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Hisense A6G TV Review (2021) – Can Hisense Win The Cheap TV Market?

We tested the entry-level Hisense A6G, the only TV in Hisense’s 2021 lineup without QLED technology. We’ll look at the individual test results in this video and show how it performs for various types of content. We’ll also see how it stacks up to LG’s budget offering, the LG UP7000, to see how it compares. Does the A6G offer a good price-to-performance ratio, and can Hisense win the cheap TV market?
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Model tested: 65” (65A6G)
Should also be valid for the 43″, 55″, and 75″ (43A6G, 55A6G, 75A6G)
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00:00 Intro
01:22 Design
02:02 Smart Features
02:25 Overview
02:59 Performance
06:34 Inputs
07:07 Sound Quality
07:23 Verdict
07:59 Comparable TVs
08:29 Conclusion

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45 Bình luận

  1. ad78

    im picking this up 55" for my garage. its $319 @ target

  2. Joshua

    Hi does the 58 inch have an IPS or VA screen? I didn't see it in the chart. Thanks

  3. Deadpool

    I go for the 50' version cause the TV in my living room is only a really old 40' Hisense. I upgrade to this one and if it will be to small for me one day i use it for my bedroom and buy a larger one. I can buy it for around 280€, but it is the A6FG, dont really know where the diffence is. ^^

  4. Big ChrisGaming

    I got the 65 inch months ago and I love it it’s very bright and a good tv for its price

  5. Drizzt Do’Urden666

    I will buy it & it's perfect for gaming & using hdr,her, are facts.

  6. Mateo Babaja

    I got 50" version.. beautiful Tv

  7. Steve

    How does this compare to the a7g?

  8. Ppp

    You put me off buying any TVs.

  9. David Narcissus

    A6500G same specs? TH market.

  10. Hatem Saadaoui

    What about for Hisense 58" H78 G series 4k ultra hd android it's oky or you need to buy hisense 55" A68G for same price ????

  11. Daniele Martella

    What panel does the 58 inch model have?

  12. Noel Chang

    Hey bro! This was very to the point and informative but when you got to gaming I got lost due to all the technical terms you used. Is this model just not the best to use with newer model game consoles (ps5 etc) or is it just incompatible

  13. Hippie Creed

    What about Indian version 43A6GE

  14. Drizzt Do’Urden666

    I disagree with the things you said.

  15. kk P

    Bestbuy says the 43A6G has a VA panel.
    not IPS

  16. Sereny Chhor

    is this a60g cus here in belgium i see a model named 55a60g at 650 euro ttc

  17. wranglercjseven69

    Everyone talks about voice on remote but no one ever shows what button it is or how to use it

  18. BC 12

    The big time brands aren’t what they used to be. Including Sony. The low end brands are beating them. I know I love my Insignia. And I got a Seiki 50” that’s still going strong after nearly a decade.

  19. Jayden Stowe

    When did the new UI get released


    This model is the same as 43a6bg sold in Europe ?

  21. Jim Pryde

    I’m thinking about this as a Dakboard solution to display family photos, weather, and calendar information. Given that type of content, I think the pros should outweigh the cons. I’ll be wall mounting over a fireplace so the IPS panel of the 43” version should serve us well. Thank you for posting this review!

  22. Tech

    I'm in Canada and have a model A6GV. Is that the same as this tv?

  23. Vincent Chen

    I had the 43 inch Hisense for my bedroom. Looked awesome, then after a year and a half, just outside of warranty, it died on me. Maybe the power supply. But still just a year and a half of light use? That is unacceptable. I went and bought a Samsung. Wanted a Sony but money was a consideration.

  24. Ruskie

    can you wall mount it?

  25. Kim Alexander

    I bought the 43" model for bedroom use. It had a low-level buzzing sound. After 1 repair attempt it was finally replaced by Hisense. When the new one arrived it had the same issue. I can only assume it's just cheap parts. Put it in the spare bedroom and bought a Sony.

  26. Sane American

    This is a great tv for the money. I do not take this review seriously because opiions are like a certain body part that evryone has and they all stink.

  27. joseph martinez

    RTINGS staff are liars, are samsung's sponsoring,

    ADS it is better than VA display and ips normal, they don't say nothing about the inaccurate colors of all VA displays high end & entry levels,

    ADS it has the same black of VA

  28. AllAroundNiceGuy

    "Not for something to watch HDR content," Okay next video.

  29. PhillyRich

    I'm looking for the best budget 43" tv ($250) I can find. Not a gamer. Mostly basic sports and old movie watcher. So many models out there.

  30. Printassia Johnson

    would have been nice to hear the sound quality.

  31. navikh333

    I have the same tv. How do you wall mount it? I see only 2 holes at 400mm on the back… :(. Someone guide me

  32. DarkDevilOZ

    this same a7g in thailand?

  33. Rolan Shun

    This is $549 on sale now at BB. Buy this instead of a $2000 Super HDR, 100% Color accuracy or super bright TV that will just develop black spots or lines in a year or two.

  34. Dbchillin

    I don't care what this dork says about this TV it's way better than my last one

  35. Andries De Bock

    Hi thanks for the review. Will you review the 65A7GV and benchmark against 65U7G please?

  36. H M 786

    After watching this I bought this product and I'm loving it Hisense 75" A6G😍😍

  37. sameer narang

    How does this compare to Skyworth 9300F ? , will appreciate comments so I can make a decision between the two. Thanks

  38. Stephen Jok

    I bought this tv yesterday the Hisense 55A6100G, 55 being the size in Malaysia. This is a great review very accurate review. You get what you pay for. For me because of my budget this is the second choice to the Xiaomi which is cheaper but had lesser colour accuracy. This tv is good that's my verdict for it's price and specifications in it's class. I would recommend it for those with a budget constraint the colors are great the refresh rate is good and overall I'm very happy. For a better tv spend big. Cheers.

  39. germanshepherd13

    Spoke to to co direct and 43 comes with va panel

  40. Kyle little But I have a big PP

    This review is actually really bad :p this tv is great and can be set into 120hz 1080p by using manual hdmi settings on a series s and x so I'm guessing ps5 too. Input lag is not even noticeable at 60hz xxx love this tv hate your review suck my eggs

  41. The Conquistador

    I just got this at $550 for 70 inches, this tv is crazy good at the price for the size and resolution

  42. John Doe

    I paid $550 for my 70" A6G. I hope I didn't waste my $$..

  43. Ken Terpenning Music

    After spending $1500 on a Samsung and having the screen develop a blackening line down the middle of the screen after a year, I'll gladly spend $400 on the 55" Hisense that does a great job for nearly a quarter of the price. Great review!

  44. m clark

    I thought you guys recommended this tv over the TCL 5 series ? It sounds worst

  45. Real_man

    Какой тип подсветки ?

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