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The career advice you probably didn't get | Susan Colantuono

You’re doing everything right at work, taking all the right advice, but you’re just not moving up. Why? Susan Colantuono shares a simple, surprising piece of advice you might not have heard before quite so plainly. This talk, while aimed at an audience of women, has universal takeaways — for men and women, new grads and midcareer workers.

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24 Bình luận

  1. Virginia Estes

    Wow great talk, love the ideas here.

  2. maria ruiz

    As a woman in Finance i found very difficult to imagine an abitious career woman that is missing the business, Finance acumen & strategy (for me is the ABC of any managerial candidate, regardless of the gender)

  3. Angella Nampijja

    Its 33%am missing

  4. Hitisha Sharma

    This is a masterpiece.

  5. Posie Reese

    Automate is truly the safest platform you can invest your funds.I must commend the platform, they are always consistent with withdrawals and their payments are automated always making me happy💯..

  6. Black

    U should said it in other way ur point it’s a good point but how u delivered to audience is wrong

  7. Sherrill Perez

    Thank you. I think you are right on point. So do men more naturally share strategic financial goals with each other and not to women in the same way they might share similar sports interests, etc.? Is there a difference in the business information given to men vs women in a company? If so is it as more of a comradery thing in that it does not intentionally exclude women?

  8. Aaron D

    So essentially it's male managers fault that female managers don't know they need business, strategic and financial acumen to be a successful high level manager? Did none of these female managers go to business school? This is business 101. When she said that the panel said this was a given, they are absolutely right. If you don't know that, then you need to take control of your own learning and not wait to just be told stuff.

  9. Umang B

    I saw that happening.

  10. batman Arkham

    Misleading title. I didn't expect this

  11. Jil Heimensen

    What's up with the cans in the background?

  12. C. Huseyin

    Excellent ted talk! She has said a very important and valuable point. Finance, accounting and analysis are very needed for women. Strategy and how to allocate resources properly and effectively to generate revenue.

  13. How Dare You?!

    2.00 and then you see a dating profile among men: looking for a successful girl. Yeah..

  14. Fiddle-Stitch

    This gender gap stuff is nonsense! Why do people assume that it's only women who are underpaid? My dad is an elevator inspector, but has to work multiple jobs in inspection because one full-time job wouldn't be enough for all of us to live on. And that's just one example out of many of people (men included) who struggle to earn a livable wage. It all has to do with the regulations put in place by the previous administration. No one wanted to hire full-time because the benefits were too expensive for the companies, so potential employees had to suck it up working part time. If people want to earn more, get into a trade or start your own business.

  15. The Executive Producer

    Many women are performing very well in the business of show business. Based on my experience, women are perceived as more authentic and thrustable to deal with artistic content. I started a channel for people looking to move in entertainment . Over the last years, majority of people doing the crossover from tradition to creative content world are women.

  16. Jake Voorhees

    Wow great talk, love the ideas here. I think this missing 33% idea can be spread around to balance gender in upper managemetn 🙂 thank you!

  17. mar504

    Jordan Peterson brought up the point that one of the reasons why women who work at big law firms he has advised don't hold many top positions or have left them is that they realize those positions are for crazy people who want to do nothing but work ALL OF THE TIME. These women are usually married to men who are at a similar or higher socio-economic level so they have enough money, the insane hours required makes it impossible to have a family, so why would they even want these positions? Men are much more likely to be willing to work the 60-80 hours a week some of these positions require, so competition is going to be tougher for women. Of course there is a gap, it's the same reason there is a gap for commercial fishing, plumbers, electricians, oil rig workers, logging, garbage collection. I certainly don't blame them for not wanting their entire life to be about their job (I wouldn't want that either!), but it always strikes me as odd folks like Susan look elsewhere for a smoking gun.

  18. AL

    If we move women up the ladder just because they are women, isn't that gender inequality? I think the correct approach is to equally empower men women and move up whoever is competent regardless of gender.

  19. Rita Cannella

    This is my favorite TED talk because it's so relevant for women! I watched it months ago, but then couldn't find it when I wanted to share it with other business women…so I'm saving it as a favorite, and if you're reading this, do yourself a favor and watch it too!

  20. TraxxStudios

    I really expected the career advice. Instead I got feminist's bullshit about gender inequality. I'll give one advice: find what's your passion, work hard and you will achieve your goals. It's a common advice, but at least it works no matter what gender you are.

  21. Martian Lee

    I totally embrace women leadership. But this woman's "advice" is full of bullshit.

  22. G Jones

    Let's go guys… nothing to see here. 
    TED, please fix the title, disliked.

  23. Chris Green

    This is an interesting TED topic…I completely agree with the discussion contained.  My disagreement is centering the topic on gender bias.  A modern leader should have an awareness of operating not on a gender basis, but on the qualities of the colleagues working for them.  I feel the topics discussed are applicable to both male and female, and oreiented in the way it was in this discussion, continues to drive and define the gender gap wedge into the workplace envirnment.

  24. Alex Ciobanu

    First 30 seconds were enough to make me skip it.

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