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BenQ Zowie EC3-C Quick Review (new cable, 75g but basically an EC2)

Measurements and specs here:

Update: Turns out you can set the mice to “Fast Response” mode by holding in Mouse4 as you plug it in, only 1ms slower than the G903 in the bump test once that’s set.

Good news, Zowie now has a really nice, flexible braided cable! There are also some other improvements, like lowered weight, but overall this isn’t that different to the EC2, maybe it should have been named EC2C?

The shape is better than the EC2, but it’s such a subtle difference that I don’t think this is worth upgrading based on shape. The reasons to upgrade would be the better cable and lower weight.

Hoping to see even lower weight in the future, nicer buttons and scroll and … a completely new shape? That’d be cool.

Anyway, nice and steady, that’s Zowie’s philosophy, slow to changes because they still have a fair few pros using their mice and they don’t want to shock them with something totally different.

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  1. Rocket Jump Ninja

    Update: Turns out you can set these mice to "Fast Response" mode by holding Mouse4 as you plug it in. Then in the bump test it's only 1ms slower than the G903.

  2. R4tonBaveur

    I'd like to warn about this mouse, for me the cable died within 3 mounth, I'm using a zowie bungee which may be at cause

  3. jhtongamer

    What about the fk1 c

  4. Derezero

    where can you buy this in the UK? Thanks!

  5. Olli B

    Hi, i come from the Zowie EC2. Is the EC3-C or EC2-C the right choice?

  6. Danya X God

    Hello, my hand size is 17.5×9.5 cm, will this mouse fit me? or ec2-c will be better?

  7. Janis

    Is there any mouse on the market with a similar shape but with better switches? The click feels mushy, too much play and sounds bad. But I really like the ergonomics of this mouse and would like to stick to a similar design.

  8. Jan Kristian Lunde

    is the shape the same as the ec2-a im currently on a ec2-a i just wonder if the shape is indentical to my since this will be my endgame. if its only shorter in length hope for a reply 😀

  9. Gabriel Trono

    hows the ec3 compared to vaxee mouse?

  10. natfps

    I've been using this mouse for over a month now. The shape is awesome and I'm doing well with it in CSGO.

  11. Kwazzu

    Did they improved scroll? There was huge lack between steps.

  12. YeysBaws!

    I hate Zowie's scroll wheel! EW!

  13. Dark Waters

    I absolutely hate that zowie is hell bent on having the scroll wheel farther up on their mice than they have to be.

  14. BlindBison

    It’s weird that the scroll wheels are different on the EC3-C and EC2-C. I much prefer the outer horizontal ledges on the EC3 to the concave ledges on the EC2-C so I wish they’d just updated their wheel to match the EC3 one.

  15. theonlyone522 -

    is there a mouse thats the most similar to this shape and it's wireless?

  16. X

    still crap wheel, still to most post travel on main buttons, still mediocre side buttons, are they even trying to improve ?

  17. 5usp3c7

    I find this mouse rollout ironic considering Zowie basically told us "Fuck you guys. We're not doing paracorded lightweight mice. It's just a fad".

  18. Not Impressed

    I don't understand why you believe fingertip grippers would want a larger mouse. The opposite makes more sense. I want the weight as close to my fingers as I hold the mouse, not lagging "behind". I also don't need any kind of rest for my palm so why bother having that whole part of the mouse, let alone make it bigger?

  19. pumpkin1escobar

    Refuse to buy any more zowie mice. Little changes and still has poor quality, not worth the money or support.


    zowie needs to fix the side buttons and make wireless ec2-3


    Hi! I am currently using a broken razerdeathadder essential and was in need of an upgrade. Do you think I should I should buy this mouse or are their any better options?

  22. Felipe Cabianchi

    i bought an EC3-C and my right clicks feel sooooo light and a miss click a lot, anyway to fix this?

  23. Beamer

    Legit impressive how they managed to make a 24 step scroll wheel sound that bad.

  24. Abhishek Nath

    RJN, I know for a claw grip user with 19 inch palms, do you think I should go with this EC3 or Razer viper mini (personally inclined)?

  25. Martin Pfeifer

    Hi @rocket jump ninja. I finally pulled the trigger and got your mouse. It’s perfect for me I love it.. I have 20×11 hands and I believe your philosophy of shape is spot on.. I am looking forward to your mousepad next. I currently use an mm510 xl. Cheers!!

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