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How we're harnessing nature's hidden superpowers | Oded Shoseyov

What do you get when you combine the strongest materials from the plant world with the most elastic ones from the insect kingdom? Super-performing materials that might transform … everything. Nanobiotechnologist Oded Shoseyov walks us through examples of amazing materials found throughout nature, in everything from cat fleas to sequoia trees, and shows the creative ways his team is harnessing them in everything from sports shoes to medical implants.

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34 Bình luận

  1. Brian Rios

    Wow. I think this just changed me. Very amazing.

  2. Yohance Nayak

    Vibranium 2020

  3. chrysanthemum

    this is nothing short of amazing

  4. Liz Golden

    Clever prof. there are many in the

  5. Liz Golden

    Teach usa, europe yahudi's not to be a traitor. This is important.
    And to be a normal man.
    For humanity. 🙉🙊😤

  6. Katusha polany

    Amazing speech, so useful and fruitful 👌

  7. QuaSyLaTic Andrew

    TED Speaker, Oded Shoseyov’s researches plant molecular biology protein engineering and nanobiotechnology,

    creating super-performing materials that are could change the way we build our future products.

    It is interesting he started with 200 years of modern science Vs 3 billions years of nature wisdom, implying our today modern science is still in its infancy state.

    The speaker makes compelling presentation on the promise of future new nanobiotechnology.

    Such innovation and new products will certainly enhance the world at large.

    Interestingly also, Chinese ancient sages also decoded the mysteries of the universe and life of billions of years history, with observation made in the book called "Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic",

    As compared with the TED speaker, the ancient sages pointed another important pattern : "The Relationship and Integration of Parts" theory, whereas the speaker only focusing on parts.

    For example, TED speaker talks about the new innovation applied to human body.

    He may not be aware that even today there are many cases of old people having heart transplant die soon, when the heart donors are from young people with strong hearts.

    Making strong heart, with transplant or nanobiotechnology ignores the "The Relationship and Integration of Parts" theory, as the strong heart cannot be well supported by the other interacting organs like Liver, Lungs, Kidneys and Spleen.

    The relationship theory, as per 5-element theory, in the case of strong heart installed, affects the lungs. Because heart is represented by Fire, and lungs by Metal. Lungs are represented by Metal. Fire Controls or melts the Metal. The person straightaway, with the new strong heart will have difficulty in breathing.

    I will describe more in my new article at


  8. Tibbs142

    I was just in a lecture by him for a course I'm taking and he went more into detail on these projects and other projects he's working on, really interesting stuff like retina implants that could let a blind person get full vision back if not better with possibly being able to see infrared and ultraviolet wave lengths.

  9. Organic Evolution

    Wonderful work!!!

  10. Hal Brown

    And all of these wonderful materials happened entirely by chance. That is the most amazing thing.

  11. Hannes Günther

    and i am sitting here in europe being like: "GMOs are bad,ok?!"

  12. Elurne

    Okay this is interesting but i'm more like let nature take its course and do not intrude, so I hope this never happens sorry

  13. Evan Gentges

    What is the sugar called

  14. mef1975

    An iphone that doesn't break? A transplant that works better than the original part? Has this guy not heard of planned obsolescence, how is it that he can't see that our leaders will not let this be? Also, i'm not so sure i have faith in this system to truly know how to make a heart that actually works better than the original cause i feel they think they know more than they actually do about what it is to have freewill and a soul as a human.

  15. wariced

    to dislike this u kinda have to hate humans.

  16. LoreLex

    so.. if i would replace every organ and fibre in my body with better and stronger materrials… would i still be me? or some kind of synthetic construct?

  17. Jia Lin Tan

    but we are destroying nature in a rapid pace along with all its wisdoms

  18. Leonidas GGG

    That is all very nice but how much is that going to cost?

  19. hellio ringos

    We need to go back to basics to create something for the future 🙂 sounds like a plan 😛 XD hahaha reminds me something ……………… 😛

  20. Pale Moon

    very nice applauding

  21. Charlie

    great, when he talked about Alibaba, immediately zoom in on the Asian woman.


    is this irl flubber?

  23. noviceprepper53

    neat; thanks for sharing

  24. SANDIPAN Sen

    why tobacco plant ??

  25. Sexual Potatoes

    Is this a repost?

  26. Ian Fyffe

    Anyone else want to watch fluber after this video

  27. emir demir

    How can so much coincidence spectular events? There is a creative course

  28. lauren X ocean

    So amazing!

  29. Adrian Galilea

    Brilliant talk.

    Thank you, I wish I could participate in projects as breath-taking as this one.

  30. Smarter Than You Think 101

    Also the Coalaty!

  31. Nikita Nikitov


  32. wu xy

    Ted posts 2 videos. 1 video is 2 times louder than the other. Louder video has double amount of views in the same time period even though it is not as good as the other one. Volume matters.

  33. DIA4000

    please keep in mind that genetically engineering plants is like fiddling on an engine while having very little idea about how it works. might be pretty dangerous in the long term!

  34. John Smith

    This new bio elastic material that we can use to literally create hearts and every single part of the body will be exponentially better than what we currently have in their own body. Thus one person could end up living for hundreds if not thousands of years! And as long as we keep making progress this will grow to an inevitable point. Welcome to one part of the future 🙂

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