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Algebra I: Translating Words Into Symbols (Level 1 of 2) | Operators, Formulas

This video shows you how to translate mathematical phrases written in words and translating them into variable expressions. Common phrases involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are covered. In addition, the video introduces the use of formulas. Specifically, the area and perimeter of a rectangle, the distance traveled and cost formula.

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18 Bình luận

  1. lisa pugh

    Eddie does not go to town.
    Right in symbolic notation

  2. lisa pugh

    Eddie does not go to town

  3. ritquals

    What is “number” in? Addition or multiplication?.

  4. Shivam Shiv

    can 'remove' be also in subtraction

  5. Shivam Shiv


  6. Angelyn Ann Andal

    Can I have a question how do you translated this. a/b+7

  7. elle kim

    wow thank u so much this really helps a lot

  8. squidwart

    ty helped sm ❤️

  9. Education Video channel


  10. 4nalglu3

    ok can u not talk that fast it keeps making me laugh, but other wise. Thank you this helped me alot

  11. gavin boback


  12. Angel the Alien

    Omg thank you so much. Now i understood our lesson in our class now cause of this vid (our math teacher told us to search this kind of vid so that we could learn more about it)

  13. aslankral

    wait what if you have
    A number less than 5?

  14. Adam Elbakouri

    thx bro

  15. SuperDuper Kawaii

    Thanks for making this video. Detailed, Clear, Informative, and the same as we took in class.

  16. rafalobo

    How would you translate A and B are more or less equal? Is there a way to convert "More or Less" into a mathematical symbol?

  17. Tristan Bradbury

    boring my third graders are bored

  18. shazz

    Your all series on Algebra are fabulous, lucid and easy to grasp..keep up the good work

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