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[Multi-Sub] First Love Reset EP01|Chinese drama eng sub|The Oath to Heart

►Drama Name:First Love Reset
► Episode:24
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► Plot summary:
He is the dream lover of thousands of girls, but he is always single. It is rumored that he is not close to women, only he knows that his love is given to a girl.
Accidentally reborn, he returns to his high school days and meets his first love again.
She is recognized as a good girl by the school, and she only wants to study and avoid his pursuit. But no matter where she goes, can meet him unexpectedly. “Classmate, are you blocking me?”
He looked at her shallow little pear vortex, and said arrogantly: “The road is public, I want to go wherever I want to go.”
No matter where you go, we will always meet in the same way.
#AsianDrama #FirstLoveReset

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  1. Nurry love 17

    Tank you sub Indonesia 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Sunrita Das

    Please tell the name of the actors

  3. Sri Rahayu

    Tank you ada sub indo 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Javier Tuazon

    Happy Watching

  5. Gulkhan Bulebayeva

    Дорама как название

  6. Erlina Tyas

    Why u up old cdrama 😢

  7. drama lover

    Can you let me watch? Why some of ure videos not alowed?

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