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Currency of the world – Philippines. Philippine peso. Exchange rate Philippines.Philippine banknotes

The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. Situated in the western Pacific

Ocean, it consists of about 7,641 islands.

The population of Philippines is about 100,9 million people.

The largest five cities in Philippines are: Quezon, Manila, Davao, Caloocan, Cebu. The capital city is Manila.

The official currency of Philippines is the Philippine peso (PHP).

Philippine banknotes are: 20 peso, 50 peso, 100 peso, 200 peso, 500 peso, 1000 peso
Philippine coins are: 1 sentimo, 5 sentimo, 10 sentimo, 25 sentimo, 1 peso, 5 peso, 10 peso.

Exchange rates
1 euro = 56 PHP
1 USD = 51 PHP
1 GBP = 66 PHP
1 INR = 0,71 PHP

The Philippine peso all denominations,varieties and signatures.

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Валюты стран мира – Филиппины. Филиппинское песо – монеты и банкноты.

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  1. Scrooge Mcduck

    I’ve seen different pictures of Philippine peso coin so I think you’re using the older ones

  2. Earl Jazpher Santos

    wow thank you

  3. Muhammad Tayyab

    Love and respect to good peoples of Philippines from 🇵🇰💖🙏🖐🏻🌷

  4. Leandro Rafael Bayonito

    1:00 – 1:05 For non-Filipinos, don't be confused with the word "Quezon".
    In Metro Manila, there is Quezon City. Outside the Metro Manila, there is a Quezon Province (Provincial Capital is Lucena).

  5. Ines Concetta

    I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago can I get a person who invested with her?

  6. Dru RBLX

    If you're not aware: There was an update with the look of the coins.

    The BSP [Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas] has updated the coins by the "New Generation Currency: Coin Series". There were changes in the 1¢ to the PHP10 coins, and they now added the PHP20 coin.

    The faces (front) of the PHP coins commonly includes 2 presidents and 2 national heroes, beside the face is the value of the coin ("___ PISO/SENTIMO"). The tails (back) of it shows some plants in the Philippines, along with the logo of the BSP, .

    The faces (front) of the CENT coin has the sun and the 3 stars, which is part of the Philippine flag we have today. The tails (back) is the same as the PHP coins, they have the plants of PH and the logo of BSP.

    Hope that updated you!
    Thank you so much!

  7. Veje Abraham

    Ph population is 109.518M

  8. Ron Charles M. Bondal



  9. aledd valenzuela

    1 usd = 48.54 php

  10. Shanyne Francesca

    Do Philippines still accept the old pound notes in money changer places? Thanks

  11. Ramesh Kumar soni

    Hamare pass maneela k purani caruncy 100.200.peeso h.hame v sale karne h.total 20_25 note h.ph.n..h 8146575383 h j.2007 se lekar 2009 tak k heske elawa vina sun like v not h

  12. RM

    I have so many 1000 pesos

  13. AFilipinoLiftEnthusiast_2022

    I live in this country. Thank you for knowing the currencies around the 190 countries.

    -Thai the Filipino and Arabian YouTuber.

  14. Oeg's TV

    Not updated. The signatory is still former President Aquino. Look for the banknotes signed by the latest Philippine President no other than President Rodrigo Duterte.

  15. it's Jeiz Yt

    The new 1cent5cent10cent25cent,1peso5peso10peso and 20peso

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