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How an old loop of railroads is changing the face of a city | Ryan Gravel

Urban planner Ryan Gravel shares the story of how his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, rallied to build a massive urban park that will transform an abandoned railroad track into 22 miles of public green space called the Atlanta BeltLine. The places we live aren’t inevitable, he says — and if we want something different, we need to speak up.

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21 Bình luận

  1. Clouded Mind

    Having moved to Atlanta from Germany i was used to a certain standart of getting around just by walking, riding my bike or using my longboard to only realize that this is not the reality here. Then a friend told me about the Atlanta Beltline and it has changed my life and made me so happy. Everybody i see there is in a good mood. There are so many great things along side the Beltline. I'm truly thankful for what Ryan Gravel has done!

  2. Tommy Acuna

    not more development

  3. Nova Verse

    Changing the world for the better?, dude here in the Netherlands we've been doing this for years!.

    And most countries couldn't keep up with our solution in infrastructure and renovations because of politics.

  4. Kirby Vang

    That light rail would be awesome.

  5. Emma L

    He reminds me of Michael scotfield for some reason …….

  6. Emma L

    Very insightful

  7. Helvetica09

    Why is it ridicolous to ride a bike to the store??? Here everybody does that… Especially older people or mothers with children who do not have a car…

  8. Vaishnava Hari

    beating around the bush…
    speaker is not at all conveying the matter presicily….
    wrost TED talk I have ever seen

  9. Leonidas GGG

    Good talk.

  10. Arché Urbanus

    QUER GANHA UM IPHONE 7. Muita gente não conhece mais vale muito a pena. http://gokano.com/ref/ggeelN9OQN9y

  11. Mayank Sharma

    Lower end of the economic spectrum? You mean power right?

    Capitalism even denies poverty by complicating it

  12. Patrick O'Neill

    I appreciate the focus on people as the priority of urban development.

    I believe that sometimes our biases for our projects draw priority to our egos, and away from the broader purpose of our projects. I have been guilty of this.

    Seeing the Humility displayed in this talk is inspiring. Thank you.

  13. Dave Marx

    That is occurring in Beaufort SC where I live. the old tracks are becoming a really nice bike trail that runs around the whole county.
    Some of the wealthier home owners weren't happy about it because those tracks had become known as the "Crack head super highway". they thought crime would increase.

    that was silly. now the paths are open. criminals can't try to hide behind and within the overgrowth that once existed there.

    I like it.

  14. Vy Lai

    i actually fall asleep because of his tone omg -.-

  15. Charles Philip Adams

    It's a good place for the rapists and muggers to hang out like a mobile buffet of sorts.

  16. Bobby Garrity

    I got broads in Atlanta.

  17. dean laughing

    Omg this is amazing Atlanta!!

  18. Deb Baverstock

    The land area of the US is huge and the differences in climate throughout is varied. Some states have feet of snow every winter and other have little to none. So, in the US, it really depends on what region you live in – whether it is even feasible to ride a bicycle to the market regularly. Also, in rural areas you may not even have a local grocery store (or the items are priced so high, that most people travel to the nearest metro area just to save money). Most state or local governments in the US have not made alternative transport a priority, in terms of support or infrastructure; the ones that have are in the minority.

  19. Rob de Gouveia

    jfc, can presenters please stop with this self congratulating, fake humility, utopian tone! it's nauseating and the foundation of many a boondoggle. if what he's selling is so wonderful, he should find more than enough willing participants to fund it! i'm pretty certain that isn't the case. every talk like this should start with the speaker and interested parties declaring their financial interest in the project, and who's funding it.

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