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Shimano M6000 11-42t 10 Speed Cassette vs. SunRace MX3 Wide Ratio

Quick check of the new #Shimano #Deore M6000 11-42T wide ratio cassette vs. SunRace MX3 11-42T that I’ve been using for a couple of years.
The actual product code is CS-HG500-10, Tiagra HG Cassette Sprocket (10-speed), 11-42t.

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47 Bình luận

  1. Tomi S

    Great video like always, love your channel!

  2. Norman Villodres

    i have m6000 sgs with 3x setup, want to convert to 1x 34t with 42T cogs, will it work w/out issues? thanks

  3. Terence Prieto

    one 1,85mm spacer needed at the very first with the Sunrace. do not use one, and your cassette will loosen every day due is not enough thread in the lock ring to close. 10/11 speed hub compatibility.

    in the case you are switching from shimano to sunrace, you can take the spacer from the wasted shimano 11-42 destroying the 'bolts'.

    in the case your hub is a true and old only 8,9 &10 sp compatibility (not 11): sunrace will work fine out of the box, but shimanos will not… unless you you tight it 8nm or less (to remove the spacer you need to break the 'bolts').

    good luck.

  4. cédric Franco

    Great video thanks!
    I have a dérailleur Shimano XT m786 GS: do you think it would work with a 11-42 sunrace cassette without hanger extender?

  5. Ricky G

    Are the sprockets on both the SunRace and Shimano made of Alloy or Tensile Steel? I have the SunRace MS2 10spd 11-40t and wanted to know if they were compatible. Great video. Thanks!

  6. RCS

    HG500 is still a great wide range option, great value for price. Sunrace costs more, but its weight is really light compared to the HG500! Ill go for the Sunrace when race season begins, on my 1×10 system. There is a new shimano cassette (CS-M4100-10) in 11-42 or 11-46, but its weight is about 500gramm. Heavy as hell.

  7. xDi

    Is the sunrace the lightest 11-42 or close like 11-40 or 10-40 ?

    I want to upgrade my cassette from the shimano in this video but the weight savings don't seem enough to make the jump?
    Any other lighter 10 speed 11-42t options? Or 10-40 or 11-40?

    The sram xg1080 11-36 is nice at 245 grams but I'll lose out on a 40 or 42t low gear.

    Any suggestions please?

  8. markdf27

    I bought this cassette.. I have 2013 mtb with a shimano xt 10speed derailleur with a long cage.. I was trying to get the cassette installed at a local bike shop but the tech said that the derailleur max cog is only 36t when he checked the computer.. Do I need a new derailleur to use this cassette or should my stock derailleur work with the proper adjustment? My current cassette is a 10speed xt 11-36. Thank you for your help

  9. 아우빠

    Hello, being the bigger 8 cogs together does it mean that they are less liable to cut notches into the edges of the splines of an aluminium freehub body?

  10. Stink_bait_

    Just bought a shimano deore xt m786 sgs. Staying 10 speed. With a sun race 11-46 cassette. Also have the goatlink 10. Will this derailer make the jump to the 46 with this set up? Anything else I need to have this shift smooth.

  11. Tom Wilson

    Great review

  12. Роман Важенков

    Great video, thanks. Can you please specify the xt rear mech model? Is it from the 8000 xt line? 10 or 11 speed?

  13. Thegame Dr.

    I had a wide range sunrace come on my bike. It only made it a couple months before it deformed and skipped. Replaced it with shimono parts, it is heavier, but worth the extra 30g or so

  14. Rabi Manandhar

    Sir, Is Deore XT RD capable to shift 11- 42T 10 speed cassette well ? I am panning to upgrade my 10 speed cassette having 11 – 36T to 11-42T cassette in my CUBE ATTENTION MTB having Shimano FH M3050 10 speed hub. Should I have to replace chain previously supporting 10speed cassette also ?

  15. Initial A

    We (beginners) really need a simple conclusion, which one is better between those two?

  16. Kenzu Kang

    Nice, i have an old xt groupset m785, can i put deore 10 speed 11- 42t cassette like this one on the video?? For budget upgrade

  17. PRO aKo

    What kind of a hub you use in this video????

  18. R L

    I have Rear Derailleur Shimano XTR Shadow Plus, 10-Speed, SGS Long Cage, and SRAM PG-1050, 10-Speed, 11-36 Tooth Cassette. Do i need to replace my chain or get a Goat Link?

  19. Lukasz Ignasiak

    May I request about advice best chain suitable to this casette, please. Kind Regards, Lucas

  20. Richard E

    Great review!  Nicely done.

  21. brad sanders

    So I put an 11-40 Sunrace cassette on my 2X10 Kona, Chain is right length,it doesnt shift well enough to be using on any bike I own. It mis shifts,or it over shifts,or it shifts perfect,or if its on the 40 it wants to stay there. Clatters and may eventually shift. Once again internet info leads to…………waste of money? I dunno. It really didnt go on and work like several videos show. It shifts the same in the front 26 or the 39. Unpredictable.

  22. Phen0mable

    Purchased one yesterday. Can't wait to arrive 😂

  23. Carlosiv Cruz Hernandez

    Porque no pusiste el 10 v 11 46

  24. Jefrey Mina

    How is the back pedalling of Shimano M6000

  25. ziurovas

    Thank you for the video. I just installed HG500 11-42 together with RD-M615 with clutch no goat link, factory B screw all the way in, KMC 10,93 chain, 32T NW in the front. Shifts really good on the bike stand ( just like yours in 5:10), all the gears at once, no back pedaling issue. I did had back pedaling issue on the biggest cog with Sunrace MX3 11-40. I was wondering to upgrade to RD-M6000 or SLX 7000 GS, but after seeing how it shifts, I don't see any need to upgrade. However I did not try it on the trail still. My bike: Giant Trance 3/2016 with upgraded hanger kit 12×142 rear axle.

  26. Cycle Man

    If I replace my 10 speed 11-36 cassette with 11-42, will I have to replace my chain too?

  27. hloc09

    Hello LoveMTB,
    Thanks for your video. I already had shimano slx RD-m670 with slx CS-HG81-10 11-34t. Now I want to upgrade my cassette into Deore M6000 11-42T like the video. Do you think they will work well? Thanks

  28. Dio

    so you can take out one sproket to use in a 9V drivetrain ??

  29. wit·kid·one

    Quick question… When switching from a standard 11-36 cassette to this 11-42, and using a 2016 XT long cage derailleur (with the clutch), are there any special adjustments or custom hangars that would be needed to make sure the chain can get up onto the larger diameter 42 tooth large cog? Im trying to refresh an existing 2×10 Shimano drivetrain into a 1x with the Raceface narrow wide 32 tooth up front and the 11-42 wide range out back while keeping all of the other components including rear derailleur, shifter, and cranks the same. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Steve Podraza

    Have you ever had an issue with chainring bolts loosing wild riding and falling out? I have new xt cranks 8000

  31. Alex Nicolaou

    hello, thank you for the video. do you think the XT shifter will be able to mount on the 42T cog if it is old style mounted (with the B link), or would it need a direct mount hanger in order to accommodate it? also, could you add some info on what mech hanger you use, i have a cube also but was not able to find my way around the stupidly huge amount of hangers available. thank you

  32. Gene Peace

    Simple & understandable – great

  33. G T

    For the record, I tried with an slx old 10sp derailleur and if one screws the tension to its maximum, it marginally works. Not exactly super smooth and nice but works

  34. Steve Podraza

    Do I need a goat link with the shimano cassette? I am currently running a xt shadow plus with my 11/36 cassette

  35. imSibin

    Great video like alway i love it, btw can i have your opinion on pairing slx m7000 SGS 10 speed RD with that shimano 11-42 cassette? do you think it would work with that RD? thanks and greetings from Macedonia

  36. Malcolm Bassett

    Can you back pedal the Shimano cassette on the 42 tooth cog? Also has the back pedaling on the sun Race improved since your initial review?

  37. Joe N

    Wished my Deore M590 Drive train shifted that nice……that brother is music to one's ears. ha ha

  38. francsco c

    awesome video!! where can I buy one. thanks

  39. francsco c

    love the video, Where can I buy one?

  40. francsco c

    love the video, Where can I buy one?

  41. Evis Farinas

    Would this cassette work with the Shimano Zee short cage?

  42. The ChaosEngine

    Thanks. If my sunrace cassette runs out I'll replace with whichever is cheapest. This is all the gearing I ever need and I can't tell any appreciable diference between this and 11 speed GX. Prefer shimano shifers

  43. eMTeeBiker

    Hey, thanks for great video. I've got the MX3 in black chrome. I converted my 3×10 system to 1×10. Can you, please, compare once more MX3 with this Shimano cassette while backspinnig on smallest and biggest cog? When I spin back on biggest cog of MX3, the chain drops 1-3 cogs lower. I would like to know, how does this Shimano cassette perform in this case before buing it. Thank you so much in advance! I think, that video can help to many others.

  44. maz ditzo

    will there any m7000 version?

  45. GogoMTB

    Thank you very much !

  46. leg press

    300 bucks
    900 bucks

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