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Colombian Peso Banknotes and coins

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The peso is the currency of Colombia. Its ISO 4217 code is COP. The official peso symbol is $, with COL$ also being used to distinguish it from other peso-denominated currencies. The peso has been the currency of Colombia since 1810. It replaced the real at a rate of 1 peso = 8 reales and was initially subdivided into 8 reales. In 1847, Colombia decimalized and the peso was subdivided into ten reales, each of 10 décimos de reales. The real was renamed the decimo in 1853, although the last reales were struck in 1880. The current system of 100 centavos to the peso was first used in 1819 on early banknotes but did not reappear until the early 1860s on banknotes and was not used on the coinage until 1872.
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