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As you all know, Jollibee bought Coffee Bean for 18 Billion Pesos. After news broke out, the stocks dropped massively and hit a low of 231 Pesos per share.

What caused this? Wasn’t the purchase suppose to be good news that should have triggered the stock to go higher?

Why did the stock go down when the news was released?

As a trader and investor, what will now happen to the stock over the next few days and what should you do?


Jollibee will be one of the biggest food chains in the world —

Jollibee buys CBTL –

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  1. Patrick Miguel

    #818 #MarvFlix

  2. Moyers Studio

    I think because a lot of old establishment have been demolished and upgraded, thus making the sales low.

  3. Jian Ornopia

    How to buy Jollibee stocks? Should I go to the Jollibee Main Office in our area or just go to the bank directly? Hoping for your responses. Newbie here but I'm planning to invest.

  4. Jasper B

    i've just subscribed! pls keep sharing tips

  5. Westlene Ann Waclyn

    New subscriber on your channel sir marvin 😊
    From : mendokoro ramenba bgc .

  6. Nancy Dotimas

    pwede bang mag invest , trade, buy, sa iisang account? Sabay sabay mong gagawin?

  7. Willie Gelacio

    Buti na lang may ghost month. Makakabili at makakapili pa ng issues na mura. Only in the Philippines, sound fundamentals bigla pagdating ng ghost month free for all. Opinion lang po.

  8. おにぎりちゃん

    In technical standpoint it is a big NO! In fundamental standpoint is like MEH. In speculative standpoint OH!

  9. red dds


  10. Efren N

    I have JFC stocks but it is quite high. I will just hold on to it and buy to lower the average price. Need to set aside money first for the month.

  11. Elaine Patajo

    Will the Philippine Stock market be affected with the FOMC meeting this Wednesday? If the US will cut rates, are we going to have a bearish market?

  12. Jenjen De Mesa

    290 sakin, ano kaya maganda gawin? 😣😣

  13. Emma Solatorio

    Thank you sir!

  14. Cyrus John

    I'm 19 and I would like to know about stock market.

  15. merviz beast

    Pls. Post a vid about REITs and is REITs available here in the phils.?

  16. Argie Notar

    Sir Marvin. I'm new to your channel, can you suggest me a broker to deal with coz I wanna buy some Jollibee stocks. Thanks.

  17. norman norman

    isa sa favorite si jollibee s lahat ng stocks,never akong nalugi dito or never nag cut ,gain lahat,,,im a position trader/trend follower/fundamental – mix of 3,,

    iinvest ulet ako sa jfc kung
    -smash burger and cbtl make positive net income/have growth

    ung iba nag aantay sa below 200 or 180 price per share hahaha – bad idea yan,hindi dahil cheap ang stock ibbuy paano kung 2 years+ from now down parin income ng jfc,goodluck n lng s 200below per share n nag aantay

    mahirap maghabol pababa kaht ok p company

    mas magandang maghabol pag pataas na or reverse n tlga
    buy lng ng buy parang ganito sample if reverse n fundamentals

    buy 250
    buy 260
    buy 270 and so on 400 -hangang buhay p ang uptrend

    sabi nga ni marvin germo
    -how the stock moving upward if the fundamentals are change and income is declining

    thats my opinion heheeheheh

  18. merviz beast

    How about E.L.I.?

  19. parasoul26

    By the way sir, I'm trying to purchase a book from your site. It says I must send a copy of the purchase transaction? But I plan to pay via PayPal. Hoping for a fairly quick delivery here in SG. I'm on standby for your next seminar here. Thanks!

  20. Gerald de Belen

    A bit of correction: News of acquisition of CBTL came out during lunch time. Hence, PSE halted the afternoon trade for JFC for one hour, resuming by 2:30pm.

  21. julie milleza

    I still trust and looked for Jollibee as long term Investment

  22. Christian Dela Pena

    We all know in textbooks that after every M&As and Hostile Takeovers, lead to immediate downward pressure on the acquiring stock and increase on the stock being acquired. Fundamentalists will say the acquiring company (JFC) will initiate mass layoffs after it acquires a company to synergize both companies. And for the acquired stock (CBTL), the acquiring company must have seen value that we didn't see before, thus investors, believers of Information Assymetry, look at it as a great positive signal and will purchase the stock leading to a spike of the stock price.

  23. Jan Patrick Alvarez

    Ghost month pa.. see you 220-195 😉

  24. Maria Maria

    Watching this before the market opens. Thank you, Sir Marvin!

  25. Edward Oliver

    190 is coming

  26. Allan Ong

    It depends. If CBTL can make a profit or not and is highland coffee making a profit?

  27. Jbidaure

    marami daw naipit sa Reco mo Sur. hahaha


    I think JFC will gow up today and maybe tomorrow or next day will hit the 70 price and have pullback which will cause the price to be rejected and find support. Only my prospective!


    This is a very nice source of fundamentals! I trade technicals but this help me more to predict the stock thank you!!!

  30. Herns Mil

    Dont invest on jfc until lumabas ang upcoming earnings report guys. Stay on safe side. Guard your money.

  31. Mary Liza Ariesgado

    Sir are there any possibility that jfc will slide down below 240 by next week?

  32. Xander Dill

    Hello sir marvin, sir kailan kaya tayo magkaroon ng stock smart New Zealand?

  33. Nate

    Thanks for the videos mentor! I Sold aba to buy jfc at 240. This payday I will still buy more if it comes back at 240 level.

  34. Mark Marquez

    Thank you very much! I listened to your range that is why i was able to buy at 235. Its funny because i did not have to look at it all day. I just bid OH at 235 and when i woke up it was sold! Awesome! I was just disappointed at myself that i went greedy and bid 225 at the same time. I just wished i bid everything i have for 235. Will bid again at 240.

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