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How to transfer Dollars to the Philippines in Peso or Dollar Account

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Explains how to select the Exchange Companies that offer the best deal for purposes of sending money to the Philippines. Will show you how to compute the hidden fees in these transactions as a result of manipulation of Exchange rates. Get the most of your hard earned dollars. Also, explains the $10,000 “cash” limit per person that could be carried outside the U.S. Learn how to pay for the property you’re buying with your hard earned dollars. Exchange rate comparison from: Wells Fargo Bank, TransferWise, Instarem, Riamoneytransfer, WorldRemit, ShareMoney, Western Union, Xoom and Remitly. Send dollar currency to a Philippine dollar account using Xoom at a nominal cost compared to wire transfer fees from banks.

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  1. Rhea Lundang

    Pwede po mag ask panu po pag may mag sesend kunwari sakin ng $ Kaso wala po ako ng bank account.. gcash po binigay ko.. then kaylangan ko po ba tlga mag bayad ng currency exchange para ma send nya sa gcash ko Yung Pera.. ask lang po .?

  2. rayyy

    Hey grandpa, what passport do dual citizens have to show to a PH bank to open a peso account? And what should you write under “nationality”?

    I assume it’s “Filipino” you write down?

  3. Maricel Abel

    #VloggerGrandpa I want to ask, I sent using wire transfer to Bdo account but my account is full of dollars international,will it go to bdo true online my bank account wire transfer to Bdo even though I used dollars to send from mobile phone .is it going to BDO even if my international account is in dollars??

  4. Turtle Watts

    #VloggerGrandpa I saw where you may bring up to 10,000 USD cash to the Philippines on youtube, of course. Without having to get written permission from the Central Bank there, is this true? I wanted to ask you if I would like to put that into a Philippine bank account and how much I would lose in ATM fees when needing (PHP) cash. I assume that many Transactions with Street vendors are cash (PHP) only. Would it be better to just get extra (PHP) at the BDO with USD Cash? This would bypass the ATMs fees I think. I also saw a video that said you could bring up to 500 USD in cash. Im Not sure if the 500 USD or the 10,000 USD cash number is right. Can You help a Hillbilly out from the USA out of Tennessee lol? Thanks For all you do on here. It's a great help.

  5. Toxic D. Cancer

    Hi, what type of bank account I need to open in the Philippines if someone will send me a dollar currency? Is it savings or checking or any type of account is fine? Thank you!

  6. Marc Mork

    In a 1979 consultation on the issue, the United States Commission on Civil Rights defined religious discrimination in relation to the civil rights guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

  7. Bea

    Hello po, nag trabaho po ako before pandemic sa US. Now nandito na po ako sa pinas. Balak ko po sana mag open ng $ account dito. Meron pa po akong pera sa US Bank account ko po sa Illinois. Balak ko po kunin yun. Pero balak ko na din po mag open ng $ account dito sa atin sa pinas para po pag tinawagan ko na po sila at kung hihingian man ako ng banko, dun ko na lang po ipapa transfer ung pera. Maganda po bang idea to? Btw, BMO harris po bank ko. Please reply po.

  8. jaz meh 17

    Its been two months na po sir pero di parin nila ni release yung pera ko, mayroon na po ba incident na umabot hanggang 2months po na hindi pa po nabigay yung pera niyo ng bangko.. BDO po yung name ng bank….

  9. jaz meh 17

    Sir ask ko lang po, okay lang po ba di makuha agad yung dollar account sa bangko kasi sabi ng bangko system error daw pero its been 1month na po sir, sana po mapansin po concern ko

  10. nelcaps1965

    Were you asked to fill in a FATCA and W-9(?) as a requirement for opening an account in PH? I hought requirement na po yan sa atin since 2015 or earlier? And what's the lates po on FATCA? I noticed PH financial institutions do not even produce US 1099s say of investment accounts for dual citizens' US Reporting

  11. Maricor Carpio

    Someone send me a money to my bdo account through swift payment method..is it legit that i need to pay the fees first?before it converted into peso and appear in my account?

  12. Maricor Carpio

    Hi sir i just want to know if it is a legit

  13. Polong Tagulob

    Hello my question is, if ever they legaly transfer 9.4M USD here in the phils the receiver of the money will not be interogated if where the money came from?.

  14. A Seasoned Veteran

    Remitly allows over $30.000.00 every 24 hours

  15. rhodora gumboc

    Here is my case. I will sell my house and go home to Phil. for good. Then I will open a dollar account when I get there. Can my daughter in the US (I will include her name in my US bank) send me like $200k? I want to receive dollar and not peso if possible. The money is for the construction of my house in Phil.

  16. Inova Prince

    Hello, may i know how long it takes from bank of america to BPI transfer

  17. Robert Silva

    I have a question if you're an American citizen and you want to go to the Philippines are you allowed to have a bank account in the Philippines as an American citizen

  18. Jan Eric Nocidal

    hello sir, can I ask a question? what if you have a 5,000,000 dollars from your father died and he left that money for you? how you can send it to the Philippines and convert it to peso.

  19. Mhetzy vlogs

    Hello Vlogger Grandpa.in my case po.mayroon akong US account,gusto ko mag international transfer para po malipat yong money ko from my US account to my local bank account here in the phils.The US bank emailed me that i have to pay for the IMF code which cost $ 1,750.and then another payment for the IPN code, which cost $5,350.is it ok to pay for this?napakamahal naman ata ng fees.

  20. King Ricky Santanez

    Sir pwede magtanong kung magclaim ako Ng account at i transfer ko dito sa pinas , galing USA , pwede bang ikaltas ang fees sa fund na papatrasfer ko dito sa pinas?? Salamat sir!!!

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