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LARGEST TORNADO EVER!!! From Birth to Death (w/ Radar & Commentary) 5-31-13

At 2.6 Miles wide, this is the largest Tornado ever recorded. Touchdown was near El Reno Oklahoma on 5-31-13. This tornado was very deceptive to many due to its appearance and size. The bulk of what you are seeing at 2:50 is a large wedge tornado. When the base lifts and flattens at around 3:05 it gave the “tornado” a mesocyclone appearance and when it started dropping large sub-vorticies many chasers lost sight of the big picture. At around 6:02, the tornado is taking up almost the entire frame, however the huge sub-vorticies to the lower right appear to be the only point of ground rotation. What many thought were several tornadoes was in fact just 1. At time code 6:30, this is a separate, smaller anticyclonic tornado.

This 2.6 mile wide tornado received an EF3 rating… There is an intermediate circulation between a mesocyclone and a tornado called a “tornado cyclone.” Often the lines between these features are blurry. When this tornado first touched down it took on a classic wedge shape, but then the bottom truncated or flattened out and the wedge transitioned to a tornado cyclone. Under the tornado cyclone if you look closer you’ll see a brief smaller tornado or two touch down.. these are suction vortices. Underneath this flat truncated tornado cyclone, almost invisible winds are causing damage on a the scale of a weak tornado. Therefore, the entire area underneath the tornado cyclone is by definition a tornado. The majority of this tornado was only causing EF1 damage, however the highly powerful suction vortices packed winds well over that required to cause EF5 damage… except these most powerful winds never hit any structures to cause the damage or indicators to warrant giving this tornado an EF5. The thing to realize is that tornadoes by definition are not always condensed with clearly visible borders. When I was retreating the circulating winds were blowing the lighter back of my car out from under me. Other storm chasers got rolled, others took direct hits.

CORRECTION: The SPC does not give Tornado warnings.
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We are all aware of the risks chasing tornadoes. The surprising thing to us was that none of us had been killed yet, and even more surprising was that when it finally happened it happened to Tim Samaras, his son Paul and Carl Young.

Earlier that day the Storm Prediction Center gave the public a “Loaded Gun” warning for Oklahoma City and surrounding area. Unfortunately this also tells everyone in OKC where there’s an excellent chance of seeing a destructive tornado. The streets and back roads were packed with cars and trucks, half evacuating, half racing in. People were hollering, cursing, crashing into each other, panicking, and blocking passage. Horns, sirens, thunder and the gushing sound of a tornado barreling down. At first the storm was moving relatively slow in an Easterly direction. 2 or 3 miles to the South was the Canadian River where most of the backroads / escape routes ended. Straight ahead were several easterly roads heading to OKC. When the tornado materialized i was driving next to it with several other chasers about 25 mph as it inched closer and closer. When it was close enough i hit the gas planning to outrun it. The tornado’s radius was growing, accelerating and getting closer…. I could only go so fast due to the traffic in front of me and the tornado was gaining ground. I slammed on the breaks flipped the car around, blasted west and had to drive closer to an EF-5 than i ever want to again… looking at my maps i could see the chasers might be outrun. Then the tornado made a hard left turn to the Northeast and grew to 2.6 miles wide in diameter.

If i had to speculate I’d say something random happened to Tim. Somebody ran him off the road or crashed into his vehicle… or some kind of vehicle failure… Tire blow out or windshield gave way… He knew tornadoes tendency to deviate. We may never know, but i’m convinced something else went wrong. Regardless, They died doing what they loved doing and if it happens to me… if i start choking on a peanut while running from a tornado know this… it was worth every second. I love chasing tornadoes and i love cracker jack. My condolences to Tim, Paul and Carl’s family and all the other victims of this day. I was looking forward to Tim’s lightning research.

Clips from a few Southern Backtones songs were used namely…
“Monster show”
“Little Ghost”
And a clip from Two Star Symphony “Something She Said”

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  1. wesley harden

    This is scary to watch

  2. Perianna Terran

    Blessings to you for helping that woman and all the animals that you came across. It's much appreciated, along with you risking your life for this breathtaking footage. You're a hero, whether you realize it or not.

  3. I'm Not Paul Avery

    Holy crap that's a frightening sight!!!!

  4. ItzaRamen

    thankfully hank is the cameraman so he wont die when recording a tornado

  5. Brandon

    4:30 Well that was eerie

  6. Dick Cock

    The tornado was scarier
    than the snake

  7. Mark Perry

    Largest tornado in the world crazy

  8. Shae I.

    The anxiety I have just watching this. 😭 I remember when this storm first started on this day, I only work a couple of miles from Moore where the tornadoes to work through those homes. I immediately left work and made my way to Midwest City to get my baby from first grade I have only been living in OKC and year at that point. Thank God for sparing me and my family but that would be a day I never forget.

  9. royal dog and police kid

    if u ever see a tornado not moving its because its coming to you


    This just got recommended to me after a tornado hit where I live.

  11. Morgan-Peter

    It's terrifying. The only time I was in tornado country, a siren went off during a rainstorm and it was very windy. I was a kid, had no idea what was going on. I was playing in the yard when my papa ran out to me, picked me up roughly with a wierd look on his face I hadn't seen before, and ran into the garage and into a concrete room underneath the floor where the rest of the family was. I only now realize that those sirens go off too late- that families barely have about 15 minutes on average to take shelter, because of how unpredictable tornadoes can be. I don't remember seeing any damage, but I do remember the look on papa's face. I wish I could remember more, but maybe I forgot it for a reason.

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  13. Aimar Tammekivi

    I don't live in US, but does the people all over country has a shelter under their homes where to hide during tornado?

  14. GAPOWERade

    2 miles wide. 😳😳

  15. Jennifer Miller

    I cant imagine the terror in the people. I remember this tornado. I was in another state but it was heartbreaking when everybody on the USA received the news

  16. *Gacha-Anime*

    It’s crazy how strong Mother Nature can be..

  17. Anima_234-_-

    Woah thats huge i've never seen a tornado!

  18. Susan Roberts

    I love Pecos Hank Lol

  19. ♒️ Lucky Penny

    I feel really bad for that woman and that dog walking around 😢

  20. Elke Hofmann

    Tourner! Rock you like a hurricane!

  21. rusty shackleford

    Dude is a good guy I shall subscribe

  22. Ella Chapman

    I was in that tornado it almost killed me but my dad and mum died

  23. Pierre Alexander

    Why do ppl choose to rebuild and live in Tornado alley? Or ppl in Florida with Hurricane season?

  24. TheIndignantMalignancy

    This makes the 3 hairs on my balls stand at attention. Holy shitsnot

  25. Dude Shahs

    This beautiful area do anyone Have brochures

  26. The Fletch Zone!

    The tornado is going 35 Mph and were going 3 1/2 Mph…

  27. SunnyBoba

    why is there blood at the end

  28. tsuki

    this happened on my 1st birthday…

  29. Jackson Panos

    Its scary to imagine back when we didn't record tornados or say how big they are there could of been tornados over 10 miles wide

  30. Blastoff Figuera 2004

    Fun fact: This massive, record-breaking nightmare tornado happened on the same day that the official video for OneRepublic’s Counting Stars music video was released to YouTube.

  31. Kittyplushworld

    quick tip: if a tornado isn't moving then its coming to you]

  32. Samy Christopher

    This is why I hate tornadoes :c

  33. rubble

    💯 Respect to tornado 😎

  34. TheSimplyEverythingChannel

    Texas: Oklahoma You Ok?

  35. Dude Dude

    Here in the U.K. we on occasion get a tornado but something like this, fucking hell I’ll take the mini ones we get XD

  36. 〈h1〉Hello World!〈h1〉

    The Art of God… Tornado is just one many masterpiece…

  37. Peejay Araneta


  38. E F

    Let's get Pecos up to 1m subs

  39. egghead Two

    Guys. Isd oiaywgvIWrtf5iwnbyq

  40. 💎Ember rose💎

    My grandpa watching the news and I heard that there was a tornado the biggest tornado that I've ever heard of and it said it destroyed Oklahoma

  41. Big Willie

    We’ll done, brother! Who else has 22M views!!! That’ll finance another windshield or two! 🤣⛈

    (Hank…I remember watching this storm on my RadarScope (RS) app (the ONLY with true Doplar) from my apartment just north of downtown OKC. As you know, the “hook” on RS was almost the size of Oklahoma County, itself. Crazy!)

  42. Patrick Lauro Jr

    Crazy in middle of no where but traffic of chasers like it's the city

  43. Patrick Lauro Jr

    He got that right ppl are gonna die today

  44. Patrick Lauro Jr

    Dam open field with a monster tornado and rattlesnakes fuck this area no way 2 biggest fears in 1 spot. Insane how dark was beautiful but scary

  45. fullm3tal90

    Scary but I can’t see shit looks like a regular storm

  46. Willysworld101

    This look at the size of that monster

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