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Part 3 Bitwise – Should BITW be part of your Portfolio or used in a Retirement Tax Deferred Account?

This video is about Bitwise and it’s volatile existence since 7 December 2020. This video goes into detail what it is made up of, what it’s worth, the changes due to XRP and whether or not you should hold it as part of your portfolio. That investment advice just observations. Stay tuned till the end to understand exactly what to do.

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Is Bitwise Wise???
0:30 Tax advantage
0:53 Top 10 crypto’s by market weighting – high net worth individuals and institutions subscribe to the fund before the funds launched and that results in the problem when it’s sold to retail at a premium.
1:45 This is a basket of the top 10 cryptos without owning the top 10 crypto’s. It has high fees and an extremely high premium and again as always investor sentiment drives the premium level
2:15 Did it blast off to far too fast? It launched on December 9 it had the highest first three days volume of any publicly traded crypto fund in history. When it began it was 75% bitcoin and 13% Ethereum
3:06 Let’s look at the numbers
3:15 The allocation shake up post XRP meant that now the fund is 81% bitcoin and 15% Ethereum totaling 96% in total and the next seven cryptocurrencies only got allocated 4%.
4:09 The bitwise trust breakdown is basically a price of $60 with a net asset value of $31.72.
5:08 NAV to Market Price and premium outlined for every dip and spike. Can you believe 730% Premium???
6:35 We analyze the bitcoin to bitwise six-week chart and the HURT LOCKER!!!
7:40 Now we look at the bitcoin to bitwise one month chart and again doesn’t track
8:05 Conclusions – crazy premium, churn, doesn’t track, arbitrage opportunities, net net…. watch video for details.
9:20 Is Grayscale a better deal than Bitwise?
9:40 Scammers
9:50 Next up videos

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  1. RoseCo

    There is really no other way to easily get exposure to Crypto/Bitcoin in a standard IRA account except a K1 model like this. Yes, buying and holding Cyrpto directly on an exchange or wallet is preferable but that excludes the BULK of your investment which should be in a tax deferred account. BITW and grayscale serve that purpose, really only that purpose

  2. Jasper45

    How do you think bitwise would compare to a c20 fund?? Thanks for the vid, really informative!

  3. rob lake

    The BITW premium has settled back down into the sweet spot (~10-15%). Worth a look again now…IMHO

  4. Baxrok2

    Excellent breakdown. Thanks!

  5. Auntie Semite

    tesla was a bad example. it is a CRAP car corp, makes crappy vehicles, never had a profitable year, and makes a tiny amount of vehicles. It's worth more than Toyota, Honda, VW…because the satanic/zionist federal reserve, institutions and L0SERS are pouring money into this BUBBLE, trying to get rich quick. Wait for the CRA$H.

  6. Elizabeth Snowden

    FyI:Someone is using your videos as their own on their channel.

  7. Mary C

    Great job!! Could you review itrustcapital self directed IRA that allows crypto holdings? Thanks again!

  8. Anthony Wan

    Sup! Great show! I need someone clear headed to cast some light on this:

    Can you do a deep dive on how USDT been unbacked could possibly collapse the crypto market? So lets take an economy or a market as an example. If $100,000 counterfeit notes or gold were injected into their respective markets, then even if the counterfeit notes, gold or poker chips were revealed to be fake, the only people who loses out would be the people who are holding it or have exposure to it, right? So apart from the media using this as narrative to dump on Bitcoin resulting a mass loss of trust and the USDT that is being circulated being worth less than $1 how will values actually be extracted from the cryptospace to the point that it actually crashes?

    So this question is asked in light of the "Bit Short" article that's been doing it's round.

  9. A K

    Would love to get your take on tether. It is hard to ignore. https://crypto-anonymous-2021.medium.com/the-bit-short-inside-cryptos-doomsday-machine-f8dcf78a64d3 Thank you, great content as always!

  10. Equilez Stealth

    Man!!! I Swear to God  "InvestAnswers" will go down as one fo the best Channel in YouTube History period

  11. Robert Edwards

    Another excellent breakdown on these indexing funds that don’t seem to index that well, looking forward to more insightful videos!

  12. Bergelmer Nordics

    Any possibility to get in contact with you? Have some questions I would like to ask directly to you.

  13. Kody Roach

    cost basis: $40

  14. mic d

    de-BAH-cle lol

  15. Osie1978

    Hello there, I have an advance trade idea I'd like to ask your opinion on if I may, please. Is there a way I could do that privately? Thank you so much in advance.

  16. Joe Tannous

    fluid explanation as always! not being an investment advise, would you short BITW when premiums are ridiculous? (ie higher than 40%)

  17. jordinja

    Invaluable analysis, as per usual. Thank you! I would anticipate that this video will save somebody a lot of money in the future if they apply your methodology to this and other vehicles. On the subject of methodology, I would imagine that a live stream where you take us through you process would be extremely helpful for your audience – no pressure 😁

  18. Michael Acton

    agree they should change out some of those s coins for better s coins like polka dot

  19. Tootall

    Great videos! Appreciate all the effort you put in. Very educational. 
    Please keep it up and don’t sell out like so many others pushing stocks and platforms for $$.

  20. Michael Acton

    I baught bitw fund right when it came on the market sold at the top about a week later turned 3500 into 11500. lol in 1 week I killed it. right now have about 6k in eth grayscale might buy back into bitwise if it drops lower. might put 1 or 2k back in around 50 ot 55 a share if it hits that level

  21. N Woods

    When is your Patreon coming out?

  22. Cryptonomatron

    I wouldn't invest in these top ten funds as there have been scams in the top ten before, including Bitconnect (BCC). cRipple (XRP) I believe is a centralised scamcoin also and I have been very vocal about this since 2017. I prefer to pick and choose which cryptos I hold from the top ten based on my own analysis and research.

  23. Greg San Martin

    Ok, I have decided to sell some (or maybe all) BITW and buy back into ETHE in my IRA. The earliest I can do that in my IRA is Tuesday morning.

    Does it make sense (and is it possible) to do a self-directed IRA and bypass Grayscale and buy BTC and ETH at market via an exchange?

  24. Akbar Ba

    Love your deep dive. I have played this run up perfectly and sold at the 199 price.. just kidding rode it all the way down. This got me interested in premium lock up.. do you have quick reference to when those lock ups expire and how much of lock up expire? I feel like its criminal not to share this info with gbtc ethe bitw holders

  25. Tim Madley

    great info – thank you – is it better to buy BTC / ETH direct or via the greyscale trusts-or a mix of both plus shares like MicroStrategy and PayPal? Also (when the time comes) – what is the best/safest way to sell BTC/ETH?

  26. Rahul Chahal

    Thank you. I was in BITW for a few days … made some money when it ran up but I got out as it didn’t make sense as you outlined in your analysis

  27. N Woods

    Hit the link button for you bro! Where is your patreon at?

  28. Hanel

    There's news that OBTC will be a competitor to GBTC. Could you make a short (or long) video on what this could mean for GBTC's price?

  29. J69MORROW

    I'm starting to get into trading learn a lot but haven't applied what I've learned . Do you have a good reference that could help step by step or any other must read books?

  30. Carnivore Love

    Can you tell me why you never mention Cardano? It has been consistently in the top 10 for the last 3 years. But Polkadot (another great project) comes along a few months ago and it is worthy of discussion. Not being an ADA fanboy. Just want to understand what is the problem with everyone not talking about it. it is a legit and great project.

  31. Dan A.

    In comparison, have you considered Celsius Network yields? Could you research it and provide findings on your channel?

  32. MrRambo438

    Not watched your entire video just yet, but i was waiting for a good exit out of xrp for some while after accumulating a good amount in the 0.1-0.2 range i had swapped the last of it in the 0.6 region into btc, i feel lucky now having done that.

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