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Elon Musk: The future we're building — and boring | TED

Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED’s Head Curator, Chris Anderson.

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31 Bình luận

  1. Maharun Nahar

    শ্রদ্ধেয়, ইলন মাস্ক, আমি বাংলাদেশ থেকে একটি প্রশ্ন করছি।আমি আমার দেশের পরিবেশে বৃদ্ধা মহিলা। আমার প্রশ্ন,কেন মিসাইল বানানো তে উৎসাহী হয়েছেন??? এটা সাধারণ মানুষের জীবন বিনাশ কারি একটা চিন্তা। মিসাইল ক্ষমতাশালী কে যুদ্ধ করতে উৎসাহী করে।।। ছোট ছোট শিশুদের যখন রক্তাক্ত অবস্থায় নিয়ে অবিভাবকেরা দৌড়াদৌড়ি করে তখন আমার বুকে কম্পন ও রক্তক্ষরন হয়।আমি দুঃখীত হই।কিন্তু কেন এই আবিষ্কার করতে আগ্রহী??? আপনার অন্যান্য আবিষ্কারকে স্বাগত জানাই।যেমন গাড়ি, মোবাইল, কম্পিউটার, এবং অন্যান্য সব কিছু। শুধু মিসাইল ক্ষতিকর আবিস্কার ছাড়া। এই মিসাইল পৃথিবীটাকে উত্তপ্ত করে তুলেছে। কিছু মনে করবেন না আমার প্রশ্নের জন্য। কিন্তু আমার জানার আগ্রহ কেন পৃথিবীতে এতো সুন্দর কিছু থাকতে শক্তিশালী দেশগুলো মরিয়া হয়ে উঠেছে এই মিসাইলের জন্য। আমার মাথায় আসে না। See translation

  2. Sheryl Farnstrom

    …..Elon Must…

  3. Senada Pasic

    I bought a mini solar panel that fits in my purse for the summer. If I had a house I could store power on my solar panels over and above my needs.

  4. Senada Pasic

    I think solar is the future.

  5. Senada Pasic

    The interviewer is very good and kind.

  6. Senada Pasic

    He is actually always selling his stuff. He's not a great salesman but he is one of those salespeople who are super excited about their product and honest .
    Taking something complicated and making it simple for people is a skill few people have and Musk has so many complicated things- he does a pretty good job, considering.

  7. Senada Pasic

    I wish he would think of ways to build affordable housing really cheap that the poor can actually buy and to build greenhouses on the top two floors to feed the residents.

  8. Senada Pasic

    I don't get how a self-driving car can see a speeding car from a mile away and prepare?

  9. Senada Pasic

    I don't see any charging stations in Toronto . Who in their right mind would buy a combustion car with kids dying and global warming.

  10. Senada Pasic

    Why don't people just buy electric cars? I only wear my mask now because of the gas fumes that are everywhere along with ground ozone. I really should get a gas mask.

  11. Senada Pasic

    You'd be surprised how deep they have to dig so that no vibrations are felt.

  12. monique mamith

    I know that Elon Musk cam from Cosmic Light to save the Planet EART

  13. monique mamith

    Elon Musk is not a regular human Being but a being of cosmic Light , he came down here to save the planet Earth

  14. Richard Merrick

    Some day, in some hundred years from today, children will have times like this downloaded into their mind cloud.

  15. Richard Merrick

    Elon inspires me. I'm taking a leaf from him.

  16. MissJudyLee

    “Desperate housewives” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  17. MissJudyLee

    “Flying cars” 🛸

  18. MissJudyLee

    “Pet snail 🐌 Gary” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  19. Brandy Webb

    The future we're building? You mean lost criminalized unicorns who suffers from self hate, neglect, and are forever brainwashed? 🤔 We don't need electric vehicles for a future like that…. we need shock collars. 🤷

  20. sally jiang

    He hopes the war can continue to rage


    Taking a cup of alcohol everytime Elon said ehm,umh….
    My liver almost gave up all hope and miracle for a second 😈

  22. Gulab Kumar

    Alon Musk is a great person and ginious man 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  23. roslyn taber

    So brillant man…

  24. Trikwono Subagio

    Rem rem length goeating slow my bandung

  25. Trikwono Subagio

    Sleaps goeating go go back. Feel my life ####

  26. Trikwono Subagio

    I'm israela i'm marrit. I'm slowsy

  27. Trikwono Subagio

    Really go up soffa now toppas bat Jember my home

  28. Alexandru Epurescu


  29. Bert Battersby

    get rid of a USA agency called NEPA. You could save on time and money.

  30. Joe Weis


  31. Richard Chapman

    I've been a damn ironworker all my life and I'm not scared of anything I want to go to Mars and die there to let's start a freaking new generation there

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