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2022 Kia Carnival SX Prestige – POV Review

MSRP: From $46,100
MPG: 19 city / 26 highway
Towing capacity: 3,500 lbs
Curb weight: 4,727 lbs
Dimensions: 203″ L x 79″ W x 69-70″ H
Horsepower: 290 hp
Engine: 3.5L Gas Direct Injection V6
8-Speed Automatic Transmission
Seating capacity: 7, 8
Exterior color: Astra Blue – $495
Interior color: Tuscan Umber
Price as tested (including destination): $47,770

0:00 Walkaround
11:06 POV Driving Impressions
16:14 Final Thoughts
18:40 Bose Sound System Test

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34 Bình luận

  1. Vignesh S

    Well done for making a minivan review interesting.

  2. NovaScotiaKevin

    Kia and Hyundai executives must be laughing at every shmuck that buys their junk.

  3. Theresa Lownds

    I am pretty sure I watched a review of the Carnival in Korea in which the second row seats had built in massagers. And window screens as well in the second row.

  4. pierre mirkan

    That's my car .. the SX prestige .. best purchase I've ever made

  5. kermit1

    I love the name Carnival lol makes it sound like it’s fun to be in🎡

  6. Jr. Science Bros.

    Sometimes I need a good laugh and I watch KIA car reviews.

  7. Tabitha Wade

    Thetopher your the YouTube a mustang gt500 would be good for the next video

  8. narcissus716

    I saw a review where the guy mentioned that he felt a slip in the transmission and that the Kia Carnival may have transmission problems down the road. Did you fill anything in the transmission while test driving?

  9. steng2495

    Don’t most folks climb through the middle of the seats to get to the back? I’ve never pushed the seats forward to get to the back…

  10. Luke Flood

    Great review. I saw one on the street last week and was surprised at how SUV-like it looks in person!

  11. Logic

    You do realize it says Kia right? It’s not a K and a backwards N. It’s a K I A…

  12. rezz

    How do you feel being in a very spacious car after always reviewing small, tight supercars?

  13. Mike5thGen3.6

    I'm a Sales Advisor at Southside KIA here in Jacksonville, Florida! If anyone lives near and is interested in the Carnival or a KIA vehicle, feel free to hit me up!

  14. 로또집아들

    It makes feel vomit

  15. Kevin DaCosta

    Thanks for the review the image quality of your POV is greatly appreciated and cant be overstated. In Canada the top trim is the SX it's identical to the trim you're driving with the exception of the rear entertainment package we have to pay extra to get the screens. I agree regarding the 3rd row seat access it should be easier to enter behind the middle row seats, the side to side adjustment however allows for entry between the middle seats. Regarding the stow and go option in the Pacifica if we're comparing apples to apples the Pinnacle trim doesn't allow for stowing of the middle row. I have an SX on order with the same interior color option can't wait for it to arrive!

  16. FlameDevilishes

    Can you test drive the Hyundai Tucson I’m really interested in that vehicle

  17. Xavier T

    1:00 Not inverted N, It's "IA"…with full KIA

  18. Кливенский

    КИ, охренеть

  19. Ay Millz

    Copied Mercedes with the interior lol

  20. WingNutt

    Kia has come a looong way. My first car was a Kia sephia from the mid 90s which was their first car I believe. Man it gave me so much trouble lmao. Their sports car looks cool too.

  21. 시골양 SHEEP POV

    Many fathers in South Korea want to have KIA CARNIVAL

  22. NotYourBusiness

    Bro, can you please do a review on Kia Forte 2021? I'm very interested in it since it looks good under 20K…might buy it

  23. Everything_in_between

    they need to put that cluster/infotainment to telluride for 2023… they have to.

  24. gloriouscock

    of course the copied the germans again

  25. Deoxys X

    How many Twinkies can fit inside?

  26. MYRTLE

    1:47 its more familiar when u drive the e-class 😂

  27. Philippe van Heek

    the new logo is ugly

  28. Big Yoshi

    The body makes me think a Ford Explorer mated with a Honda Odyssey.

  29. Longfellow

    I cleared over 80 miles on a (relatively curvy) highway on a very rainy day with barely even touching the steering wheel across the whole time. The driving assist features on the latest Kia/Hyundais are insanely good

  30. Piccio is Polyphagic

    Vans are underated. Also, Koreans have been dominating with their new design: Kia and Hyundai

  31. Joe S.

    I cannot wait to be passed by this thing, as if on fire, by someone that otherwise cannot get anything they want in life…oh, while also loaded to the gills with kids that are either screaming, throwing up, or both. Also, I wish you'd have done this drive like you did the chevy bolt, off center burn-outs, very hard turns. I would also like to see this come in awd, so more local parents can plow it off the road in the winter at 80, like they do all their huge SUVs.

  32. M4

    Have you ever been pulled over filming a video?

  33. simologyy -

    Wow! Minivans have come a long way since I was a child in my parents minivans…. Haha

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