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Day in the Life of a Japanese Wagyu Beef Farmer

A day in the life of a Japanese Wagyu Beef Farmer AKA Japanese wagyu cattle farmer. This video helps explain what is wagyu beef and how it is made in Japan, specifically Miyazaki Beef 宮崎牛 a premium Wagyu. We follow, Ryuji, who runs a Japanese wagyu cattle farm in Miyazaki. As mentioned in the video, if you want to help support the farm check out


*Get Miyazaki Wagyu Beef from Ryuji’s farm. The site deals directly with Wagyu farmers and orders are placed only after online reservations so expect 2-4 weeks delivery within Japan.

This is Ryuji’s typical day a day a wagyu farmer from morning until evening. We even visit a Japanese Wagyu Cattle auction during his day and see him sell 3 of of his Japanese kuroge black haired cows. Ryuji raises Miyazaki Gyu, Gyu meaning beef, from Japanese Black Haired cattle, a brand of Wagyu. Wagyu literally translated means Japanese Beef, but all beef raised in Japan domestically is not considered Wagyu. Wagyu is a premium grade beef in Japan and refers specifically to four breeds of cattle – Black hair, Brown hair, Polled and Shorthorn raised and bred in Japan with the strictest guidelines and requirements ultimately producing a high-end quality Japanese beef known worldwide for it’s beautiful marbling and deep umami flavor.

In fact, Japan has over 200 premium Wagyu brands throughout the country each with its own unique methods to raise it’s cattle, The Kobe Beef brand, is probably the most known overseas because it was the first wagyu brand promoted internationally due it being located at one Japan’s largest port cities. Ryuji’s Miyazaki Beef brand, specifically produces the highest grade of Wagyu possible, A4 and A5 quality, which is one of the reasons why Miyazaki Beef is one of the leading wagyu brands in Japan

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  1. Paolo fromTOKYO

    WAGYU HUNTER – https://wagyu-hunter.com/en Get Miyazaki Wagyu Beef from Ryuji's farm. The site deals directly with Wagyu farmers and orders are placed only after online reservations so expect 2-4 weeks delivery within Japan.
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  2. Arvianmarie Bunda

    I’m inlove with the vet ❤️

  3. Angel M.G.

    So many cigarettes

  4. Harish Kumar

    Paolo ur videos are very interesting and fun to watch dude..

  5. Tj Kirby

    "just as we pay attention to our cattles health, we pay attention to our own health"
    *Smokes a cigarette every 5 minutes.

  6. Jay R

    Awesome job, and he has a cute girlfriend.

  7. Darren Donor

    I hope to see a day in a life of japanese security guard or police

  8. GameOutPut07

    Leave the Animals Along Stop Beef!

  9. mrloco loco

    THis young people smoke too damn much! What's up with that? Not too smart! Seems so many Japanese still smoke!

  10. Haxhe Haxhaj

    this man is a Chain smoker
    sory for him

  11. Jaku_


  12. Nema

    Idk why this guy gives super cool guy vibes

  13. jose serrano

    Interesting Paolo.The farmers are one good reference for us in Brazil.Thanks.

  14. Buster Biloxi

    Thank you for a great video!

  15. light yagami

    bro make more of these i finished all your day in the life videos and know i gotta re watch 😭

  16. Kusa Muzukashi

    holy cow, his mother very so young rather than his father

  17. ThatEmily

    really like that you counted the number of other animals

  18. Virginia Panoncillo

    I love Japanese food esp tempura and very clean kitchen

  19. Geni Palla

    is it just me or does almost every episode show the person smoking xD. Is smoking prevalent in japan?

  20. Mark F.

    lol this is great. Yakuza boys getting out of the street life and raising beef. So nice 🙂

  21. Lee JaeiBi Entertainment

    I also want that truck 😍😍

  22. joshua gonzalez

    "wagu"= japanese beef", "japanese wagu" = "japanese japanese beef "

  23. Damien Marques

    That guys really good looking. He needs to stop smoking

  24. CatsandOlives

    I feel sad watching this video. The cows know they'll be slaughtered at one point. All the cows faces shown looked stress & sad. The world loves meat so much & animals are nothing but just stock

  25. Loner not alone


  26. Jeffrey Chen

    These quality over amount businesses are way more ethical towards the care of their animals, which I'm all for.

  27. Sheikh Humayun Kabir

    I was surprised to see both of them smoking 😜

  28. Murasaki Desu

    reminds me of that character in a game

  29. Paddy Irish man


  30. Ely Serva

    That's his mom?

  31. Pipe Gang

    What I seen was the cows live in slop and the farmers have expensive offices

  32. HAMZA

    Everything is so Organizee in Japan its mindblowing.

  33. ChefxHyrule

    8:20 sounds like the a good plot for an anime

  34. Mineva

    This feels like an after-story of Silver Spoon. Excellent video!

  35. Brendan Drury

    Highly interesting.

  36. Charitzard's Channel

    Please Do A Day In a Life Of Seiyuu

  37. 12.56lbswalleyeDeer

    That’s cool they keep there pens a lot cleaner than they do here in Vermont!!! I bought some for my 31st birthday and it wasn’t the real stuff it was bred in Vermont not Japan so we were disappointed the New York strips had more flavor it’s not real if it doesn’t come from Japan!! Do they feed them beer like I’ve herd they do???? Cool to see how layed back
    They are too comparing them to us the American farmer they go go go up at 4 am and in bed at 12:00 PM and back up the next day to do it all over!! I would love to try a steak from him don’t care how much it coast me lol!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm getting hungry!!!!!!!

  38. Not Available

    Really enjoyed this one, a healthy boutique industry! Thanks for sharing

  39. buatn

    Awesome video! 👍

  40. PlanB

    I guess its still ok to work your ass off like this when you are still young. Hopefully this guy will one day own a wagyu farm himself when he gets older.

  41. Chris Overton

    Not gonna lie, Id love a little truck like theirs! seems so fun to drive!

  42. Vicky Dewisa

    Keren banget jepang tuh, asliii…
    Gue kagum banget anjir

  43. Vicky Dewisa

    Please dont smoke 🙏

  44. Jihanmedibang

    Jadi teringat anime gi no sa ji

  45. Trixie

    When he feeds the cows it goes on their noses T.T clean them off please im gonna cry

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