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  1. Luciana Ramirez

    Great information but could you look any happier in giving it to us. Can’t wait to travel to Mexico

  2. Sra. CeCe Bushinsky

    Thank You. Very Informative. I have not had the occasion to use an ATM, but it's good to know to reject the extra fees,,,

  3. The Roaman

    What if you dont have time to get schwab card and just have cash.

  4. P T

    I’m paying 509 for 10000 pesos from BofA. Is that a good rate? Thanks

  5. Lala Becket

    This is the best video out there for this info. Thank you!

  6. EFTSoulPath Laurel Brookes

    Ben, are you referring to the Schwab bank visa platinum debit card?

  7. EFTSoulPath Laurel Brookes

    thanks for your great info.

  8. Margaret caldarone

    Thank You. Your information is very helpful.

  9. gary white

    You are a traveller's goldmine! Thank you so much.! 🔥

  10. Janet Pope

    Excellent information. Thank you!

  11. A. Xavier

    Awesome 👏 Advice 🙏

  12. TheOtherWay

    What is the exact name of the Schwab card and is there an annual fee?

  13. Ben Wierchowski

    great info bro!

  14. gary smothers

    I can't find an atm in Playa that provides pesos! Here now. Help!

  15. 3fo5

    I love the Chanel name going to subscribe just for that 😁 great video btw

  16. Daisy'sWorld

    Great info! I'll be in PDC for the month of May 2022 and was planning on getting my Pesos here at my Bank. Don't really like using ATMs when traveling. Any reason you could think of why I shouldn't travel with cash??

  17. . Hitman

    Ah haha now I know I use card name passbook by remitly and honestly it’s the same a Charles swab

  18. Devin Doring

    This great info. Very helpful. When you decline the initial ATM exchange rate, do you ever see what rate you will be getting?

  19. Mark Hill

    There’s many cards with no fees. Your citi costco card has no foreign trans fees Bank of America travel rewards card has none.

  20. ben cliffattie

    how do get n atm shwab card?

  21. acajudi100

    Great video. Thank you.


    God is in charge, and I let go and let God. God will win over evil and greedy demons. He has the best weapons of mass destruction.

    Thank you.

    I am on SS and I am moving to Mexico. I cannot afford the greedy landlords, utilities and Medicare, who steals all or most of our Cola. I worked 33 years for BCBS and was promised free health insurance after 25 years of employment, but now pushing 80, they want to charge me, so I just dropped Medicare and BCBS. I had to reduce my living expenses, and Mexico is my only choice, living in an AirBnB within walking distance of a grocery store. It is also super deadly in the USA!

    Illinois politicians do not care..

    Thank you for all you have done.

    I just use my written, audio, and video journal. I am from Chicago, but had to leave, and you know why. I lived in Oak Park, Acapulco, Bali etc, and now leaving Waukegan for Queretaro on November 1. Happy you mane the 100K, but they suspend everyone, so I do not make videos, because I am a grown woman, not nasty or threatening, yet they love evil demons, like the latter.

  22. Alo sin H

    money money money!!

  23. EtherealCosmos

    I am a Schwab cardholder, as well, and will be traveling to Puerto Vallarta next month. This was very useful! Thank you!

  24. Divine Awareness

    Great Info! I'm near Oaxaca, Mexico. Do you suggest any Visa or M/C Debit cards here in Mexico that I can purchase (without a Mexico bank account?)

  25. ron403b

    Very useful. Thanks.

  26. jim mccann

    Most savvy travellers use TransferWise, or similar, as they are consistently cheaper than the banks best rates. Rookie mistake.

  27. Stroker Ace

    They have internet in Mexico?

  28. Food Fun Finance

    Thanks for the video bro I'll be in playa del Carmen next week and this help alot

  29. Er_ikG

    If I decline the exchange rate but don't have a Charles schwabb account/debit card will I still get the best rate assuming my credit union offers the best rate possible

  30. Bradley Sokolowski

    Why do they have two offers for exchange rate at ATMS?

  31. Bradley Sokolowski

    I pretty sure I got suckered into a 12% exchange rate at Scotia Bank. I wish I would have known about declining the first offer. FML.

  32. Ana Geli

    I’m late but aye! Peso exchange rates!

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