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MORE Dividend Paying Stocks This March (Part 2/2) – Peso Smart PH

Here we go again! This concludes the list of dividend paying stocks na may ex-dates this March. If ever may madagdag man, and may mag announce ng dividends later this month, I’ll just update you guys sa comments section 🙂
I hope may matutunan kayo on this episode. Happy investing and be peso smart!

“You’re not lazy, you just don’t love what you do.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

➜ Google slides presentation:
➜ Compounding Interest Time Table:
➜ BPI Trade:
➜ PSE Edge:
➜ COL Financial:
➜ Pesobility:
➜ PSE Dividend Yield:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Welcome Back to Peso Smart PH
0:28 MPI – Metro Pacific Investments Corporation
1:18 TEL – PLDT Inc.
2:33 AP – Aboitiz Power Corporation
3:45 AEV – Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.
4:20 EMP – Emperador Inc.
5:13 WLCON – Wilcon Depot, Inc.
5:56 SMC2C – San Miguel Corporation
6:50 SMC2E – San Miguel Corporation
7:30 SMC2F – San Miguel Corporation
8:06 SMC2G – San Miguel Corporation
8:39 SMC2H – San Miguel Corporation
9:06 SMC2I – San Miguel Corporation
9:35 SMC2J – San Miguel Corporation
11:52 SMC2K – San Miguel Corporation
12:27 DMW – D.M. Wenceslao & Associates, Incorporated
13:12 MER – Manila Electric Company
15:20 GTPPA – GT Capital Holdings, Inc.
16:03 GTPPB – GT Capital Holdings, Inc.
16:41 CPGP – Century Properties Group, Inc.
17:20 PRF2B – Petron Corporation
18:11 Outro: Sources and Quote of the Day

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Peso Smart PH is a channel that aims to educate Filipinos on how to handle their money better, invest in the stock market, take advantage of compound interest and discuss all things personal finance. I’m an avid fan of Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki, Og Mandino and Tony Robbins. I wanted to share this journey with you guys to broaden my understanding and knowledge in the world of investing, money and wealth.

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7 Bình luận

  1. Jerico

    A publicly traded company na nagbibigay ng dividends doesn't always necessarily mean na maganda ang performance nila. So make sure to do your thorough research bago mo bilhin ang stocks na ganito.

  2. Prim Gee

    Sir pwede po ba makabili ng preferred stock kahit di mo sila nabili sa FOO nila? Paano?

  3. Merts Vlogs

    katono ng boses mo minsan si PaoLUL hahaha

  4. Lichelle Cruz

    Nice sir, ask ko lng kung my mga dividend aristocrats tayo sa dyan sa pinas?

  5. Peso Smart PH

    UPDATE as of 3/14! May 3 new stocks na nag-announce ng dividends nila:
    1. NIKL – Nickel Asia Corporation (₱0.14 and ₱0.09) (Yield: 4.23%) (Ex-date: Mar 22, 2021)
    2. GSMI – Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. (₱0.25) (Yield: 0.49%) (Ex-date: Mar 22, 2021)
    3. DMPA1 – Del Monte Pacific Limited (US$ 0.33125) (Yield: 3.25%) (Ex-date: Mar 25, 2021)
    4. DMPA2 – Del Monte Pacific Limited (US$ 0.325) (Yield: 3.25%) (Ex-date: Mar 25, 2021)
    5. ICT – International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (₱2.37) (Yield: 1.92%) (Ex-date: Mar 25, 2021)
    6. LTG – LT Group, Inc. (₱0.09 and ₱0.15) (Yield: 1.78%) (Ex-date: Mar 26, 2021)
    7. ACEN – AC Energy Corporation (₱0.06) (Yield: 0.86%) (Ex-date: Mar 29, 2021)
    8. SMC – San Miguel Corporation (₱0.35) (Yield: 0.29%) (Ex-date: Mar 29, 2021)
    9. DDPR – DoubleDragon Properties Corp. (₱1.61945) (Yield: %) (Ex-date: Mar 30, 2021)

  6. Billy Joe Ramos

    ba't wala yung NIKL?

  7. Peso Smart PH

    Paalala from Gary Vaynerchuk: “You're not lazy, you just don't love what you do.” 😁😁😁

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