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Unit Rates | Solving Unit Rate Problems

Welcome to Unit Rates with Mr. J! Need help with how to solve unit rate problems? You’re in the right place!

Whether you’re just starting out, or need a quick refresher, this is the video for you if you need help with solving unit rate problems (or maybe you’re wondering, “What is a Unit Rate?”). Mr. J will go through unit rate examples and explain the steps of solving unit rates. This video will help with unit rate word problems as well.

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Hopefully this video is what you’re looking for when it comes to unit rates.

Have a great rest of your day and thanks again for watching!

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  1. Nataly Somoza

    Dude this help me alot! I was struggling so hard with this and I looked into this video and now I understand alot better!! Thank you so much Mr. J!

  2. Lu

    this helped me so much thank you

  3. Ryan and lobster’s Chanel

    Wow you would think this would be boring but it’s not how an awesome 😺😺🤩

  4. DJSkate

    Thank you very much this helped me with my math test

  5. Ghostfull

    Thank you 🙏 you helped me so much i have a math final tomorrow

  6. Debra America

    Im literly doing a test 2moro ,u just saved my life

  7. Adam Jalal

    Thank you so much this helped me so much

  8. Alexander Sevien Plata

    oh my god mr j thank you this helped me review the most important parts for my second sem test

  9. Blessing Makena

    I did not know a single thing about rate until I watched this video it helped me so much that I passed in my math test thank u so much 😊

  10. Haly

    That`s VERY EASY ….. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  11. Zoro-chan✨

    15 for the first question

  12. ⚡️𝕃𝕖𝕟𝕒⚡️

    I have a rate test today I was sweating yesterday abt the test but I didn’t know it would be this easy!

  13. King Skyle

    thank for the help

  14. Jojo 💗.

    I have a math quiz tomorrow and i was struggling with this lesson and you just made it really simple and easy thank you for this video Mr. J

  15. family wadi

    thank you soooo much before i see the video i was zero undrstading for this lesoon

  16. lorianna katelynn

    I'm struggling with math, I am a 6th grader in the middle school. This Helped a lot. My math teachers recommend watching you. You are their favorite. in Math clas my teachers use WKU (word ratio: Known ratio: Unknown ratio:)

  17. apersonwholikesyt

    Learned more from this video than from school

  18. mimi

    U was struggling so much with my homework!!! This helped so much thank you so much! I really appreciate you making these type of videos to help people like me! 😁😁

  19. Mr. VenoLive

    Ratio bozo😹😹😹🙏🙏🙏

  20. LegendGaming

    What if it's 30 m I les in 3 hrs than how do I do it

  21. Kevin Mohsin

    I like Mr. Jإ

  22. Jayda repollet

    thank youuu I have a test tmw and I had no idea how to do this

  23. Samuel

    I forgot this, hopefully it’ll get me through my math test.

  24. ʚ •1lycammyxo * ɞ

    But how do u get the rate?

  25. AyeItsFrosty

    In my school im in 7th grade and we doing this in like a whole different way

  26. Thehacking Stuff

    This helps a lot, but the problems I do in class have a lot of decimals.

  27. DAN El chehouri

    This helped

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