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If you are a stock trader and investor that’s navigating the markets this video is for you! We will have a combination of technical and fundamental analysis principles here that will for sure help you as you make your way and we’ve through the Philippine stock market.

Please remember making money in the stock market is not by chance, it’s by choice! It’s something that you deliberately try to learn and build your skills on!

In this video, I would zero in on just the top 3 stock trading principles from my talks in the past that I hope will help you and give you value so you become a better stock market trader and investor!

So enjoy this video!

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This is a collaboration with Chinkee Tan where we teach you the basics of investing in the stock market in simple tagalog form.


In this video we would focus on trading using technical analysis and the school of though of support and resistance that you do not have to sell anywhere but you only have to sell where the technicals dictate.

We will also talk about P/E ratio that you do not have to buy when it is expensive, that by using the P/E ratio, you could buy cheap and sell when ti is also expensive.

Also to round up the top 3 stock market trading principles that you need to know, we would also talk about whether you should buy blue chip companies or not. Are there other things more important to look at that just buying a company because they are labelled as blue chip.


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  1. Stanley Bawalan

    Gaaaahhh! Glad you made this content. Felt a little bit fomo sa APVI e. Haha I mean, when I feel fomo, I always go back to the same reason why I even started trading, minimizing risk while maximizing returns. And be able to do it for a long period of time. I'm still a newbie and I have a lot to learn. I believe I've chosen the right role model for my journey. Currently 22 years old and I plan to do this until I'm Warren Buffett old or sumthin. Haha

  2. Melanie Mabaet

    How would u know that pe ratio is low? Is it relative diffent depending on the industry? What would be the basis? Thank u.

  3. Carl Louie Sioson

    I'm new in Stock Market. But I like tip #1 It is easy for me to understand the SUPPORT. I believe there is also called RESISTANCE and I still have no idea about it.

  4. Patrick Miguel

    Would ypu say that the youtube videos will be equal value in atending paid seminars?

  5. Patrick Miguel

    fundamentals and growth

  6. Patrick Miguel

    PE ratio

  7. Patrick Miguel

    buys companies that are gppd ang growing

  8. Patrick Miguel

    you have to know when the stocks are cheap

  9. Patrick Miguel

    Trading is being there when it matters the most

  10. Patrick Miguel

    You canoot predict the news

  11. Patrick Miguel

    Buy as close as possible at the support

  12. Patrick Miguel


  13. Marvin Germo

    Thanks to everyone who watched this video!!

  14. Din Pecz

    more of this sir! learned a lot idol! 👍🏻

  15. Shy Alcaria

    Galing!! May natutunan nnman ako. Do you still have other videos about Technical Analysis? Sir Marvin. Thank you!

  16. Reynaldo Lim

    patience siguro ang kailangan ko i-practice sa sarili ko..

  17. Leonilo Lazarra

    The best Sir Marvin. VERY VERY USEFUL insights for FREEEEEE~ (caps lock po para intense😂)
    I learned:
    1. Buy when the price is near the support area. Avoid if it's the otherwise.
    2. Deciding when to buy a stock that is CHEAP nevertheless the company is growing and better, using P/E ratio is a friend.
    3. Technical skills will enable someone to trade not only locally but globally as well.
    Question sir Marvin:
    1. When can we say that the company is growing and better?
    2. What are the parameters we must see to say that the company is fundamentally stable and/or even better.
    Thank you po in advance.

  18. A J

    i hope more video like this., pls 🙂
    thank you very helpful.

  19. A J

    gud day po 🙂
    meron po bang online class na tulad nito po sa umpisa ng video?

  20. Bryan Blair Fallarme

    Thanks for reminding me about patience.
    Cheers for these great videos.

  21. Path Finder

    Tahimik mga DDS (DITO DIEHARD SUPPORTERS) ngayon ah. Hindi kasi DITO ang content ng video. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    Thank you!

  23. The LAGs

    Nice marvs! Iba talaga ang master! Everyone needs to experience Marvin Live!

  24. Edward Gador

    Thank you Marvin for sharing these golden nuggets! I was there at last year's ICON and I was blown away by your knowledge.

  25. jez cruz

    Sir marvin san po ba ang magandang school for trading jan sa pinas ung hands-on tlga

  26. jkmadronio

    Thanks, Marvin! Makakaattend din ako ng seminars mo someday 🙂

  27. Hey Belle

    This is great ha specially beginners pa lang kame. Marvin any plans of doing on online version of your training/workshop since may pandemic?

  28. Kharlo Leeham Reyes

    Nagulat ako sa no percentage. Hehehe as long as nasa support and resistance. Lodi

  29. basti cruz

    Sir Marvin, can i ask if anong program your are using or what program do you recommend for us to look at the charts of the ups and downs of the stock market. Thank you.

  30. Kharlo Leeham Reyes

    Good morning Marvin thanks for this video! May tanong sana ako. Ano pinaka mkakatukong saakin na libro ninyo? May 1 buwan na ako nagttrade mejo may alam ng basic and still learning. Gusto ko magbasa ng 1 book nyo pero di ko alam ano mkakatulong sakin jan sa ngayon. Salamat!

  31. siebenschlaefer68

    You're quite correct about your statement, keep up the good work 👍 I will also say this here. Recently the entire cryptocurrency including the leading asset Bitcoin has not been healthier which a lot of people termed it to be as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak, but for a good reason btc bulls has been able to find a very good support at $9,000 level against the US dollars for about a month now which is very favourable for bulls. i seek for more insights online and try searching for expert trader not until i found Mr. Owen Gerard, Who has since showed me there is more to the digital asset community than we already know, using his trading techniques on easy Buy and Sells and also using signal indicators properly for day trading, and i only started my portfolio with $ 15,000 which made a solid profit of $ 75,000 in just 4 weeks and that has been the best thing cryptocurrency and bitcoins has done in my life, and i give thanks to Owen for his help on my trade confidence and guides, i always see people looking for ways to trade and make profits you can also get help from Owen via *telegram @Owen_Trader or WhatsApp +447476704286*…Cheers!

  32. herbert herbert

    I'm aware it is in the nature of the market to go up and down, but with the current pandemic waves affecting the stock market, how can a beginner make profit, because I heard someone speaking about growing their profit to $650,000 from a capital of $200,000 in the past 5months, any tips on how to make this much from the current market?

  33. Red Lemon

    The whole video is very nice.
    Walang lugi!

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