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How To Calculate Your Average Cost Basis When Investing In Stocks

This video tutorial explains how to calculate the average cost basis or average cost per share when making multiple investment purchases of the same stock at different prices.

Stock Trading Strategies For Beginners:

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  1. poopz

    fuck, i got high before watching this….

  2. Samuel Aavila

    This video is good if you are just buying, but what happens to cost basis average when you sell?

  3. steven 1977

    Exactly what I needed to know! Thanks!

  4. F Ville

    Thank you kindly.

  5. Manish Malhotra

    Doing well

  6. Manish Malhotra

    Nice video

  7. José M


  8. Brendon

    Hello, I am from Brazil and I would like to know how can I calculate if I bought in fractional market stocks (under 1 Stock). For example I bought IVV for 0,05523 X $452,63 = $25 and on another day I bought the same ETF for 0,05561 X $449,49 = $25. So, my Average Cost is $451,05?

  9. RK 'y

    **I need little more info. As the current cost per share is $8 then how much extra share i have to buy to make my avg cost as same as current price… Kundly show us the calculation.

  10. Tommy Harris

    Nicely explained. This is also called "weighted average"

  11. Muhammad Sadiq

    Very nice and simple way.

  12. Robert M

    This is something a 3rd grader could’ve told me. I think what most people wanna know is how do u find the average after you’ve sold a number of times at different prices as well as continuing to buy here and there as well.

  13. Zeke Fast

    I think what is explained in the video kinda obvious. Video is dropped on most interesting part, i.e. what happens to AvgCostBasis (ACB) when these guys start selling they shares! You can count gained profits and ACB different ways, buy minimizing ACB "speding gained profits" to it or you can maximize profits leaving ACB in tact or … It is clear when you close position there will be gains or losses and you can canculate ACB for bought shares and ACB for sold and get final result. But more interesting how ppl calculate ACB for the open position because it affects ppl decision whether to buy or sell more.

  14. Marvin Yolo

    Hi. I want to know why did one of my stock price average was at 15.942 cents and suddenly it says my same stock price suddenly changed to 34 cents with the same amount of shares?

  15. John

    Thank you. I love math ❣

  16. 000 1

    Thank You Sir, It was very helpful for begginer like me ..

  17. Uriel Flores

    1k like lets gooo

  18. Assam Bharat


  19. Planet MARS

    Thanks 😊

  20. J Ali

    Anyone know if selling some of your shares affect the average cost?

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