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  1. Tangerine Travels

    Get your first Wise transfer FREE (up to £500) https://wi.se/tangerinetravels

  2. Russ Rahn

    Wise now requires youmust be present in the US to activate the card.

  3. John Gagnon

    ATM transaction rate is actually your best bet.

  4. The Big Guy

    Great in video promo, I know YT sucks for content provider reimbursement

  5. Princess CC

    Where do you live at the moment?

  6. Brenda Kenney

    Wait. You can eat spicy food now? I thought in one of your previous videos on ER trip, you where diagnosed with acid reflux? Guess I was wrong!

  7. Brenda Kenney

    It’s like Paypal but better re exchange rate!

  8. Brenda Kenney

    Great info thank you

  9. Benjamin

    Great content man, I feel you on this 👍! Become a YT god > Promo>SM!

  10. Alexander David Williams Alvarez

    Jordan, thank you so much. I am living in Mexico and tried out WISE. It is a bit cheaper than Remitly, and it only took 2 minutes to transfer the money vs 3 days to a week with Remitly. Great!

  11. BoiKash Records


  12. D Sandoval

    What is the cheapest way you've found to get from the aireport to resorts, town, beach, etc?

  13. Vanessa Dunston

    Hi keep the content coming. I'm nit sure if it was this video or another. But you mentioned you have someone that does your editing. Can you tell me who you use?

  14. R

    I've had wise for a year now. Their fees went up last week. I only use them for emergencies. My credit union in the states reimburses my atm fees and everywhere eked uses my card. Same credit union does conversion. Wise is good but check your bank or credit union first.

  15. Josh Whitaker

    I will download it

  16. N B

    Thanks, hoping to pay my rent through a wise transfer today. Although I noticed that when I didn't make the transfer immediately – had to top my wise account up first, the total mxn went down a bit. Is there an app which informs you of favourable XE rates? I.e. send you a notification when it hits a certain figure.

  17. donavan crotty

    Me and the wife love you guys but a 14 min ad was a bit much other channels do 30 seconds in a 15 min video

  18. Elaine Hocker

    So wonderful that Laska still wants to play at age 12! Great job taking such good care of her!

  19. Mind Over Matter

    So either way you are going to get charge

  20. Antonea Payan

    Most of this video was an ad 😑

  21. MexitPlans

    Great video on Wise. I've been a rabid fan of the app for years and swear by it.

  22. Bojan Ljubonjic

    To send money from your bank in the US to yourself in Mexico while on vacation you need a Mexican bank account????? That does not seem like a good option….

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