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Peso will recover | Modern shipyard in Yucatan | Mexican Start ups

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The port of Progreso, Yucatán, will have the largest and most modern shipyard in Latin America upon completion of a US $71-million project.
Mexico is one of three countries in Latin America where social startups have reached a higher level of development; however, they still face challenges when compared with advanced economies and the problem lies in the discontinuity of the financing chain, according to a study by IESE Business School.
A poll conducted amongst 30 economists by the Mexican Institute of Financial Executives(IMEF) speculates an average exchange rate of 18 pesos per dollar by the end of 2017 and 18.90 by the end of this year.

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  1. bubba jones

    mexico a great nation….but what happen with the pure silver peso?… I'm guessing will be a wonderful idea…

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