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AC Energy was on my radar for quite a while now, especially when they reported a whopping 3.7B net income (attributable to parent) for 2020. This was the best year of the company in over 5 years and we all know that a big part of their success came from the transfer from the Phinma Group to the Ayala Group.

Their vision for a greener future in the energy industry here in the Philippines and South East Asia is very compelling and will surely attract more investors moving forward. Our local stock market is a bit flat currently, so I think there are a lot of good opportunities and companies to buy in this “off-season”.

And if ACEN is on your watchlist as well, I hope that this episode helps you out with your research.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Welcome Back to Peso Smart PH
0:58 Background of AC Energy Corporation
2:24 Leadership: Chairman of the Board
3:12 Leadership: President and CEO
4:10 ACEN’s Stock Data and Price History
7:45 Dividend Information
11:20 Price Ratios and Debt Ratios
15:02 Financials
20:17 Outro: Sources and Quote of the Day

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4 Bình luận

  1. Peso Smart PH

    Is AC Energy in your watchlist as well?

  2. Edward Vincent Barnachea

    thanks for this video idol..I had ACEN sold already but buy back again end of April..What a promising growth stock even though the intrinsic value is around 3.20 accordingly. Its hard to valuate though if we just based on this scenario. Still a good buy anyway for the long term and hoping it will be part of blue chip. :))

  3. Klyde TV

    Maganda po p toh bilhin

  4. samrhaibeth

    Boss! May syock ako nyan. Buti nlng nbigyn mo ng pansin.. Salamat bos.. Da bedt k tlga. 👍👍👍

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