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TESTED | The Brand New Shimano Deore XT M8100 12-Speed Groupset

In a move that will surprise literally nobody, Shimano has just revealed its brand new Deore XT M8100 groupset – almost exactly one year after XTR M9100 was launched. This is standard protocol for the Japanese brand, which typically rolls out its new designs at the top, and then trickles them down each year after, starting with XTR, then Deore XT, then SLX, Deore and so on.

Following in the footsteps of XTR M9100, XT bumps up a gear to 12-speed, with both 1×12 and 2×12 drivetrain options available. The Hollowtech II cranks now utilise direct-mount chainrings, with single and double options available.

Depending on the range you’re after, there will be two 12-speed cassettes built around the new Micro Spline freehub spline; a 10-45t and a 10-51t ratio. While both cassettes will work in a 1×12 drivetrain, only the smaller 10-45t block is compatible with a 2×12 setup.

There are 2-piston and 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, which share a brand new lever design that draws on the same angled profile as the current XTR model. The 2-piston calliper carries over from the M8000 brake, but the 4-piston calliper is all new.

In total, the Deore XT groupset adds around 365g in weight over the pricier XTR version.

The price varies depending on what options you choose, but a 1×12 drivetrain will start at £535, which puts it at nearly half the price of an equivalent XTR 1×12 drivetrain at £1,035.

For all the technical details, weights and prices, check out the article right here:

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45 Bình luận

  1. oliver echevarria

    best review! two thumbs up!

  2. keir farnum

    These 1X systems are nuts. I believe it’s a ploy by groupo manufacturers to sell more replacement parts. With a chain having to bend at the high and low ends across twelve cogs in the rear to a single front chainring, you absolutely know the chains and cogs are going to wear quicker. Chains will stretch faster and chain-cassette mating will happen even quicker.
    When I raced with a 3X7 system, The middle ring only had to bend across the 7 or 8 cogs in the rear. Even with chains now being narrower and the cogs closer together, it still means the chain has to bend at angles greater than in the past; and that’s not helped with the narrower chain too, which has less space between the outside plates to accommodate these greater angles. Inevitably this will result in replacing parts more often. If I were still racing, I would stick with a 2X system.

  3. kuya bebs vlog

    Just bought an xt.. maaan the up shift is so perfect!

  4. athan sheena

    Hi.. I bought deore m6100 GS.. When im at the biggest xog RD is at 5o'clock and looks over stretched.. Is that alright? Tia

  5. Mohamed Touimer

    Great job !

  6. wilkinson lee

    a nice video, mate

  7. matycee

    what's worth noting are those horrifying gouges on the (RD) cage. Too bad… looks like it didn't stay nice and new for long.

  8. Nick Black

    I've had nothing but problems with the new shimano 12spd. 2 failed xt freehub mechanisms that started creaking, then locked on and turned into fixed gear hubs. That was terrifying! Then the mail pivot of my slx rear mech corroded and the pulley cage no longer moved. Also, 3 xt 12spd shifters fail on me. On all three, one on the small springs that drives the shifts to easier gear/bigger cog breaks, then they can only shift to harder gears. Shimano has warrantied every I have listed, no questions asked.
    I do ride way more than most(endurance mtb racing is my thing) but this has been shocking to me, have had 11spd xt everything for years with zero issues. Think in the next year or two we'll start seeing massive recalls on all the 12spd parts as the average riders catch up with the mileage I put on my stuff.

  9. Maciej Jan Długosz

    07:48 already dented freehub body… Facepalm…

  10. Wi llo

    3:05 shimano is beating Eagle range…
    Is that referring to Shimano Eagle 30 years ago, or a recent Sram Eagle?

  11. Bikes 'N' Breweries

    I definitely need a 12 speed!!

  12. Arm The Creative

    Great review. No BS.

  13. JoePol

    Wow hope i can win a bike like yours sir wow i have no bike yet

  14. tubenachos

    That color is vibrant!!

  15. Joel M

    Hmmm pink bike. Ok

  16. Alec Elgood

    It would be really nice if Shimano would drop the word Deore from the XT branding. Everyone just calls it XT anyway and it just leads to confusion with the Deore (lower end) level.

  17. maz ditzo

    As long as I can climb all the hill in my area with my 3×10 slx … no need to upgrade … oh maybe the brakes

  18. Tino Schneider

    Great review, thx for this high quality content!

  19. joey

    These or Gx Eagle?

  20. Aim NC

    Best review ever . Thank you !!!

  21. Will Sherman

    Just ordered a setup for my 2018 trek pro-caliber 6:-) that had a 2x 11 set up. I'm an old fart who doesn't really need it, but it's fun. you will actually have a little bit more of a granny gear than my old 2x 11

  22. The Brighter Cyclist

    My Girona is a banging song.

  23. Okto Ateng

    Is the groupset, can be install on QR mode?….or we have to adjust bike's fork into TA.

  24. Tre Lane

    Since 2017 Sram Dominated with 12spd with AXS, XX1, XO1, GX, NX
    Shimano now has …,XTR,XT, Deore XT,SLX so they are now almost even. But Sram is about to release SX eagle which is even cheaper

  25. ilan Shapira

    great review as always

  26. Jon Zylka

    Sorry Shimano… you aint got nothing on Sram Eagle. I’ll stick with my Sram drive train, and Shimano to stop me from slamming into a tree! LOL.

  27. JB RACHO

    I will buy that tomorrow 💪👌

  28. Sergio Garcia

    Cup and cone bearings really shimano??

  29. Andrew Dhulst

    29 inch wheels have a higher gear ratio than 27.5 with the same chainring/cassette but nobody ever mentions that.

  30. z1522

    Arithmetic still rules – as in, 2 x (or, sadly, 3x) anything will always provide a lower low, higher high, and closer gaps between gears, because, uh, you know, 2 times 9, or 10, is more than 1 times 12. Duh. But, hey, marketing and planned obsolescence rules, whether or not the inherently greater inefficiencies, wear, and stresses on an ever skinnier chain and 10 tooth cog matter to the next crop of newbies ignorant of the history of gearing. Same for cramming 29" wheels again, despite tests showing 27.5 optimizes weight versus rolling resistance. I'm sick and tired of frame makers eliminating mounts for front derailleurs as in truth mostly a fashion statement and play to those who think they are among the 5% who can actually clean steep uphill terrain without granny gears.

  31. Joni English


  32. Enchong Go

    and absolutely i'll buy GX eagle and a deore xt quad breakset

  33. Jeff

    Disappointed the rear hub isn't silent like the XTR version.

  34. l34052

    This is nice but I'm a SRAM man myself, I like the shifting feel better than shimano.

  35. Emil Johansson

    Just subbed

  36. Trhuster

    OMG, Oreba Oiz. My dreambike for sure! 😍

  37. _W00D_SH0CK_

    So i run 11 speed and can easily swap to 12 speed ?

  38. koukimonzta

    I think i want the 2×12

  39. Johannes Nilsen

    nice, but I will stuck with 11-46T x 32T oval, I think I can go even lower without loosing too much high end, but 32T seems to be the sweet spot for high end.
    I am climbing steep stuff, also going down fast steep stuff, and long straights, so pretty decent range. but I don't think I would need a such big range, but I have nothing against them.

  40. Johannes Nilsen

    5:48 I don't think it will fit me anyway, the problem with previous version of shifters were I am hitting & rubbing the grip,lock on clamp, at up shifts I run 34mm RevGrips.
    6:14 definitely a nice upgrade, I could see the brakes flexing when braking if I looked at them, it was like that on several brakes I used, but all were budget options, M15,M396,M6000, but last one was stiffer, but has some play in the lever clamp probably due to the I spec plastic thing,but not much, but the body sure is flexing, so good they have worked on that.
    But I hope the pistons seals will last more than a year.

  41. Johannes Nilsen

    4:12 but will the cover stretch and fall off on the trail? so dirt comes in ? this is the issue which happens with M8000, the rubber hood is awful, the ring that holds it in place gets bigger, eventually falls off, the hood also pops off. awful. this happen once, then I bought a ned installed it and happen in few weeks. I don't know why, if it reacts to cleaners(muc off in my case) or heat,cold, or contaminants from the trail,road, or what it is, or if it's just the nature of the material they use.

  42. Mateus

    WOW !!!!!!! I’m love it

  43. RAT BURL

    Great job!👍🏻

  44. Kelvyn Bettridge

    Sounds like the new shifting is going to be great for ebikes.

  45. Matthew Jackson

    Thanks for the info!
    What is the name of the backing track you use? Cheers!

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