmerman

    Needs a vibrating motor embedded in pillion seat. That should enhance the ride..

  21. James Turner

    Hey Honda, don't go electric on future goldwings but design a hydrogen model. Especially for touring style bikes.

  22. Ishwor Puri


  23. Me Zee

    I went to see it last week. It is a BEAST!

  24. Terry Scogins

    I own a 2011 honda fury now after many sportbikes but after watching this video I just gotta have one. I’m thinkin would never be any way to upgrade owning this fine machine! Hell a fella could actually go grocery shopping on this Cadillac!

  25. Levi C. Arabelo

    Next time do it in a well lighted venue…what a waste of time

  26. Gerry Quinn

    Why not offer some brighter colours…Yellow, White, Blue.
    Brighter colours are more easily seen in daylight and at night, for safety and for aesthetics.

  27. Joe Blow

    For 2022, they will increase the side bag storage…mark my word! 🙂

  28. JD JD

    I hate Honda moved production over seas, cause that’s a nice bike. But I like the older ones cause there made in USA

  29. Dave Hell

    We want a africa twin 850 now 😡😡😡

  30. عبد الحميد الشمري

    Please from your attendance to send me the price of this bike in dollars with the mention of the exporting country please reply as much as possible

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