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A bold plan to empower 1.6 million out-of-school girls in India | Safeena Husain

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“Girls’ education is the closest thing we have to a silver bullet to help solve some of the world’s most difficult problems,” says social entrepreneur Safeena Husain. In a visionary talk, she shares her plan to enroll a staggering 1.6 million girls in school over the next five years — combining advanced analytics with door-to-door community engagement to create new educational pathways for girls in India. (This ambitious plan is part of the Audacious Project, TED’s initiative to inspire and fund global change.)

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43 Bình luận

  1. ajay education

    हमारे समाज में जो ग्रामीण इलाकों की लड़कियां है जिनके पेरेंट्स अशिक्षित है उनको मोटिवेट किया जाय ताकि वे अपनी लड़कियों को नामांकन कराए । उनके पास कई बार जाना पड़ेगा ।उनको ये समझाया जाए की शिक्षा उनकी लड़कियों को कितना जरूरी है।में भी एक टीम बालिका हूं।

  2. Rumana patel

    Educating girls is important, however, I feel we need to educate Indian boys on how to respect girls and how to behave as well, especially in terms of increasing rape cases.

  3. Eli Nope

    Is Khan Academy not offered in Indian?

  4. TubeBrasil

    We need a plan for the millions of out-of-school boys and young men in the Western World.

  5. N3rfe3d

    Don't mean to be mean but stop breaking the society apart with such talk like "girls" are educated, boys need education too. Why can't you have talk about "kids"? Their all our future.

  6. Rahul Sharma

    she will be termed "anti -National and anti Hindu in India" , Indians takes it as not as criticism but insults…Rich or poor all have same mindset…educated twats have seriously fucked up mindset…What India need is breakdown…too much centralisation and lack of intelligentsia is at worst at this time of history….Caste structure is still big problem in every sphere of life…Indians cant give up their old mindset overnight…but whatever it is ..it is really depressing

  7. NaTuRaL 🏞️WoRlD 🌍

    Can u explain the role of women education. ……

  8. Simran Gupta

    And, wat do u do after their schooling is completed. Do u let them go to their parents who simply get them married? Because the major issue is schooling them and leaving them to their fate. After schooling, a girl is married. The things she dreamt of during her school mean nothing, and now she cries at her fate again! A woman is made ready for marriage and forced into it. This is what happens in UP.

  9. Dhiru Halai

    Why only Hindu girls names at the beginning? There no Muslim girls not going to school?

  10. Lilith Isop

    To have uneducated girls in a society means that half of that society's intelligence is unutilized, ideas are unheard, and potential is unrealized.

  11. Lina Bhowmik

    Great job you and your team doing….interested to join with your team

  12. B Welkinator

    Whaaa??? educating girls will affect (non-human produced) global warming? Do you have to promise TED that you will use the phrase "global warming" in your talk or you don't get invited?

  13. niki Gran

    I’m a teacher and I’d gladly teach online, I could reach millions but my talents are wasted

  14. hki cgh

    Number of Out of school girls in India is far more than 1.6 million statistically speaking, Although the number should not make you feel better about your country.

  15. Sathish Kumar

    Madam your doing a good job… Keep going..

  16. Sahib Singh


  17. Captain BP&J

    Are they trying to empower the boys to?? Or just the girls??

  18. Mara

    only $200 donated?.. people of the Tube, please give these projects more attention than🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

  19. Liqiang Zhang

    She said the words with tears in her eyes.

  20. Ken Belangel

    Education is good, as long as you don't take out student loans

  21. Martin Zumbühl

    By the way, use the search engine "Ecosia". That is a nonprofit Company which spends almost all money they earn into tree-planting.☺👌👌

  22. Mark C

    While education is admirable, India would do a lot better stopping the rapes. A few hundred castrations of rapists would do wonders for the quality of life all women in India overnight.

  23. Claire

    I wish they would put a link to their RCT study.

  24. Vance H

    Sharing, Justice and Peace for All.

  25. Jayesh Khushalani

    Mam I salute u
    For the work u are doing


    Congratulations to team for empowering India, jai Hind

  27. Alan Geisdorf

    aha !! I just had a feeling something was up, its not about educating them, its about turning them into phone zombies.

  28. Ali Awan

    I hope you’ll bring a plan to withdraw a million troops from Indian Occupied Kashmir as well.

  29. Ankit Sahu

    Good 🙏

  30. Cris Brackett

    Gratitude for a world that allows this to happen. The Taliban must be loosing theyre hold on these villages. Praying for this peace to continue. And the heroin that they sell for less than food had a real hold on people. That must be dealt with too. Praying.

  31. Sreshtha Mishra


  32. Fuxk stereotypes

    Irrelevant but her smile is really angelic.

  33. Ace Hardy


  34. Rituraz Chaudhary

    I belongs to Bundelkhand , UP ,India …and it is worst educated and underdeveloped in whole country . Maam please if u can do something for them ….🙏

  35. Kentrill Prime

    Does anyone actually care about India ? No ..and so it should be..

  36. Batra Chian

    Imagine being one of the neckbeards in this comments section that has a problem with educating girls.

  37. Jaspreet Singh

    Why not collect data for every while we are maintaining the data. Some of it can be actionable later on if not now

  38. ayman jaber

    Could you please edit your description to include a link to donate or at least provide one in the comments

  39. Ja

    what if many of them (girls) do not want it or prefer nice children and happy family with fine working husband then become happy grandmother with grateful children, maybe girls do not want become trained machines in industry nor slaves for billionaires nor sexual addicted progressive animals

  40. Ja

    what if many of them (girls) do not want it or prefer nice children and happy family with fine working husband then become happy grandmother with grateful children, maybe girls do not want become trained machines in industry nor slaves for billionaires nor sexual addicted progressive animals

  41. -

    1:17 – Reducing the human population fixes most of the world's problems.
    7:45 – India has tens of thousands of villages with 0-2 people? 🤨

  42. ÂLPHÂ_Ø

    Their culture won't allow women to empower
    – Hindu's & Muslims are stubborn to their culture/beliefs

  43. Life Matters

    Really relevant talk and great work being done for girl education. Education for all women in India should be a priority since it has so many direct and indirect development benefits not only in closing the literacy gender gap but also the help balance the gender gap in corporates. Women should also not be stopped by families in case they wish to pursue education in male dominated subjects like mechanical engineering etc. I have seen during my stint in corporates that we were not able to hire many women in certain jobs because there was simply not many women in college with those degrees. So definitely education is the first step for closing the gender gap.

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