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The shocking danger of mountaintop removal — and why it must end | Michael Hendryx

Research investigator Michael Hendryx studies mountaintop removal, an explosive type of surface coal mining used in Appalachia that comes with unexpected health hazards. In this data-packed talk, Hendryx presents his research and tells the story of the pushback he’s received from the coal industry, advocating for the ethical obligation scientists have to speak the truth.

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34 Bình luận

  1. Aero FPV

    Great scientist with the truth to be shown for human history.

  2. Thunder Bug Creative

    We have had the means to provide FREE energy to ALL people on Earth since Nikola Tesla successfully proved that not only could power be produced from water, wind, thermal, etc], but also that it could be easily transmitted WIRELESSLY via magnetic field of the planet. He mysteriously died in a hotel room shortly after this and his journals and machines locked away or destroyed. Very likely ancient civilizations such as Sumerians, Egyptians, and certainly the Greeks had power plants and understood electromagnetic energies. The LIES and deceit of the rulers of this world are mind boggling and the lazy ignorance of the mindless serfs who follow them is astonishing.

  3. Ted Hill

    Anyone who thinks mountaintop removal should be stopped is ignorant. People can make statistics and studies show what they want to move their agenda. Mountaintop removal is safe and DOES NOT hurt the environment. I’m not a miner at all but I know it’s a safe practice and I know the land is restored and does not hurt the environment or wild animals. Hunting is great on sites that have been reclaimed. Do not lie to people just because you don’t like mountaintop removal. That is jobs for people.

  4. Rozni Yusof

    People think of coal mining like it involves thousands of miners working underground, like it used to be a century ago. So they think coal mining still provides a lot of jobs for small towns.

    But mining isn't like that anymore. The technology changed. It's now a bunch of engineers with lots of explosives and huge machines. It doesn't provide entire towns with jobs anymore.

    So all the rhetoric about bringing back coal mining to create jobs makes less sense. Those little towns aren't getting any of those jobs.

  5. John S ✌🏼

    Average age of death for a coal minor who starts in their teens is 52…..They get em early with “Great” pay for relatively uneducated people in small towns .

  6. Gammareign

    Nuclear now! No more excuses! No more bullshit!

  7. coltbolt101

    It's very depressing to see my homeland being utterly destroyed by the greed of a few for the gain of short term profit. We must resist. We must sow fear into those of power. Montani Semper Liberi!

  8. mark vietti

    I have never known a single American who drinks tap water

  9. b b

    And the EPA is run by another fucking twit too

  10. Ted Weddell

    Gotta bring back those mining jobs! Yep, all 28 or so of them.

  11. Leonidas GGG

    What this guy needs is a movie.
    Hollywood? 😉 😉 😉

  12. celestialcircledance

    I was relieved he didn't say my state but after the mountain tops are removed they'll have to exploit new territories .

  13. Smiley

    This reminds me of the videos I’ve seen of gold mining. 😢

  14. William Chamberlain

    Start picking up the tailings and tipping them out on the grass in front of the state court houses.

  15. Prem Sunil Lekhi

    The only solution I see is education in human values … lack of integrity is rampant – sigh … may we educate our children in values and let them listen to their heart

  16. 16 Bit Gaming

    LEAST amount of views , i agree

  17. Olorin Elior

    also this destroys the nature upon the mountains

  18. me

    Where are the people that complain that the video is not about tech entertainment design? For some reason they don't complain that in every video that does not have these 3 element.

    Because this video is also not about tech, but environment and a change that is needed. I am not complaining, just pointing out the bias of youtube commenters.

  19. Silver Wolf

    yet how do you expect those without integrity to respect those whom do have it?

  20. jeff meares

    At some point even the scientists must stand together with lawyers and sue politicians into poverty for slandering, beguiling and downright abusing the sciences.

  21. AkumaTheNameless

    Coal is a cheap way to create energy for developing countries… but the U.S.A. is rich enough that is could change their energy sources. But trump wants to keep coal mining industry alive.

  22. loukas371

    What an enlightening and inspiring talk. We should pressure our governments to acknowledge these issues and do something about them instead of seeking short term profit.

  23. Derpster

    They should drag the mountains into the ocean and blow them up underwater. Less air pollution.

  24. silvio santapaola

    the world is a mess

    lets change that

  25. Zirkonplex

    Another leftwinger trying to steal our miner jobs .. call Trump, now.

  26. Peaceful Benevolent Tree

    Really sad. It's like money and wealth is more important than lives and well being.

  27. a7i20ci7y

    I'm from eastern Tennessee and I hate MTR. It's like throwing paint on the Mona Lisa, to say nothing of the environmental and public health consequences. It needs to end.

  28. Extort

    Why are we still using coal or oil………………….. this world is the wrong one.

  29. DataStorm

    Reminds me of Tsjernobyl, ppl living in that town next to it claim there is NO radiation etc

  30. Sizano Green

    Sigh… this is making me feel sad. I wish I had been born a few hundred years in the future. Maybe stuff would be better…

  31. TheSlimeyLimey

    Interesting talk thank you.

  32. buybuydandavis

    "The Science is Settled!"

  33. edi

    A new story and yet nothing new….
    It's been the same everywhere. Humans ruin their environment and thus themselves. Those in charge live far from the consequences and the rest lives in denial… too bad that they can only run from their own poisons but not from the ones others set free…

  34. Asma al-Arnaouti

    But prevail we will.

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