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Indifference curves and marginal rate of substitution | Microeconomics | Khan Academy

We can graph how we value tradeoffs between two goods

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    Very helpful

  2. Mina Vailote

    I like it Picasso 🌸

  3. sugaudacity

    the slope of the tangent line at a point on the indifference curve = marginal rate of substitution

  4. numan iqbal


  5. Brie Butner

    The ending confused me

  6. Zany

    this was absolutely amazing

  7. Mary Night

    … this is really good…

  8. Pulse

    Why sal hasn't won an nobel yet

  9. Joaquín

    Great Video! Thank you

  10. poetentate

    I’m taking this for a Master’s degree and this video is better than anything I’ve received in three weeks.

  11. Helin Asna

    ı love you/ ı hate my teacher

  12. Ewido

    Nobody cares about indifference curves 😉

  13. Izabelle GS

    this channel is what keeps me from dropping my econ minor!!! watched this before class and understood everything!!! thanks!!!

  14. celeste wu

    thank u THAnk U

  15. Andra

    Fantastic explanation.

  16. Adrian Srsa

    Daniel Mehta

  17. Muhammad Ismail


  18. Hiba Assi

    Thank you for your effort and clear explanation.

  19. Akash Kalmani

    Thanks Google for Making Youtube
    and Thanks Ambani for cheaper rate of Internet in India
    and Thanks Khan Academy

  20. hanswurstfriz

    so how exactly do I draw the Indiffrence curve?

  21. saif abumghaiseeb

    you're amazing sirrrrrr

  22. keytonia yorke

    Why didn’t my lecturer just say dat 🤦🏾‍♀️

  23. Samantha Bent

    Thank you

  24. synthetic fiber

    Thanks! I've been referring to your videos for my engineering economics course. I've found them very useful.

  25. Rony Camacho

    Could you please show on the graph, where is the middle point?

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