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INFINITE 🐲🐲🐲🐲 COMBO ~ Dragonstorm ~ Against The Odds | Historic MTG Gameplay

Does the printing of Dragonstorm in Historic Anthology V mean it’s time for an infinite Dragon combo to shine in Historic MTG? What are the odds of winning with Dragonstorm in the format? Let’s find out!

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Editing Art by @amkitani.

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41 Bình luận

  1. KingGinger33

    I like watching you play these decks. My only criticism is how you sing your name in the opening. It's just weird. Other than that, though, I really like watching the Modern Game play. I don't really watch Modern except for Saf.

  2. Shielded10

    Karl Marx dies again!

  3. JonathanSnow

    I do not like the shorter videos. Please return to the style you've used the last 6+ years that has secured you 6 figure of subscribers.

  4. Pike27

    Yeah… these sped up parts are really uninteresting. It kills the expectation of "will it work or not"…

  5. Alejandro Fradkin

    This deck was so much fun to watch that I went and built it as a commander deck lol. https://www.moxfield.com/decks/ywaTDeDx5k6HfN68_V4QZQ

  6. CSDragon

    I'm confused about dual striking irencrag feat
    Dual strike costs 2, so if you can dual strike + irencrag…you can irencrag with 2 mana left over and cast dragon storm for the same amount of mana

    Fortelling knocks 1 mana off that, but still

  7. Shadowquacker

    Impressive, 20 minutes in before moaning about Eldraine this time.

  8. David N

    I like the fast format!

  9. NIN_tendo 64

    I like the sped up gameplay for this series.

  10. Zacharias Fögen

    Seth ignoring ironcrag feat in his hand again and again and again….

  11. Terry Nagle

    Looked like fun I like

  12. Eric Drell

    This deck is just…mwah. Chef’s kiss, game one was flawless

  13. Justin Steepe

    Seth's natural speech has elongated words, it's part of the charm of listening to him. Speeding up the content while keeping the his drawl feels like drinking sizzurp. I'm hearing whale songs over happy hardcore and it's jarring.

  14. Dago 64

    no, you are not better known as saphron ollif, ur best known as 'that stoner from MTG fishy'

  15. elesegerardo

    Yo why are you rushing my enjoyment of the games? 😔 I put your videos on while working because I enjoy your commentary.

    That being said, the editing was amazing. The sound mixing and timing of the accelerated parts was done with love. Hats off to the editor.

  16. Jesse Laplante

    Love how even though it makes NO SENSE Seth always calls it BUGLAR RAT. The text, art and flavor all point to a thief rat not a trumpet rat!

  17. steelrcurtn95

    When was blade wing added to historic?

  18. Hank Adelmann

    is this list more consistent than just straight up monored?

  19. Threadoflength

    the white splash for just Thrilling discovery seems super sus. Why not just play Cathartic Reunion?

  20. arghanothername

    I’m going to add my vote for going back to the slower videos. This just felt too frantic

  21. Benjamin McKinnon-Duggins

    Really hating these sped up videos, this is the reason I watch Seth, because I want to watch him play MTG. Maybe have a 5 minute sped up synopsis video if you really want to do something like this for the people who don’t want to sit through. But as it stands right now I find myself watching Old videos and not watching new ones.

  22. Samuel Sciaroni

    I really like the editing! Keep it up sushi! 🍣

  23. Andrew Golubiewski

    I really like the sped up games where nothing interesting happens. Makes these videos a bit more consumable.

  24. Chuubii

    Booo, the new editing sucks

  25. Kikoorox

    I watched all your video about dragonstorm deck ! I really enjoy it ! Could you make a new (updated) competitive deck list for legacy Safron ?

  26. Brad Osborne

    Really not a fan of these sped up videos, I would rather see the full gameplay and hearing your thought processes, even if you lose, than get a quick blink and you miss it run through.

  27. Seystuff

    So sweet. A little dissapointed there's no mind's desire in this deck to try and backup spin into dragonstorm. Just a little tho, and I do understand why it isn't there

  28. QwertP

    I had to stop watching after so many missed landrops and then complaining about being one or two mana short.

  29. Jeremy Sette

    Love how you still play Bo3

  30. Simp King

    The editing on this video is really tight. Nice work

  31. First Last

    The editing on this episode is fantastic. I like to see how the deck did overall, but non-games are just a waste of time to watch. The speed-up with the summary is perfect, so I actually watched the entire video.

  32. Lost77

    30 minutes mean it does really well, or extremely badly.

  33. Serris Merosi

    I don't really like the shortened matches. it takes away from the video when I already know it meant you lost. I think against the aggro matchup it was okay because it was over so quickly anyways without you being able to do much, but my general preference would be to return to long form.

  34. Michael Inoue

    So, I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents on the sped up edits. I personally wasn't very fond of it–I could see it everywhere and it was really just off-putting to me. But I especially hated the summarizing of the last 2 games for the mono-red matchup. I don't mind that kind of thing for super long games, like against control or stax-type decks where you just spent 15 minutes doing nothing but waiting for them to assemble their win, but against a fast deck like mono-red I don't think it's necessary, even if it is boring red-Eldraine stuff that we've seen a billion times before.

    So that's my opinion on it. Do with it what you will, and thanks for this series Seth. It's about the only MTG content I digest anymore.

  35. Patrick Francisconi

    I liked this new style, but some feedback, is faster and more dynamic, but is more unnatural because Sef seams to be only reacting to a gameplay that they already know the result. So, that makes the video a little bit strange.
    Anyway, I liked it, but maybe is batter if you can edit over the live comments? I dont know. love you guys <3

  36. Victor Uhlman

    This is my first and only youtube comment, but please bring back the slower videos. This doesn't feel natural and honestly hits a little weird. As a person who absolutely loves and looks forward to these videos, these feel very bizarre and don't really feel the same.

  37. VictorTheLegend

    I loved this edit where the boring matches are speed up!!!

  38. Amadeus Kael W. Pyralis

    That opponent in the third match… Karl Marx. LMAO

  39. Oliver

    The fast forwarding is a vast improvement but Magic players always complain about things improving

  40. Peter Moore

    I think I prefer the full olive, pits and all.

  41. George Lacatus

    I definitely prefer a slower and more relaxed pace to these videos, I find it really jarring to hear everything sped up. It almost felt like the video was just trying to squeeze under the half hour mark, as opposed to being an exploration of a janky deck. Just my two cents.

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