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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs. Anderson Silva Highlights recap

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Anderson Silva highlights recap which was the co-main event on Saturday night. Chavez vs Silva was the bout before the main event with was Julio Cesar Chavez vs Hector Camacho Jr. Chavez Jr enters the fight as the favorite to beat Anderson Silva, aka the spider. Anderson Silva is known for his standup game. Will we see the former UFC superstar be able to put together a boxing gameplan to beat Chavez. Julio Cesar Chavez jr is been an overhyped disgrace to the sport of boxing. It is also worth mentioning that Chaves missed weight by four pounds for this matchup. For better or for worse, 46-year-old UFC legend Anderson Silva will return to the familiar platform of pay-per-view fighting on Saturday, only this time it will come in the sport of boxing. 
Silva (34-11, 1 NC in MMA) will take on former boxing middleweight titleholder Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (52-5-1, 34 KOs) in an eight-round professional bout at Estadio Jalisco in Guadalajara, Mexico. The bout shares co-billing with an exhibition pairing Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. against Hector Camacho Jr. 
It may have been many decades ago but Silva, the former UFC middleweight champion, took part in a pair of professional boxing matches in his native Brazil — in 1998 and 2005 — and finished with a record of 1-1. This time the stakes and level of attention placed upon the fight are much different, as is the contracted weight.  
According to Silva, this weekend’s celebrity fight was contracted for 82.5 kilos, which equates to roughly 181 pounds. What makes that significant is that Silva fought most of his MMA career at 185 pounds, along with a handful of spinoff fights as high as 205 pounds. Chavez, on the other hand, won a world title at 160 pounds in boxing yet never won a meaningful fight again above that weight despite multiple attempts to resurrect his career at 168 and 175 pounds. 

In fact, it’s that Chavez, 35, has become such a laughing stock in professional boxing due to his lack of professionalism — from drug suspensions and a lack of discipline in training to outright quitting in the middle of fights — that has the potential to make this circus matchup oddly competitive.  
As long as Silva can make the weight in a healthy manner at his age, he will have enough of a size advantage on the chronically underachieving Chavez that this could get interesting.  
“We hope so [that Silva made a mistake accepting the fight,]” Chavez’s father, Julio Sr., told “Morning Kombat” on Thursday. “The thing that worries me about this fight is the weight. My son has never fought at this weight before so it is something that I am very worried about.” 

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