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A "living drug" that could change the way we treat cancer | Carl June

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Carl June is the pioneer behind CAR T-cell therapy: a groundbreaking cancer treatment that supercharges part of a patient’s own immune system to attack and kill tumors. In a talk about a breakthrough, he shares how three decades of research culminated in a therapy that’s eradicated cases of leukemia once thought to be incurable — and explains how it could be used to fight other types of cancer.

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26 Bình luận

  1. carl young

    The little girl one tugged at my heart.

  2. Chris Messner

    I have a better idea. Stop growing GMO crops and using glyphosates and pesticides.

  3. Ernesto Cook

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  4. Brent Ford

    Major Ozone therapy has been used for over 100 years and is clinically proven to lower IL6 instead of your expensive cowboy drug. The huge cost of your treatment is a true success for big pharma not cancer patients. Vultures all of you.

  5. Romi Bajwa

    need more unbiased data

  6. Winnie kavali

    There's a complete cure for herpes ! unless you never heard of Dr.ademise on youtube

  7. MyMusic

    Dr June lost his wife to ovarian cancer and it made him all the more determined to find cures for cancers.

  8. NJ CardFan

    Sadly, the first person to ever get this treatment, Bill Ludwig, passed away this past Sunday. But thanks to this treatment and Bill's bravery many, many lives were saved by this not to mention that my family and I(he was my father in law) were blessed with nearly 10 1/2 years with him we never would have had. So thank you and God bless you Dr. June, you and your staff for all that you gave us.

  9. Sarah Hitmoore

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  14. Steve Riddle

    Your finding may help Covid-19 severe patients.

  15. Beauty of Nature


  16. preston townsend

    "And no resident will say: 'I am sick'. The people dwelling in the land will be pardoned for their error." Isaiah 33:24. https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=101

  17. L. P.

    Any studies using CART cells on colon cancer?

  18. Fredo Corleone

    I've noticed that people from audience are almost always the same… Are they part of the stage?

  19. Horacio Boló

    ¿Cómo no le han dado el Premio Nobel de medicina?

  20. Rin

    Carl June and his team of scientists have come a long way for this, Im sure the cost treatment will be sorted out in the future when more companies resort for CAR-T cell therapy on a larger scale. As a biomedical science student to become a scientist, this talk was emotional and inspiring.


    It would have been helpful if the show had given a number or site where people can donate for this treatment to help bring the cost down. Any thing helps


    Start fund me for treatments. People use that for stupid reasons. This is good cause

  23. The Green

    This was really 😭 emotional

  24. Omantha Dissanayake

    Love your work…there's nothing to say

  25. Gemmz Obrien

    What about the benefits of cannabis oil on cancers as we have the cannabinoid system in our bodies ,without the harmful effects that your proposed drugs causes for days ? N what about the scientist who is using frequency to treat cancer with high success without the harmful effects of your drug also ,sounds to me like another harmful drug like chemotherapy put out by the corrupt pharmaceutical companies where all they care about is money !

  26. emerald1one1

    Pope Francis Knew His Protégé Took Nude Selfies, Abused Seminarians; But Promoted Him to Top Vatican Post

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