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Pre-Owned Patek Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar 5970J-001 Luxury Watch Review

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The Patek Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5970J-001 comes encased in 18k yellow gold surrounding a silver dial on a brown alligator strap with an 18k yellow gold deployant buckle. The watch measures 40mm case size, 13.2mm thick, and 46.6mm from lug-to-lug.

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18 Bình luận

  1. Peter Brandt

    I’m a VC fan and sometimes feel that the Patek crowd just wants to hold and talk Nautilus….but this watch in all its variants is just amazing…maybe the perfect watch

  2. Lawrence Shuda


  3. Charles Moorman

    This is not a grand complication as it doesn't have the repeater function. Why are people calling grand complication that are not. To reiterate! A grand complication has a chronograph–time measured between periods, has a repeater–time presented upon demand and a perpetual calendar time over a period of years. If it doesn't have all those complications it is not a grand complication!!! This designation is thrown around a lot without thought of what it really means!!!!!!

  4. Alexander Lugun Raj

    Now that's a grail.

  5. 49fiori

    Best watch ever made. it will never get better than this.

  6. 49fiori

    I'm an idiot, I was offered to by this watch preowned full set in 2015 for 80k euros and I bought 5980/1R instead.

  7. David of Glenbrook

    A supreme grail watch if ever there was one. One of the most beautiful watches ever made.

  8. Adolfo T.

    Paté de ternera Grand degustación

  9. Amintas Neto

    My favorite Patek Perpetual Chrono!

  10. Mads Bording

    Hi Tim, Love the reviews. Thinking of adding a 5970 to my collection. Could you do a comparison of the 5970J and the 3970J in terms of tone of the yellow gold and the dial?

  11. Tequila Sunset

    Stunning, Patek at their best

  12. rahil khandker

    Too big

  13. Yo Vito

    Greatest Watch Eva !!!!!

  14. Colin C

    It’s beautiful

  15. Adolf -

    That just right bowl of porridge. Love the gold. This is a sexy wrist wrapping.

  16. Sebastian Palacios

    Tim, which would you choose, patek or ALS???? Both are amazing, one is cheaper. What do you think??

  17. Sebastian Palacios

    Hand wound, column wheel Chrono, best dial design, superb case design, out of this world perfection in finishing on movement and case…… I have mixed feelings; love it, sad I don't have it right now…..

  18. Sebastian Palacios

    Hey Tim. That's my holy Grail. Even though I prefer the split seconds.

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