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How college loans exploit students for profit | Sajay Samuel

“Once upon a time in America,” says professor Sajay Samuel, “going to college did not mean graduating with debt.” Today, higher education has become a consumer product — costs have skyrocketed, saddling students with a combined debt of over $1 trillion, while universities and loan companies make massive profits. Samuel proposes a radical solution: link tuition costs to a degree’s expected earnings, so that students can make informed decisions about their future, restore their love of learning and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

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  1. M A

    So So I was a student at college heres the abuse they did.  I recently sat down with alumni from my era.  We discussed degree refund class action suites against virginia tech.  The main issues are the class scheduling allocations and meal plan allocations.  Many of us had ironic computer glitches that caused scheduling conflictions.  IE it caused any deviance from original degree to be met with financial punishments.  Many universities did this. 

    They could pick and choose who got preferred classes.  Glitches happened disproportiately to out of state students who paid more when these glitches or changes occurred.  

    Look what else in terms of meal plans and ironic stuff they do.  I saved all the records and would like a class action or to sue individually for refund of degree.  The academic advisors also false advertised the degree to keep us going longer.  All profiting the university more.  

     I tried to bring this up  in my advanced level apalachian studies class.  Maybe i missed something.  But this is the lady who kicked me out saying, "you like them smokey mountains dont ya, quit blowing smoke…out of my classroom."  Just bc i hung around skunk smelling hippy hobbiests before class and had jam band good vibes that day.  It was a 6 person class.  I was looking fwd to it and playing devils advocate with them.  They did not like this, i appealed it to the unversity bc she did this the day after the drop add penalty.  Trolling me like ted cruz at the airport line footage or like they do to celebrities in poor towns to get them to lash out so they can be kicked out.  The double whammy.  Such a dirty trick.  This is when i had a sit down with the dean at this D1 school.  He was cool and listened to me.  Smiled and let me swap to another class.  Advanced level globalism.  This is where we learned about commodity price fixing controls and the correlations between historical chronological events, these trends.  Very interesting with my stock market background and almost conspiracle.  Very enjoyable class.  I just wish it was not a summer course required bc of the staggered class offerings…another college issue.  They would only offer certain required specialty courses as degree requirements in staggered seasons.  IE if you switch major or deviate from the original allocation or scheduling for degree requirement it almost always makes you return in the fall.  The hangover effect the scam is called.  Getting the student for another year and punishing them assuming being hung over is why they deviated.  All a very shty childesh tactics.  If elected id change these and the food meal plan timeframe requirements.  IE dont offer standard meal plans of 2 meals a day and not tell the student the first one cannot be redeemed after 10am.  I saved the records.  2nd semester of college i stayed up late and registered all my classes to 11 or later so i could eat in the mornings.  I took screen shots of the confirmation and scheduling spring of 2001.  Later that day and the next day they flash it somehow as if no record.  Again changing the screens like the banks i worked for.  They tried to ellude to mental health etc.  But i had the hard copy.  They badgered and gave me the run around fat ladies with mullets. Eventually nothing was done.  They got extra money for me being late.  I had to piece together leftover classes.  All in ironic fashion the leftover classes were all first thing in the morning bc of this "computer glitch".  Meaning all 8ams in the cold and i could only eat once a day.  Id have to choose go to class or get 2 meals.  They wouldnt allow me to change to flex meal plan until next semester or appeal to the dean of students.  Its criminal and civil liability.  I will tell this story and saved the records until the end of time.  I have every intention to sue this major d1 school and others civilly for the degree monies back and damages.  Class action as well.  Peacefully stated, college is a remedial behavioral modification game that has favoritisms in it.  Please consider refunds and auditing these loopholes.

  2. Paul Is

    I’m in college again now at age 51 and this video is a required viewing for our class. Funny how I already knew this and am applying his knowledge to my own tuition. At least at my age I already know what I’m getting into.

  3. Barry Flint

    Ironic that the US government took over the student loan industry and now both cost of education and loan sizes have increased exponentially. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 socialism is an economic farce.

  4. argentaegis

    I'm unclear on the proposal. Everyone already knows that philosophy majors are barely employable and engineering majors can bet on good income. There's also awareness that in state tuition is cheaper and every state has competent degree programs for nearly every major. Public is cheaper than private and knocking out the first two at community college is the cheapest option and you still get the pretty paper. People still go out of state for four years to get philosophy degrees. It doesn't appear to be an information side problem.

  5. CK H

    This insight from the 19th century: "Education is over rated. Anyone with money can buy an education. That's why today we have so many educated fools." (Samuel Clemens?)

  6. Steve Taxpayer

    Professor Sajay Samuel is fraud and liar. It's the overcharging universities that's exploiting students. The universities overcharge their students so they can enrich themselves (including professors like Sajay Samuel who probably earns a high six figure salary and will receive a six figure pension). Think of it this way, if you pay a ton of money a new car that turns out to be total lemon, only a fool would be angry with the company that financed the car instead of being angry with the car's manufacturer.

  7. Edge HODL

    sure, its the college that brainwashed me to get a useless degree in english, all their fault.

  8. MrCheshire24

    When ever government enters an arena cost skyrocket. As Medicare grew so did medical costs. Insurance rates grew to cover costs. Then with insurance covering things individuals began to use doctors more. Cost for doctors increased so insurance rates went up. Hospitals all needed the latest cat scans, MRI, laparoscopic surgery’s, open heart programs and the list goes on. Vicious cycle of want and spend and want more. Now their are so many degrees available the only place choices are greater is in what your sexuality is.

  9. Louis Borrego

    You borrowed the money, you pay it back. Your problem. No sympathy.

  10. Jim Cartwright

    Did you borrow the money ? Repay the loans plus interest.

  11. Francis Formly known as C.I.A

    By the thumbnail I thought this was snoop dogg explaining why college was a scam 😂😂

  12. John Dyer

    The public has to say enough is enough and avoid college altogether until these schools bring tuition down to a price that's affordable. Otherwise it's more of the same.

  13. Josh

    Charging engineering students more because they have more income POTENTIAL is silly. How about charging a reasonable sum for the cost of instruction and pulling out all the frivolous admin fees, litany of unneeded courses, funding scholarships for other people to go to school free, and cutting out the Sandles Resort-Vibe prominent in public universities now. Schools turn into 60 month spa vacations and then people whine that its too expensive.

  14. Ali

    For profit is not bad, just keep all government out of it. We don’t expect government to subsidize iPhones or MacBooks, and most people can afford them. Apple keeps maximizing profit, but they must make it affordable for us first! Let capitalism do its thing, and KEEP GOV OUT OF IT

  15. clover

    I've made many stupid decisions in my life. But going into debt to attend college wasn't one of them!

  16. Humair Imam

    Student loan repayments scam numbers

    ‭1 (239) 286-7469‬
    1 (402) 252-1402‬

    How do I remove myself from the call list. Thank you all companies for selling my information to scammers.

  17. Dennis B.

    Most peiple these days do it all wrong. There are plenty of ways to finish school cheaply.

  18. Omar, PA-C:Urban Health Education Workshops


  19. Akki Kishore

    Wouldn’t have happened if the government didn’t break the risk-reward relationship.

  20. Mein Warcraft Tagebuch

    To be economically competitive you must either be cheap or very well educated. I like the USA better to be cheap. Free education is communism and we all know that this is the dark side. At least I am very happy that America largely thinks this way. Bless 'em.

  21. Michael

    This why we have rich foreiners taking our education, our own countrymen can't afford it, this is why tourism is a major economy, its basically all there is now.

  22. Lockon Stratos

    College is a scam, the high cost and loans should be illegal, not as many graduates can make enough money unless they always go for those marketable degrees, and even then it’s no guaranteed

  23. m x

    You may want all colleges to be private and somewhat affordable but rhat means that not many will be able to go to colleges. You may want to create public colleges but these will be propably worse than most of the private ones ( although not bad) it will be more expensive for the statebut most students will be able to graduate .The US simply said we willgive you loans if you go to college ,demand is artificially increase ,supply remains the same ,the price is raised without any diffrence in output or quality , the people who took those loans get fucked

  24. saiyjin98

    You didn't get a defective product if you bought an art degree and then regretted it because art doesn't pay as well as engineering. You got exactly what you paid for.

  25. MrPrimetime 313

    You can learn more in 2 years of real life than u can in 4 years of college!



  27. Kevin Orozco

    this dudes voice does not match that body my guy

  28. 1Skeptik1

    "College" is big business. If you don't understand that or the terms of a loan you are not college material. And NO, I am not interested in paying for YOUR Liberal Arts degree after paying as I went to gain marketable skills.

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