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Excel Magic Trick #108: Exchange Rate Table From Web Query

See how to do a Currency Web Query, the CHAR function and concatenation to create an Exchange Rate table.

CHAR function
DOLLAR function
VLOOKUP function
Currency Web Queries

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  1. Jon Chapman

    Thanks man!

  2. Bruce Wayne

    If I click refresh button again and again, is there any possibility to get that new data in to the next empty row(by Looping)?
    Thanks in Advance
    Sorry for my Bad English!!

  3. Kris Douglas

    Hi there, great video thank you. I am living in the UK but i work in Norway and paid in NOK, can i do this so i can work out the exchange rate each month when im paid to GBP ? i currently have excel for mac 2011 so it doesnt show the same options you have for external data. thanks

  4. Holly Lor

    Hi, I have the same MS Excel version as you in this tutorial, but when I import the  MSN Currency Rate, it looks nothing like yours. Do I have to sign into MSN or was there a step that needed to be done prior to your video?

  5. pratheesh rajan

    Hello Mark, In the MSN data there are couple of currencies which are not available, eg: Russian Rubel, so is there any way we can add those currencies as well when we generate the report?

  6. Neethu Eby

    Mark, You can add a drop down list in A13 instead of selected currencies. (Data – Validation) List of currencies from MSN (A23 – A66)

  7. Mark Said Camilleri

    Any way to do this in EURO?

  8. ExcelIsFun

    I am not sure. Try posting to the BEST Excel questions site and say you need an Excel web query for Euro:

    mrexcel [dot] com/forum

  9. ExcelIsFun

    I am not sure where they are on your computer, they are usually in the C drive Microsoft Office folder, then in the Office folder, then in the Queries folder. Use the Browse button to get to it.

  10. ExcelIsFun

    It is the same path in Excel 2010 and 2013; Data ribbon tab, Get External Data Group. All the functions you see here work that same in any of the versions. In any version you may have to Browse for your built in web queries.

  11. ExcelIsFun

    I am glad that the videos is useful!

  12. 吴半仙Energy & Existance

    This is nice stuff. XE.com sells currency exchange data for commercial use at $540USD to $3,000+++ per year. Poor merchants who bought them…

  13. 吴半仙Energy & Existance

    This is nice stuff. XE.com sells currency exchange data for commercial use at $540USD to $3,000+++ per year. Poor merchants who bought them…

  14. ExcelIsFun

    some of the early videos (23-89) were deleted and the content was redone in more recent videos. To find all the videos, serach for "excelisfun" and go to the channel link, then watch the auto play video – it shows the best way to find any video you wnat and how to download the workbooks and free books.

  15. iamasif1986

    I like all of your videos. I am not able to find some videos like Excel Magic Trick 23 to 89 , 109 , 227 , 342 , 464 and 683. Please give me the links if they are available.

  16. ExcelIsFun

    I do not know how to do it. The problem is that most historical stock quote sites require a number of inputs before it spits out the historical prices and I do not know how to get the web query to enter the inputs. Try THE best Excel questions site:


    Maybe someone there knows how.

  17. MrStriter

    Hey there, thanks for this video. I'm wondering if it’s possible to get historical exchange rates from the web into Excel. I mean, I want to know what was the exchange rate on mm/dd/yyyy from other currencies into USD. I have 3 columns on my worksheet: one with the date, a second one with the country code of the foreign currency (like EUR, JPY, AUD, GBP) and a third one with the exchange rate. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

  18. Axel Erwast

    Great video!!

  19. ExcelIsFun

    Woo Hoo!!!!!

  20. ExcelIsFun

    You are welcome. To get the most out of this free resource, search for and watch this video title:

    excelisfun Search for Excel Videos, Playlists & Download Workbooks

  21. ExcelIsFun

    Thanks! I am glad that you liked the video!

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