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Why Russia’s R-77 Missile Could Give the US Air Force Some Real Trouble

Meet Su-57 New Missile “Variant R-77M” – A Threat To American Aircraft

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  1. Military Update

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    Meet Russia's New Nuclear Powered Supercarrier, dubbed Project 23000E Shtorm (Storm)
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    Meet this Most DANGEROUS Weapon of Russia- Threat to America Battleship and aircraft carrier
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    Russia's Testing Their New Secret 6th-Gen Fighter Will Replace SU-57
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    Russian air force in action! Massive Missile Fire by: Su-35, Su-27, Tu-160, Su-34, Tu-22
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  2. Нурлан Нурлан

    Ето все фейк 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  3. Tadeusz Wysopal

    Moi Drodzy Mnie obchodzi jakie uzbrojenie ma Polska bo to co pokazujecie i się zawchycacie to mnie najmniej obchodzi to wszystko jest wielkie G nie ma tak żeby broń nie była lepsza od poprzedniej i tak te samoloty i rakiety to nic od broni laserowej elektromagnetycznej samoreagujacej oraz broń która działa na umysł przeciwnika to znaczy żeby widział między sobą wroga Wte dy będą zwalczać sami siebie
    To będzie walka w białych rękawiczkach i jeżeli wykorzystamy ta technikę to z tych rakiet samolotów
    Będziemy się śmiać i tak
    Soldak kaput


    y por que esta pidiendo ayuda militar a china para seguir en guerra con Ucrania?

  5. Znar Znar

    عاشت السيد الرئيس فلادمير بوتين و رمظان قدريوف /و نعلة اللة أمريكا و اوكرانيا و بريطانيا و حولفاء

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    máy bay Nga qúa đặc biệt và công nghệ thông minh tiên tiến. 👍

  8. Braulio Cervantes

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  11. Saod Alkhalid

    لا اكبر تهديد للامريكيين ولا بطيخ جيشهم ماكل خرا داخل اوكرانيا ويهددون امريكا بعد

  12. Саня Изотов

    Trying to penetrate into the mysterious process by which ancient man perceived the impressions of the nature around him, we are generally disposed to transfer our own sensations to it. Remembering how we from the height of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin admired the view of the mighty stream moving before our eyes and the prospect of the flat Trans-Volga distance, we are ready to think that the ancient founders of the Lower, the Russian people of the 13th century, choosing a stronghold for the fight against the Mordovians and other Volga foreigners, they also gave themselves the leisure to stand in front of this landscape and, among other things, under its charm, they decided to found a fortified city at the confluence of the Oka with the Volga. But it may very well be that the ancient man had no time for aesthetics, no time for perspective. Now a traveler from the East European Plain, passing through Western Europe for the first time, is amazed at the variety of species, the sharpness of outlines, to which he was not accustomed at home. From Lombardy, so reminiscent of his homeland with its relief, in a few hours he ends up in Switzerland, where there is already a different surface, not at all familiar to him. Everything that he sees around him in the West persistently imposes on him the impression of a boundary, a limit, exact certainty, strict distinctness and every minute, ubiquitous presence of man with impressive signs of his hard and long work. The traveler's attention is continuously occupied, extremely excited. He recalls the monotony of the native Tula or Oryol species of the early

  13. Ff Sf

    يا حبذا لو سمو سيدي ولي العهد محمد بن سلمان يشتري الطائرة المقاتلة سو 57 وضمها للقوة السعودية الضاربة لو 30 طائرة منها

  14. Riyan pengusaha

    Bravo rusia

  15. Rafael Recasens

    Porque que conecte tu padreclaro !!!

  16. legi legi

    Rusiaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ BPK Putin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    US pembuat tsunami Aceh buatan pembunuh Munir dll

  17. Minh Phamvan

    Chi khi nuoc my bi diet vong thi the gioi moi on đinh đuoc

  18. Arjuna Rayie

    Uraaaaa bravo rusky…destroyed USA and nato send to hell

  19. Che Ratpi Abdullah

    Saya minat Rusia lebih drp Amerika sejak dari kecil lagi☺️

  20. Будет Мир

    Russia has no future. They pissed him off and did not ask people. Curtain ….

  21. Будет Мир

    У россии нет будующего , его просрали и людей не саросили, занавес….

  22. Ilham Meong

    Kalo ngomong nya udh inggris,ya terjah nya indonesia dong bro,emng yg liat org barat smua apa gmna.

  23. Акоп Мурадян

    Давайте жить с Россией дружно а-то будет хреново вас всех англосакси ваша время прошло за ваших байденов и англо простите. Ак1759

  24. urip supriyadi

    Love Russia, strong for humanity

  25. ภานุมาศ สุขปัญญา


  26. Maurizio Stefanelli



    Algum brasileiro aqui nós comentários

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    뻥스펙의 대명사지 근데 왜 제공권을 장악못했냐

  29. Mother Fucker

    Dari kecanggihan alusista Russia🇷🇺 memang keren banget love Russia

  30. Joel Leite de Oliveira

    Viva russia .que a suprema forsa do bem nao deiche q piloto russo erre o alvo viva russia urra. Urra

  31. Melvin flores

    Que empiece la guerra mundial y que Rusia bombardee conericu new York y new yersey

  32. Specijack

    Gówno z papieru do podcierania dupy🤣

  33. Lahadje Lahadj

    Джи из Тахата 57

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    We Support 》》》Russia +India +China + Japan + lsralel + Brazil + South Africa + Pakistan + North Korea + >>》 Always Our Real Friendship 🥰😍😎🌹🤝🌹
    Jai…Hind….. jai….Bharat….

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