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Triumph Moto2 | DYNO

Triumph has just unveiled its final 765cc Moto2 engine ready for next season’s three-cylinder onslaught. And here it is on the factory’s dyno/rolling road. SPEAKERS UP…

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24 Bình luận

  1. 44Teeth

    Just been told that it makes "over 135bhp"

  2. Cabeza de Rojo

    Don’t mind me boys just stopping by for a 3 cylinder wank.

  3. G Man

    Too bad it’s so quiet 🤪

  4. Maurizio Lagaxio

    What a lovely sound ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Norman Schlongdongovic

    Motogp should let other manufacturers compete in moto2 rather than using all triump engine.Maximum 150hp..
    Moto3 should be two cylinders 300cc 75hp max,Moto2 should be two/three cylinders 155hp max

  6. Timo Andersen

    This, V4 and the good old fashioned two stroke… gaawwwd

  7. Videmus

    Provate la nuova ducati v4 naked,

  8. Mister Aki

    Love coming back to this video every now and then. Watching the guy try and hold back his smile is absolute class.

  9. Ron Valente

    Nothing sounds as good as the 3 cylinder configuration! fantastic.

  10. Taitea _VR46

    What engine is moto 2 using now????

  11. Dropdeadpothead

    How come he can just shift up without using the clutch at such high speeds on the dyno but when he downshifts he uses the clutch like normal ?

  12. Anandhu Brit

    British blood

  13. Thomas Hong Kong

    The dude looks scared… AWESOME bike!!!

  14. DriffBro

    The real dyno run starts: 2:40

  15. ryudha 46

    Honestly that sound like yamaha fz 09

  16. Truth In Audio

    Ram air on the dyno – cool

  17. Noral Ijen

    Amazing great sound….daytona

  18. DrBreezeAir

    Impressed faces @ 4:49

  19. Homer Simpson

    Can you imagine a grid full of these shredding it around a track? THE NOISE!!!!

  20. Troy Mclore

    Triumph, please pleeeeeeese make a road going version, i promise I will buy it 🙂

  21. Ikhlas Wicaksono

    F1 v6 sound :v

  22. Eric Nijkamp

    Gonna join in with my good old Daytona 955 i….I am afraid we won't win…

  23. Luca Radaelli

    Best engine sound!

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