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This is worlds most expensive Koi Fish $1,700,000,- USD (RECORD)

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Today was a historic day, the most expensive Koi in the world today was auctioned in Japan. 203 million Japanese yen converted 1.7 million USD. What do you think about this super high price?

– Sakai Fish Farm Auction 2018;
– 101 cm Kohaku;
– Neo Universe Bloodline;
– Video credits Ying N Wei (we have permission to use his footage).

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25 Bình luận

  1. Patrick T

    Wow….buyer name is private right?. When did you stop your bidding?.

  2. Solomon Young

    Can some one tell me how to get my koi graded

  3. Lorela Guinto

    I guess the two men wearing bkack jacket,bought The koi…very rich

  4. TJ Thanh Huynh

    Stupid show , all set up to pump the Japanese kois too special .

  5. Tammy Mathews

    Beautiful fish but seriously could have done without being flipped the bird. 👎🏻

  6. john cameron

    Pretty fish but insane price

  7. Lacy Belt

    Your products for beating herpes is actually the best Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube

  8. Ninja

    For a fish that is just a decoration fish?? Wtf?!?

  9. Scott Smeaton


  10. Jerry Tan

    A lot of auction is fake buyer

  11. Alex

    Everyone is talking about the buyer…imagine being the dude/gal that actually successfully sold a fish for $1.7m. If I was the seller, I would buy a bunch of nice stuff and then reinvest and do it again, LOL

  12. Ariel Barrales

    This people are sick from their brains , it's impossible the cult to a fish , that money can be used for people in mendicity or hospitals .

  13. marsharian


  14. Abraham Alviarez

    imagine, the cat eating the koi after the bidding

  15. Santhosh Sachin

    How is the koi now any recent videos ❤️

  16. Douglas P.

    Wow this is so amazing. That a koi could even sell for that price I still can’t understand it. A beautiful koi but the price was shocking..
    Is it true that this koi only lived a few years after it was purchased???

  17. robin tang

    She's Taiwanese and Queen of Kois. Wonder how is the koi now? How's the offspring ?

  18. Jordan Wang

    Money laundering lol

  19. -HIRO-

    Problem is, when it dies it’s worth less than a single sardine

  20. Green Gregor

    And how did it taste now?

  21. Aquarist Stha

    buyer name is private, it can be anyone, it can be the person who raise this koi himself.

  22. Sophia Evelyn

    Dr.Ahonle Your medicines are more than magic. No more herpes outbreak Please do not die with this gift. Make sure you pass it on to the next generation. Such gifts are rare’

  23. Random Videos

    Ini ide bisnis.. ikannya nnti bertelur dipelihara terus dijual lg

  24. Dan Watkins

    If you didn't know they're drugging the fish to keep it clam

  25. Jared Gollnitz

    She got a spacious pond all to herself!

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