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Gold Bullion Vault – Periodic Table of Videos

We’re INSIDE a Gold Bullion Vault.
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The Bank of England protects about £197 billion ($315bn) worth of gold, according to the mostly recently published figures.
Film by Brady Haran. Featuring Professor Martyn Poliakoff.

Periodic Videos on Patreon:

The vaults are off limits, but the Bank of England Museum will let you lift a real gold bar:

More of our videos about gold:

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From the School of Chemistry at The University of Nottingham:

Periodic Videos films are by video journalist Brady Haran:

Brady’s other channels include:
(Physics and astronomy)
(Numbers and maths)
(Space stuff)
(Science and behind the scenes)

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  1. Periodic Videos

    These videos are made by Brady Haran – check out his "Unmade Podcast" here: http://bit.ly/UnmadePlaylist

  2. Darrell Garrett

    cha ching!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Taufan Andriansyah


  4. squadmeta

    About 1000 Bitcoin per shelf at the £ price. Let's see how this comment pans out over the years 🙂

  5. Fallout 5 Nexus

    Gold in the Bank Of England. Every poor idiot around the world it was stolen from my family 🤣

  6. Mic_Glow

    5:00 updated for 2022:
    you could buy half a house and loaf of old bread

  7. Evan Jones

    I think your worth more mate!

  8. Treasure Clash of clans

    Epanghatagna sa mga pobre

  9. Pathetic Prepper

    2022, We sure are remembering gold now! To us, you ARE worth your weight in gold.. thank you

  10. Fern Gully

    was some of this gold stolen from Africa – and if so when will england return it

  11. auli5

    "I have never seen so much of one element" you are looking at nitrogen right now

  12. MRImage1987

    Dude's hair is golden.

  13. សេង ហ៊ាង


  14. SAY FAMI

    Hmm I saw some gold from my village, mixed feelings…

  15. Alfred Gindo

    Give me one that gold bar

  16. Massimiliano Ilardi

    Bello copper lavorato

  17. Shaf Serious

    Etf trades🤦‍♂️

  18. The Scavengers Workshop

    Anyone else just want to go in there and TIDY the stacks? The piles are all uneven and out of order.

  19. hirsiz adamlar

    Belongs to the rothschild family

  20. Ghostly

    Humanity digs up craters looking for Gold, only to bury them in craters…

  21. P B

    all that gold can feed the poor, mean while its taking dust

  22. David Davidson

    Could you explain the security procedures in detail?

  23. Anonymous Producer

    How can those standards hold so much gold? Sounds like bullcrap to me

  24. Christopher Bullard

    I’m gonna do this whole video without moving!👍


    Di a tid beran i buk


    Semua ada di dia

  27. Joseph

    I'm convinced that if the professor were to be given all this gold, he would use them all for experiments instead of selling them

  28. Glen Dichiera

    That would be worth about thousands and billions of dollars

  29. Blake Blake

    3mill and ill invest everything into this place

  30. shadanion

    4:14 Swiss Gold😀😀

  31. Michael Dowd

    The gold in that vault isn't sitting there doing nothing. It's making a lot of rich people even richer.


    alos is pictured exclusively
    GUARDIAN GOULDING by for BangkoK KakakodkoK

  33. Mr Robert Wolf III

    Worth save them up we our teams did invest time we in United States of America. So thank you for giving me gold to use on the planet.

  34. ramesh rai

    These gold are from Africa, return it to Africa.

  35. Frank Montez

    Loving it ooohhh yeeaaahhh

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