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Charterhouse – Post Auction Review (motorcycles) – 9 March 2022

This is a post auction review of the motorcycles sold at the Charterhouse Auctions sale on the March 2022.

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The Classic Motorcycle Channel is for people who love classic, vintage and antique motorcycles. We are passionate about classic motorcycles and produce high quality motorcycle profile videos, restoration videos, restorer profile videos and also anything that takes our interest.

– Dave Mitchell. Dave owns and runs a classic motorcycle workshop called Mitchell’s Classics.
Website: www.mitchellsclassics.co.uk
– John Oakes. John is a classic motorcycle enthusiast, rider and restorer and works closely with us on all our video content.
Instagram: @classicbikeman

– John Oakes for taking the time to film this auction review with us.
Instagram: @classicbikeman
– George Beale, Richard, Alex and the team at Charterhouse Auctions for taking the time to send us their photos to use in our video.
Website: wwwcharterhouse-bikes.com
– Thijs, Ruud and the team at Yesterdays Antique Motorcycles for the photos of the Royal Enfield 201 motorcycle we used in this video.
Website: www.yesterdays.nl

– Rickman Metisse – Ronald Saunders – no changes

– Rickman Metisse – Graham Robertson – no changes

– Rickman Metisse – Vic – no changes

– Rickman Metisse – Desert Racer – Ronald Saunders – no changes

– Suzuki RG250 – Rikita – no changes

– Suzuki RG250 – RLGNZLZ – no changes

– Suzuki RG250 – Akibell – no changes

– Triumph Tigress – Gidzy – no changes

– BSA Scooter – Tech109 – no changes

– Sunbeam Model 90 – Craig Howell from San Carlos, CA, USA – no changes


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  1. The Classic Motorcycle Channel

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  2. Rick Baartman

    The Rickman Honda is not a 1978. The carbs, the gauges, indicator lights, the side covers are all pre-1977. The gauges in fact look like 1972.

  3. Erwin Ballings

    I agree, the 1936 Douglas Endeavor is a beautiful motorcycle. And is incredibly beautifully restored. But the AJS racer was the outlier for me, I was instantly in love when I saw this bike. Thanks for sharing gentlemen.

  4. Eddie Bradford

    Really enjoy these videos! Well done to all 👍

  5. splodge 57

    What a fantastic bike that Douglas is, someone got a great buy there.

  6. grimo57

    That Honda carb ramp … sexy!

  7. harpoonlouis

    Thought the bsa sunbeam was 4 stroke

  8. Springloaded

    Another great report. The auction estimator was quite good

  9. John Moorfield

    Really interesting video

  10. Rod in Toulouse

    This sort of feature is really interesting and original in comparison to the content from other channels. Love it.

  11. ark angel northman

    Amazing stuff…

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