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How we can improve maternal healthcare — before, during and after pregnancy | Elizabeth Howell

Shocking, but true: the United States has the highest rate of deaths for new mothers of any developed country — and 60 percent of them are preventable. With clarity and urgency, physician Elizabeth Howell explains the causes of maternal mortality and shares ways for hospitals and doctors to make pregnancy safer for women before, during and after childbirth.

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36 Bình luận

  1. Glenda V.

    This was such a great presentation! Thank you for sharing and being part of the improvement on women's maternal health. This impacts the US on so many levels.

  2. DaddyknowsBest

    Another psuedo intellectual who uses race as a weapon for finances. This is evil

  3. On the rise because of cesarean section and induction has gone up!

  4. Candi Cane

    Why do colored woman have more of a risk during pregnancy than non colored women?

  5. markigirl27

    I was lucky being in a good hospital, as soon as my baby started not moving regularly my doc had me come to the hospital and monitored me. Turns out my son needed to get it so I was induced and had a c section. He was born sooo healthy and well. Though I had some complications they addressed those right away. I’m much better now nearly 11 months later

  6. judyslome1

    Education IS the answer: If Dr Howell was being honest about maternal mortality, she would say, " A low risk woman in all high income countries will never die at homebirth if she has a trained attendant. In the past 50 years, the scientific literature has not documented a single maternal death at a birth with a trained midwife or doctor present. On the other hand, hospital birth risks her life. Her risk of an unnecessary cesarean in hospital is over 30% in the USA. Among cesareans, 1 in 5000 die to 1 in 10,000 women bleed to death from the surgery. The average blood loss at a cesareans is 1 liter of blood. Pregnant women only have 3.2 liters of blood. If they lose 3 liters, they die. also, 50% of women undergo induced or augmented labor in which they receive dangerous chemicals to speed up labor and have their water broken. This results in 1 in 15,000 women dying of amniotic fluid embolism- in which some amniotic fluid is pushed into the veins or arteries by the artificially induced contractions. These deaths are avoidable by staying home with a trained attendant. " It is obvious Dr Howell is lying because her whole talk does not mention the word CESAREAN in her talk. NB. At homebirth, there is no increased risk to the fetus or newborn.

  7. judyslome1

    This is a coverup. Dr Howell speaks for 15 minutes about maternal mortality, without mentioning that most of the deaths are from cesarean surgery. The reason maternal mortality has doubled since 1987 is because cesarean (now 35%) and induction (now 25%) and augmentation (now 25%) have doubled . Its a lie that more health care will save women. The opposite is true. Less interventions in terms of induction augmentation and cesareans is what is needed.

  8. steward joey

    In south india when married women get pregnant. They'll go back to their parents house. Being a pregnant in south india is pretty sensitive so the family will do pretty much everything for her needs and desires.

  9. Bocbo

    Ya know what else increased dramatically? Hispanic birth rates. Why?

    Yeah you know why… build the wall.

  10. W

    when american healthcare stops being a money making enterprise things may start to get better

  11. Zoé V

    Arizona did this study in Grey's Anatomy, so important to raise awareness on this subject

  12. d3st88

    Large part of why there is so much maternal death in the us is the dumb legal system / insurance system / fucked up government interventions.
    As in, for example,the doctor might know that X procedure would have better outcomes in certain situations, but he also knows that he would be more likely to get sued for millions if something goes wrong.

  13. lijon Lee

    So the US is a 3ed world country in respects to Maternal health care…
    why is this here? and not in front of Congress? …

  14. JBest

    Wow! This is eyes opening.

  15. Re

    We spend more in healthcare than all of the other countries COMBINED! The reason for the major decline is due to the financial concerns of the patients, NOT THE HEALTH CONCERNS OF THE PATIENTS! Ahhh yes treat them with drugs not naturally, another misnomer in the Allopathic Medical World!
    El Salvador has a much lower maternal death rate and they still use midwives! Moral of story -Go to a midwife to have your baby, it doesn’t matter what color you are!
    And stop giving them those toxic vaccines while they’re pregnant, you’re killing their babies in Utero as well, by the way, we’re also number one in infantile deaths within the first day of life in the “civilized world” ! High quality healthcare is NOTHING compared to high quality nutrition! It’s a shame no Allopathic Doctor in this country has any idea what high quality nutrition is!

  16. Eli Nope

    Have children when you are young and healthy. Stroke and hemorrhage and kidney failures a direct result of preventable complications that arise from waiting too long to have kids. Have kids when you are young and healthy, its not rocket science no matter how much the propagandists want to make it seem that way.

  17. Jack Jones

    I thought "TED" was a diehard Liberal? Aren't you supposed to be fixated on killing babies?

  18. Charles Ringling

    Vote down this liar of causality.

  19. Divya Murugesan

    Awareness about Maternal Health care is also very important.

  20. Charles Ringling

    Omg I read studies on this and she is falsifying everything, literally. Healthcare cost more, because we make way more. Women of color death during birth is well known because they have a much higher chance of untreated and undiagnosed high blood pressure. They have a higher chances for genetic conditions that affect birth and bleeding like sickle cell anemia. Ethnic diets are an issue also. The best way to fix this is by starting comprehensive fitness management for everyone, in a society that now celebrates fatness and unhealthy behaviors. Read some studies on it, it's very interesting. Also this is a bold faced lie. https://ihpi.umich.edu/news/study-nearly-41000-women-who-almost-died-giving-birth-shows-whos-most-risk

  21. cookeycat

    Make abortions free and legal worldwide.

  22. sudesh kumar

    I am unable to understand these videos up to now i dont know what they want to say i have seen one video in galgotia …but i was unable

  23. Richard Benjamin

    My mother died in 1967 just like you described, as a result of kidney failure. It took over a month of agonizing pain for her to die. Worse yet, she was white and she worked for the hospital in the data processing department. She had also been a nurse in the Air Force during the Korean War.

  24. R E A

    I can't believe US maternal mortality rates are rising 🙀I've never been so glad to be European…

  25. Gerard Trigo

    One problem for the protocols is that they often require an increase in staff in hospitals that are already fighting hard to reduce staff, especially the highly qualified professional RNs and even doctors. They are only interested in the money aspect and patients take a rear seat when it comes to care in those for profit public institutions with stock listings.

  26. Şahin yaşar

    Simple, use artificial womb and skip pregnancy

  27. DynoMax

    Who remembers when TED talks were interesting and not politically motivated garbage

  28. Brenda Rua

    I appreciate having both anecdotes and stats It rounds out the presentation to make it for more understandable for me. Thank you .

  29. 숲이야기 김포스 Forest Story FosKim

    Mothers of the world are all great and important !

  30. Martin Valentine

    USA claims to be land of the free but what society can consider itself free when it values the ownership of machine guns over universal decent healthcare for it citizens. USA legislates to deny its own citizens basic healthcare.

  31. Sarra Quanny

    Everyone who sees this, even if life isn't your friend now, better days will come! Keep going strong 💪! (Message brought to you by a small YouTuber 💕 ♥️)

  32. Razem z MiRo



    I really love ted videos and i am from Afghanistan one of my wish is to speech in Ted

  34. Cheap Febreze

    Awsome Presentation 👌👏👏i love Your Channel 😍

  35. skinny legend

    First beetch

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