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The pharmacy of the future? Personalized pills, 3D printed at home | Daniel Kraft

We need to change how we prescribe drugs, says physician Daniel Kraft: too often, medications are dosed incorrectly, cause toxic side effects or just don’t work. In a talk and concept demo, Kraft shares his vision for a future of personalized medication, unveiling a prototype 3D printer that could design pills that adapt to our individual needs.

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33 Bình luận

  1. Mon Quoi

    stop eating sugar and go for a run

  2. nemesisbreakz

    Would never happen due to liability and the criminal factor

  3. Mark

    anyone know where i can find more information on this topic? tia

  4. Grandma’s Advice

    Would be GREAT, if it wouldn’t cost a fortune.

  5. Sim Ather

    Great idea. But it's hardly to be possible because any substances that you will take into your body should under the control by pharmacists. That's a regulation 👌

  6. Arya vijay

    Thank u all

  7. Abdullah Shaker

    Elon Mask for medicine!

  8. Анастасия Подхватилина

    I'm afraid it wouldn't work. We need special trials for combination like this. Vitamin D assimilation is better with fat substrates. Some drugs work better in the morning, other drags we should take in the evening. This idea looks so good and easy on paper, but medicine isn't as easy as we wish to be.

  9. Kuhen Thanabal

    Great invention

  10. Pharmacy Education

    Great Creation

  11. Gift Byron

    I am struggling between mpharm and pharmacology and drug discovery, Bsc,following my interest in making better, safer, if not best drug or cosmetics:zero or very minimum side effects,compounding drugs to one, what's the best for the future?

  12. Fatima Salh

    ترجمو لنا I want translation of this to Arabia 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

  13. Jasmine Amira H

    Pharmacist 🙌😇

  14. Patrick Allen

    "Automated compounding" – good luck.

  15. Tarun Sharma

    I am a pharmacy graduate from India and I want to build my future in foreign countries like USA Australia can anyone tell me that what should I do…. To do so ??

  16. Samuel Karlsson

    Pros and cons of this technology:
    Pros: Has the potential to massively improve healthcare and save thousands of lives, as well as creating a generally healthier population.
    Cons: You have to hand over massive amounts of your personal healthcare data to private companies, who may use your genetic data among other things for their own purposes.

    Not sure what to choose. It´s a really difficult choice.

  17. jimmy marketti

    No one needs pills stupid

  18. Wei-Hao Chen

    Just took a look at his website (www.intellimedicine.com). No one on the board has background in drug design, clinical research or pharmacology… no wonder the idea of encapsulating microbeads of medicine in a capsule seems naive to me. I mean it’s a great concept, but practicality-wise… not really! Just think about pharmacokinetics, drug-drug interactions, pharmacodynamics… I think the main issue with polypharmacy is 1) prescribing cascade & 2) lack of pharmacogenomic study. So he was spot on with a few points.

  19. tardmongoose

    Where does the Pharmacist sit in this equation? They are the medication-experts. Prescribing by a physician would be unnecessary due to the algorithms being able to diagnose/prescribe more accurately. If anything, the doctor should diagnose and the pharmacist should mediate the dosing by these computers…perhaps from a centralized office.

  20. Peter McKee

    Can't change the dose and excipients, not FDA approved unfortunately otherwise the polypill would already be here through compounding pharmacies. Regulation reform will probably not allow this for decades to come, unfortunately.


    The only concern here is what about drug-drug interaction?

  22. I love Sheen

    so how do i get the pervitin

  23. T Com

    That’s awesome let’s stop talking about it and do it

  24. Cecilia Spears

    That was awesome! I hope this becomes actualized!

  25. Abdul Rauf Saleem

    Size of the pill will increase by integrating the drugs in one pill?

  26. Matt G

    Thanks Dr. Mario

  27. Edmund Singleton

    Your doctor prescribes some lifesaving medications, you take
    to your local pharmacy to have filled, there is no way for you to know if you
    have been cheated with an outdated ineffective generic or a lower dosage, its
    not like you have a home lab to first test them, so you ingest the medications
    as prescribed by an highly educated doctor without expecting any errors, hoping
    that the pharmacist like the prescribing physician is a trusted drug pusher,
    not like one found on the street, has  scruples,
    is not blinded by pure profit, nice to take under consideration, hoping for the
    best before dying…You now realize in trust we trust our all…including life, limbs
    and pocket book contents too…

  28. Tổng Đài Vàng 19009258

    Cảm ơn rất nhiều, video nói về xu hướng rất hay. Sinh viên dược sĩ đại học 40 Trần Cung của trường cao đẳng dược Hà Nội hãy đón xem video này nhé

  29. BeaglesGuy

    THANK YOU! I have been telling people for the last ~2 years that the next major generation of 3D printers will be used for personalized medications. I only ever get disbelief or ridicule in return.

  30. Leocram Vinci

    I think you just take too many pills…

  31. Laura Magas

    It's an interesting perspective and very futuristic and convenient; however, concerning also

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