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The passing of time, caught in a single photo | Stephen Wilkes

Photographer Stephen Wilkes crafts stunning compositions of landscapes as they transition from day to night, exploring the space-time continuum within a two-dimensional still photograph. Journey with him to iconic locations like the Tournelle Bridge in Paris, El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and a life-giving watering hole in heart of the Serengeti in this tour of his art and process.

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49 Bình luận

  1. Chase McGuckin

    Wow so deep, so big brain, this is almost as profound as Sam Hyde’s ted talk

  2. Fery Utomo

    he looks really patient in terms of working on his concept photos, waiting a whole day to capture the photos which he need for his puzzle to combine, also the collage from 250 images, damn, he really enjoys it 100%

  3. rmc9173715617

    Just plain time lapse and/or long exposure photography with Adobe Photoshop manipulation. I give credit to the equipment & manpower as well financial resources he has on hand to create his art images.

  4. Arq. Berenice G. J.

    Es como si hubiera fotografiado la experiencia de haber estado ahí, reduciéndola quizá en cuanto a significado pero aumentando su amplitud. Me recuerda a lo que los arquitectos y urbanistas visualizamos al proyectar: todo lo que puede pasar en el lugar. Como los cuadros del renacimiento que pintorescamente incluían muy diversas situaciones al mismo tiempo. Una condensación objetiva de momentos, para inspeccionarse, más que observarse, detenidamente en vivo pedazo a pedazo en una impresión de piso a techo y hacerse una impresión propia de haber estado ahí.

  5. Kevin Ratay

    … moreso an act of consumption, social status, and acceptance. The only "sharing" is done on social media for feelings that are predicated by views, and likes. Not experience.

  6. William Ladd

    "The act of sharing has suddenly become more important than the experience itself." So says the man that makes his presentation more about himself his experience.

  7. Lavanya Kapoor

    Gave me some perspective! Great work!

  8. Blizzardnz

    Wow really amaisng. But photoshop can do it with 2 photos. Learn photoshop. Because your photo will be $1000+ and cost to much to create. My photo from photoshop will give me the same effect for less mony and time. I'd sell 10x more than you, because I can afford to sell mine for $300.

  9. korsavasci

    I feel like a HR manager. The guy is desperately selling himself to get the job.

  10. Sujith Cheeral

    Wonderful works …

  11. nikolas ga

    i would make a winter to summer photo.

  12. d mar

    ok now all the girls lift up your shirts! Hold it! CLICK and release. Thank you very much. South Carolina was here.

  13. Mo Geof

    This is the moment to realize, with climate change, that all these little useless things only contribute a little more to the global catastrophe. And the picture is just bofbof or blahblah.

  14. Curt McAloney


  15. Lawrence Lam

    The applauses are odd…was this cut?

  16. anon ym

    Some photographers are like DJs. I guess you know what I mean.

  17. Michael Liddell

    This is a load of barnaclesssss

  18. Angel Luciano

    The wormhole picture gave me ebola. Yeah man, your photoshop collage is a wormhole, alright.

  19. Mark Purmal Photography

    The Ego has landed

  20. LoveAndPeaceOccurs

    Thank You Stephen Wilkes … for being a, " … relentless collector of magical moments." Beautiful! Love & Peace to All

  21. Joe Cano

    It’s like HDR on crack

  22. David

    Oh good a presentation on Narcissism

  23. Loco Mundo

    He stole the “4th dimension is time” thing from a classic book called the time machine. Lol. Gives no credit at all

  24. Bixbite Productions

    We did a comparison of deflicker software on a day to night timelapse. Hope you like it https://youtu.be/YxvMeGNPnqI

  25. Andrea Manconi

    I don't understand why everybody got annoyed by this presentation… It's quite normal to quote famous sources in these cases

  26. Ameya Marathe

    What a beautiful piece of art ! It took so much efforts to create this art. And all I can see in the comments that people are critisizing him for how he is boasting about it . C'mon. Be a sport and appreciate his work . Finding Negativity in everything is the easiest thing

  27. chao zhang

    great work!

  28. Veronica Salinas

    creo que mas que nada el estar el aqui y ahora es de lo que trata pasan muchas cosas a nuestro alrededor y no lo notamos estamos en nuestra burbuja personal y nos perdemos de cosas creo que su idea es buena la edición de la fotografía es genial quisiera tener algo por lo cual me apasione como el…

  29. Mochila mistica

    Nice idea, but didn't like the result of the photos, looks like you cut and paste all the figures in the photo on photoshop…

  30. Robin Simenauer

    OK, slightly interesting – the merging of a couple of shots at different times of the day isn't that exciting.

  31. É Sem Pé Nem Cabeça

    Loved the last part about animals!

  32. Pierre Films

    This was beautiful.

  33. Neha Sara

    DON'T JUDGE HIM IDJITS!!! what i don't understand is why people are hating this person? Yes he is mentioning himself alot but that is because why would someone not mention that this amazing work is done by themself..plus the people who are saying that he's being egoistic should know that alot of people are like that one way or another and not all people can be saint-ish. Also this is not a simple photoshop.If your saying that "oh he just simply photoshoped all the pics together" then know this that simple photoshop can NOT blend into one another.And from ehat he is telling,he had to be there at the SAME place for more than 8 hours..most of you can even stand for more than an hour or so unless it's at a place ehich has sale or somewhere where you can eat.. SO DONT JUDGE..

  34. R. B.

    amazing. love the way the photographs look

  35. Joanne Stevens

    pretentious indeed

  36. Aquel Aquel

    This was so inspiring!!

  37. Дмитрий Сергеевич Самоходкин

    It's the really great job! Fantastic!

  38. Truth Teller

    Pretentious much?

  39. Jeffrey Bays

    Painters did this for hundreds of years.

  40. untouchable360x

    Cheesy and gimmicky. Day to night looks so stupid and fake, almost in the same league as HDR. It does not capture the moment. How much time did they spend on photoshop?

  41. Brenna Carson

    I think that it was very fitting for the Inception billboard in the Time Square picture

  42. QuickTalks

    "The act of sharing has suddenly become more important than the experience itself"

  43. sara

    why there is no translation in Arabic? ?

  44. Ysp

    Wow, amazing! <3

  45. Jamie Gray

    lol the "time vector"

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