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What is obesity? – Mia Nacamulli

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Obesity is an escalating global epidemic. It substantially raises the probability of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer. But what is the distinction between being overweight and being obese? And how does a person become obese? Mia Nacamulli explores obesity.

Lesson by Mia Nacamulli, animation by Kozmonot Animation Studio.

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  1. Räìdên Painn

    what epidemic?

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  3. Yohanan Rosemblit

    As long as your obesity is not due to problems in the glands or due to an illness, there is nothing to worry about. You will be able to lose weight 😉. Just exercise and eat/ drink healthy.

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  6. Bikash Kundu

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  7. Bikash Kundu

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  8. Ishan Nirudaka

    Good account on obesity.. Watch this also https://youtu.be/hHyaU9RyCDo

  9. Alex Stoopkid

    great animation

  10. KayD World

    Overweight and obese. Are you overweight and obese? https://youtu.be/vpZ3OP0eSFE

  11. riya vashishtha

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  12. the forgotten tales *

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  13. 19 adhyayan das

    i have a condition due to which i can eat as many burgers as i want without gaining a single pound

  14. The Internet Gremlin

    I still cannot believe we are still getting health advice from a mathematician.

  15. TheFunkyFreestyler

    obesity is personal responsibility

  16. Abradolf Lincler

    1:18 19.4 xD yeah buddy.. eat less game more people, stop chugging down food XD

  17. Practical Health

    Thanks for your video! It's very useful and has tons of information!

  18. Jianfa Tsai

    Gorillas with the strength of 30 men and elephants are vegetarians? Why not reduce your meat intake today to live a longer life?

  19. Jagdish Hiranandani

    Most obesity is in USA we have lot's of CHEAP JUNK PRESERVED food.
    Average Ten year old weighs 150 LBS PLUS

    Look at the grocery stores they sell more DEAD frozen food and nothing fresh!!

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  21. Dr Seuss

    Some people are obese bestest they're dehydrated and eat for moisture instead of drinking water because the water might not be appealing to their body, and they don't eat enough health foods to go to the bathroom once a day. So, the food is in the stomach for about 3 hours where it absorbs half of the calories, then, through the rest of digestion it absorbs the other half (of what it does actuality absorb), however, if someone doesn't go to the bathroom but every 3 days, they absorb 3x more calories, and their liver backs up with toxins instead of getting b vitamin from fresh food, and their skin will try and detoxify and they might smell like poop

    You can shrink your stomach, or stretch it

    Someone who eats five tiny times shrinks their stomach and each time the digestion kicks on the body burns calories, that's why Simone who just grazes small things throughout the day may be underweight, especially if they're active in sorta and do this for continual energy

    Also, growth hormones in the meat make people hungrier, you find a lot of human growth hormones in humans of very young age, try USA beef on an animal bone with the real USDA certified bed stamp on it, also chicken, boil 4 chicken legs to 185 degrees f in a pot of water with the lid on, 8 inch diameter, six inches deep, let it cool, put it in the fridge. I did this 3 times with Signature frms and the next day the pot was all blubber, on lean chicken. Then I did the same with while foods chicken, the next day it was still a pot of water with only a quarter inch of fast on top. But your 85 percent water turning into blubber and gel and brain and blood clots, just population d, what serum in with the injections antibiotics

    Transfats your body doesn't get rid of, just died, now they're back in food again, "no calories," because they don't call it that

  22. Mary Jhon Rose

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  23. levackeri

    Gonna write an essay about this. Love that😑

  24. Ashley Jackson

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  25. William Smith

    First of all, I admire people for fighting one of the most common and difficult challenges of life. Most people would blame them or their parents, but now (in 21st century) we know it's the Animals to blame. ANIMALS are literary killing and butchering us humans. Yes, this fact might sound like bull** but imaging if people ate health plant-based diet right from the childhood. Studies have shown that "Plant-based whole meal" diet is not only packed with healthy protein (without the Meat based heme iron) it's also full of vitamins (except the vitamin D that even meat eaters have to take). Us humans need to fully evolve to create a world without animals on our plates, which will resolve most (if not all) of our health, environment issues.

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  29. Rishabh Mishra

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  30. JoefromNJ1

    the obesity epidemic in the US can be linked directly to the Reagan administration.

  31. Dunja Mikulić

    I think these animations are inspired by Joan Miro art
    very nice, love it 🙂

  32. lean lamp cat

    Ur mom

  33. Vinay kumar

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  35. Pranav Varma

    Haha yes

  36. Brave&Beautiful

    I wish to give voiceover of this video in urdu.. Or join the team of voice overs

  37. roger luffy

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  38. Infomeds

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  39. Arzu colak

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  40. He will be stopped

    Haha love how more then half of the comments r about the animation lol

  41. He will be stopped

    Title: what is obesity?
    Me: innocently looks and my teacher..

  42. Elie

    Having muscle and being overweight still unhealthy even if you are an elite level bodybuilder it's harder for you to run etc but if you are under overweight and have lots of muscle it's healthy as long as you have a good bf percentage

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