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How a Chicken Vendor Created a Billion-Peso Brand | History of Mang Tomas

If there’s one thing Filipinos can agree on it’s that Mang Tomas is probably our favorite all-around sauce.

In this video, we go back to the 1950s, when it all started. Tomas de los Reyes (Mang Tomas) was running his tiny stall right outside his house in Quezon City where he sold raw slabs of pork. Strategically located right across the La Loma Cockpit Arena, Tomas noticed that right after an event, people would buy slabs of pork to be cooked for their celebration dinner.

Seeing the opportunity, Tomas instead of selling raw pork, he started selling roasted pork. This triggered the meteoric rise of Mang Tomas’ brand of lechon. It became so popular, that even Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay frequently had Mang Tomas’ lechon served at the Malacanang Palace.

But popularity doesn’t only draw in customers, it also attracts competitors. It came to a point where Mang Tomas was being copied by several competitors. Once again, Mang Tomas needed to find a way to stand out. This is when he came up with the Mang Tomas sauce that we know today.

Learn about the inspiring rags to riches story of Tomas de los Reyes, the story of how Mang Tomas became the number 1 brand of sarsa in the Philippines, and how it was acquired for over a billion Philippine pesos.

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  1. Gabb ZSP

    Have a blessed day or night ahead everyone God bless
    Romans 8:38-39
    For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  2. Pau Morsico

    So, mali ang nakalagay sa Wikipedia.
    Ang sabi kasi, nai-develop ang sarsa noong 1980s by Hernan Reyes base sa nabiling sarsa ng isang litsunan sa Quiapo.
    Then, pinangalanan ito "Mang Tomas Sarsa" base sa isang sikat na litsunan sa Sta. Mesa

  3. Gregorio del Pilar III

    the mang tomas sauce was not made by mang tomas but by aling pitang lechon shop in quiapo. they only used mang tomas as a name for marketing purposes

  4. Alwindar Lee

    For me personally lechon tastes better with toyo and calamansi than mang tomas sarsa.

  5. Martin

    To this day, Mang Tomas is my favorite sauce.

  6. Abner Doon

    Ah yes, tasty diarrhea.

  7. Corporal Killjoy

    the present mang tomas lechon sauce is nothing compared to the one sold in the 80s. they added so many artificial ingredients that it lost a lot of its flavor. still ok, but if there’s a real lechon stall available (any will do), then you’d be better off getting your sauce from there.



  9. Gab By

    4:47 "Competitors Emerged" are not annoying – its the entrepreneurial spirit brought by opportunity. weird metaphor to say competition is annoying/amazing. Without competition, things turns to shit (i.e: PLDT's monopoly and its horrendous service lol)

  10. Macbasil

    Gosh I am actually eating in the kitchen with the MT next to me though I am using papa ketchup right now

  11. Matthieu Huang

    Excuse you, Cebu is the lechon capital of the Philippines. The lechon is so good, we don't need the damn sauce.

  12. Francheska Blancaflor

    NutriAsia is also the company alleged to make workers suffer in inhumane working conditions. A number of their workers went on strike last 2018 and I don’t think that the company was held accountable to this day. You can google about this.

  13. I Am Jabby

    Sarap yan sa kanin na mainit grabe hehe

  14. Christian Peligrino

    Fact: Silver Swan products that formerly as an independent company called Silver Swan Manufacturing Co. Inc., and later acquired by NutriAsia Inc. since 2016, currently they operate for Silver Swan products as First PGMC Enterprises, Inc., NutriAsia's division. Founded in 1942, 78 years ago, it was first originated by Sy Bun Suan, with their production facilities in Malabon Manila and even The Queen City of the South, Cebu.

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